Sports Affected by Coronavirus and Alternatives for iGaming Industry

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused the most significant disruption to worldwide sporting events. Major sports events and leagues are canceled due to the spreading of coronavirus. The iGaming industry itself is dealing with this downfall, as it also affects the profitability of the business. Thus, to maintain the sustainability of the business, the iGaming industry needs to find a better alternative such as ESPORTS. The iGaming industry can opt for esports platform development services to maintain the interest of the audience and to keep alive a sense of competition during shutdowns. Esports platforms are the new opportunity to grow in the absence of real sports.

Impact of Coronavirus on sports leagues and events

The coronavirus has swept across the globe in recent months, which not only affected the public health, society but the economy as a whole. Major sporting events are canceled or postponed with the outbreak of coronavirus. Here is the list of major sports events and leagues which are canceled or postponed.

Impact Of Coronavirus On Sports Leagues And Events

The National Collegiate Athletic Association : It is the main U.S. college athletics event that canceled all championship events for the 2019–20 academic year.
African Nations Championship : CAF announced that the African Nations Championship of 2020 has been canceled.
Major League Soccer : It has been announced that Major League Soccer has been suspended.
NWSL : The National Women's Soccer League has announced that its matches are canceled.
Golf : The British Open scheduled in England has been suspended, which was originally scheduled in April.
WNBA : The 2020 season, scheduled for May has been suspended.
IndyCar : All races such as the Grand Prix of Long Beach have been canceled through the end of April.
Bundesliga : The German Soccer League (DFL) has suspended its March season.
Asian Football Confederation : World cup qualifiers in Asia have postponed its season till September.
International Ice Hockey Federation : The Men and Women's world championships are canceled, along with Switzerland's national hockey league has been canceled, the first time since 1940.

The disease caused by COVID-19 has affected people worldwide. These above are some of the sports events and leagues that are canceled or postponed with the spreading of coronavirus. Thus, the iGaming industry needs to recover the revenue loss which is due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Alternatives available for iGaming Industry

Sports fans and players are frustrated due to the cancelation of sports events and leagues. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus iGaming industries are turning to the virtual world. Most of the people stay at their place. Thus, the iGaming industry needs to get the idea of some better alternatives to engage its audience in this recession period. Some of the best alternatives can be discussed as follows:


People are searching for their way to get out of the boredom and esports tournaments are largely available on game streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, etc that create a great opportunity for the iGaming industry to enhance their business in the esports sector. As per the records of online streaming platform viewership for TV broadcasts of tournaments has increased. It involves various tournament leagues that can be helpful for businesses to entertain their users and sustain their business in the market. The iGaming industry can easily recover their losses by giving esports platforms to their users as it can give them a replacement for live sports.

Virtual Sports

According to the current situation, virtual sports can also be the best choice for people who are stuck at home and missing their gaming experience. It can give them live gaming experience without any physical presence. Football, table tennis, and racing are some of the virtual sports events available for the audience. This option can also be opted by iGaming entrepreneurs to increase their profitability in the business. 

Jika Sports

The origin of this sport is from Africa. The African market has shown their creativity through animated games. This is something unique, that can be used by the iGaming industry to enlarge their audience in something new. It involves racing, soccer and many options for the users with high-quality content.

Reality- TV events

This is an exciting alternative for the audience as it covers virtual options of betting on real events. In the current situation, this alternative is really popular in the market. The iGaming industry can opt for this by holding a contest on sports-related events as  NFL and NBA free agencies.

Some other Alternatives

In the current situation, some other alternatives can also be used such as poker, online casino, where the users no longer have to appear to the operators. Many entrepreneurs have planned their strategy to get the benefits through this vertical. 

The iGaming entrepreneurs can be proactive and choose a better alternative for them, to increase their revenue share in the market. These above are some of the most trending alternatives and among them, esports could be a wonderful opportunity for the iGaming industry. 

Perks of Esports for iGaming Industry 

  • The online streaming platform has recorded a 43% jump in viewership from the starting week of March 29, according to analytics firm Stream Hatchet.

  • In the absence of real sports, sports fans are looking for some exciting experience and esports can give them a combination of entertainment and competition that could be a great opportunity for business people. 

  • Esports can give the audience replacement of real games and can engage them through the platform. Thus, the iGaming business must try this alternative during this situation.

  • As per the recent research, there will be huge competition expected in Esports that could be an opportunity for the iGaming industry to expand their business.

  • Due to the cancelation of major events, people are expected to stay at their home, this can be an opportunity to reach out for new users and entertain them with wider options of esports. 

  • Esports involves major sports leagues that can offer a new experience to the users and can keep them engaged on the platform. 

These above mentioned are some of the benefits of Esports that can be helpful for the iGaming industry to sustain in this recession. Esports can be the safest and beneficial sector than other alternatives.

Esports can be the safest sector

As the whole economy is affected by this outbreak, it is difficult for the gaming industry as well to survive in this recession. They need to find some alternative to overcome this downfall. The esports can be the safest platform for them to retain their audience and bring revenue from it.

In this period of lockdown, esports involved various sports events and leagues to engage the audience at large. Thus, the iGaming industry needs to grab this opportunity and offer fresh challenging games to the audience. The enhancement of the esports platform can not only bring a new challenge to the users but also develop the business of entrepreneurs. However, in the absence of real sports, esports can be an oasis of joy in this isolating time.