How to Decide Which School is Best in Jaipur

If you want to know the details of the top 10 Schools in Jaipur. Then you have landed on the right page. You will get the complete details of all the Jaipur’s 10 Best English Medium RBSE Schools. For example, the facilities and learning opportunities available. Also, you will find the contact details of all of the schools. So that it will be easy for you to select a particular school for your kid. Here are the Top 10 schools in Jaipur:

1. VSI International
How to decide which school is best in Jaipur

Facilities Available
  • Playrooms are modern in this school with abundant space.
  • Guardians may come to class to play with kids. 
  • Experienced teachers in personal care.
  • CCTV monitoring for 24 hours.
  • The environment and interiors are safe.
  • Toys are available in wide-ranging quantities.
Learning Opportunities
  • It helps in developing confidence.
  • Kids find the learning joyful.
  • It develops the kids from all aspects.
  • It provides close attention and care to every child.
  • It makes the kids meet their full capabilities.

2. Eurokids Jaipur 
Eurokids Jaipur  - PintFeed

EURO Kids is one of the best schools in Jaipur as it provides best security to your kids. This playschool is available in more than 350 cities in India and has 1000+ centers.

Facilities Available
  • Environment and interiors are safe.
  • It has safe furniture.
  • It has an attractive infrastructure that makes an enjoyable environment for your child.
Learning Opportunities
  • This school develops language skills.
  • It provides overall development.
  • Motivates the kids to learn new skills that are essential in today’s world.
  • It Develops and increases vocabulary.
  • It Improves reading and writing skills.
  • Prepare the kids for primary school.

3. Serra International Pre School 
How to decide which school is best in Jaipur

Facilities available

  • A desirable ratio of teacher and student is present- 1:10.
  • Safe interiors.
  • Carry out health checkups daily and know the first aid.
  • The environment is hygienic and healthy.
Learning Opportunities
  • It offers holistic development.
  • It provides abundant opportunities to involve in nature.
  • It makes the kids meet their full capabilities.
4. Bachpan Play School 
How to decide which school is best in Jaipur

Bachpan Playschool has around 1100 centers in India.

Facilities Available
  • Provide technical program of studies.
  • Stimulate holistic development.
  • They have the creative art of passing on knowledge.
  • Smart classes are available, which help the best to learn everything.
  • They provide Virtual Reality technology that helps in real learning.
Learning Opportunities
  • It Implants a joyful inner self in the kid.
  • It develops life skills at a premature age of kids.
  • It offers primary pre-school education.

5. Children Garden Play School (CGPC), Jaipur 

How to decide which school is best in Jaipur
This is one of the best play school in Jaipur as it provides some extra ordinary facilities to kids.

Facilities Available
  • Computer labs with IT centers.
  • It provides free physical check-ups to every student.
Best sports facility.
  • Dance studio with choreographers.
  • It has an auditorium for the public performance of kids.
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Gives attention to implanting mindfulness.
  • It provides cultural and character education.
  • It helps in the development at all levels.

6. Treehouse Play School and Nursery School 

How to decide which school is best in Jaipur
Facilities Available

  • The environment is warm.
  • Interiors are safe.
  • Hygienic premises.
Learning Opportunities
  • It develops Cognitive power in kids.
  • It builds the communication skills of kids.
  • It enhances the creativity level of kids.

7. Kidzee, Vaishali Nagar 

How to decide which school is best in Jaipur
It is present in more than 750 cities in India with 1900+ centers.

Facilities Available
  • It has hygienic premises.
  • It has safe Interiors.
Learning Opportunities
  • It builds leadership quality.
  • It motivates the kids to develop skills by awarding them.
  • It helps the kids to find out their inner talent.

8. Poddar Jumbo Kids Jaipur 

How to decide which school is best in Jaipur
This school is located in Chordia City and listed as the one of the highest rated schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Facilities Available
  • It provides a large number of books for reading.
  • It provides a safe environment.
  • It has a hygienic environment.
Learning Opportunities
  • It builds the kids and with the help of yoga and parachute play.
  • It builds thinking and communication skills.
  • It boosts confidence in kids.
  • Raise the creativity level of kids.
  • It provides Motor skills development in kids through water play & sand play.

9. The Santa Kidz

The Santa Kidz - PintFeed
It started in 2010 with one school, and now it has more than 400 schools. 

Facilities Available
  • They provide memory improvement through technology.
  • It has trained teachers.
  • It has a brain lab. 
  • It has a hygienic environment.
  • It has safe interiors.
Learning Opportunities
  • It has DMI technology, which helps in Memory improvement.
  • It provides better learning through the excellent curriculum.
  • It provides abacus classes that develop confidence and concentration.

10. Turtles Play School, Jaipur 
Turtles Play School, Jaipur - PintFeed

Facilities Available

  • It provides learning with fun.
  • It has proper teaching aids and toys.
  • The seating arrangement is attractive and colorful.
  • It has a hygienic environment.
  • It provides a safe interior.
  • Trained teachers are available in this school.
  • It provides an atmosphere of joy and love.
Learning Opportunities
  • It develops the kids from every aspect.
  • It teaches good manners and etiquette.
  • It teaches fundamentals in education.

We have listed all the top 10 Schools in Jaipur with the best facilities available. Now, you may carry your research on these pre-primary schools. With the help of this article, you can find out the perfect match for your little kid. We have conducted a thorough research about the facilities provided by them. Also, the learning opportunities offered by these playschools are researched by us. It would be easy for you to select a particular playschool based on your requirements for your kid.