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Please make sure that the content that you would like to publish in this site must conform to the following guidelines:
  1. The blog post should be original as well as fresh content (Duplicated / not published anywhere in the web including your own website).
  2. The content should be minimum of 1200+ words in length with one link.
  3. Try to craft your titles in the form of a question, i.e. start with words like "How", "Why", "What", etc.
  4. The content must be properly formatted and structured with suitable headings.
  5. The post should include at least one copyright image (600px x 350px) and other complementary images/screenshots, if any.
  6. The submitted content must be relevant, informative and related to Technology, Business, Home Improvement, Health and Education.
  7. We reserve the right to alter or reject any post without any prior notification.
  8. Your author bio must include your real name, actual picture and a link of your social media profile.
  9. Mail your content to us here: or
  10. You will get a response in maximum 15 working days after submitting your post.

Mandatory fields that should be included in the word file:

1. Unique Headline
2. Article Body
3. Conclusion or Summary of the post
4. Author Biography
5. Contact Email ID and Social Profile Links
6. Meta Description

7. Copyright Images

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