9 Natural Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever felt a zing at the time having a hot or cold food or drink? The tooth sensitivity can really be a frustrating experience as it stops you from enjoying your favourite foods and drinks. Searching for the source of the sensitivity is vital for recommending a treatment that will work. Fortunately, there are plethora of home remedies for the sensitive teeth these days.

Here some of them are enlisted to help you out with the sensitive teeth. Just take a look.

Desensitising Toothpaste

Desensitising the toothpaste consists of compounds that assist to protect the nerve endings from the irritants. Potassium nitrate is the most active ingredient. This is responsible for blocking the pain signal that travels from a tooth nerve to your brain. After a few uses, your sensitivity is bound to go under control. The dentists also suggest the use of soft-bristled toothbrush and low-acid mouth rinses.

Clove Oil

The natural remedy cools down and bring relief from the pain. You can rub it on the aching area or dab a soaked cotton ball against the gums and teeth. It can be as efficient as benzocaine which is nothing but the ingredient for numbing in the OTC toothache gels.

Saltwater Rinse

Salt happens to be an effective antiseptic and it can assist in reducing the inflammation. For alleviating the symptoms of pain from sensitive teeth, gargle with the saltwater and opt for rinsing daily. For using the saltwater rinse, use the following –

1.       Add 3/4th tsp salt to a glass of lukewarm water and then stir well.
2.       Swish the solution in the mouth for about 30 seconds
3.       Spit out the solution


Apart from cooking, turmeric can be used as the anti-inflammatory treatment. It contains the compound known as curcumin which is famous for its anti-inflammatory impacts. This is used in treatments for the digestive disorders, in Ayurvedic treatments and as an agent to improve healing of a wound. In order to recover from the pain of sensitive teeth you can massage the ground turmeric on the teeth. You can also make a topical paste with ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of turmeric and ½ teaspoon of mustard oil. For pain relief, apply this paste to the gums and teeth twice a day.


Garlic comes with the anti-microbial properties and some people also say that it assists with the tooth pain. It can offer some relief on the basis of the tooth pain location. The effects will be quite mild, however.

Green Tea

Another product known for its health benefits happens to be green tea. It has been used in prevention of cancer and in case of cardiovascular health studies. The green tea can also assist in case of oral health. In order to combat sensitive teeth, you can use green tea that is unsweetened twice a day for reducing the inflammation and strengthening the teeth.

Vanilla Extract

The vanilla extract contains pain-prevailing and anti-septic properties. It has been used in treating the discomfort and pain when they start to teeth. For treating the sensitive teeth, you should pour vanilla extract into the cotton and apply the ball to the gums for a few minutes. Repeat this process as often as required.

Cold Compress

You should put an ice pack on the cheeks if your face is swollen. It may assist to ease the pain especially if you have chipped your tooth and knocked it down or even if you have sensitive tooth. The swelling can also happen if you have a sac of gunk and pus deep in the teeth roots or an abscess. This can cause serious infections in the other teeth and jaw, too.

Guava Leaves

The guava comes with innumerable health issues. But not many know that its leaves also boast of quite a few properties of medicine. It also contains the flavonoids like kaempferol, quercetin and rutin that have anti-inflammatory properties that assist to relieve the toothache and tooth sensitivity.  All you need to do is chew the leaves for a couple of minutes and spit them out prior to rinsing your mouth with water. If you don’t want to chew them, you should place 4-5 leaves in a pan. Then boil the leaves. After adding a salt sprinkle, you should use it as mouthwash.

The effects of these home remedies are, however, temporary. While you can treat your sensitivity with them initially to arrest the discomfort, you should consult with the top dentist in Forest Ave Queens to address the real issue and retain your oral health.

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