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Traveling has always been a great way to explore the beauty of this incredible word, creating memories, and keeping yourself away from the bustling city lives for a while. Whether some people love traveling on their own and some going in a group of friends and family. I personally feel good traveling in small-groups as I love meeting new people, making friends, and experiencing a totally new destination with open-minded explorers. Small- group traveling is still fairly new to me since I started traveling in Small-groups in 2008.

Here is my list of some Small Group Tours that I want to recommend you to go on once in your life. 

1. Luxury Small Group Tour to India

Luxury Small Group Tour to India | PintFeed

India is the 7th largest country covered by the three oceans and offers a tropical climate throughout the whole year. This is a country that has a beautiful amalgamation of its unique cultures and traditions with modern beliefs. The amazing distribution of its diversified culture and geography makes this country one of the best destinations for small group tours. Our purpose to plan a Luxury small group tour to India was to spend some quality time in luxury with my closest and experience the unique culture and unique traditions of this diversified land. 

We have visited many places in India like Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, New Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, Bikaner, and stayed at the ancient luxurious properties like Taj Palace Udaipur, Amer Palace Jaipur, and many more luxurious resorts and palaces, where we got served like Maharajas. 

Apart from the luxurious stays, we have also gone for some unique wildlife experiences at some of the most famous wildlife reserves of India like Kanha National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park and enjoyed wildlife safari experiences and luxurious stays at some finest jungle resorts. 

So India is a country which can not be described in words, you have to visit this on your own to know all its diversified cultures, beautiful destinations, and luxurious things to do. 
Ideal Duration - 15 Days

2. A Small-Group Tour to Canada

A Small-Group Tour to Canada | PintFeed

We might be a little one-sided here as we have gone through a decent half year visit through this staggering nation. However, this visit truly gets the job done perfectly with regards to the best spots to visit in Canada. Our small group tour to this incredible nation was loaded with numerous outdoor activities like climbing through woodlands, cycling around the Rocky Mountains, and kayaking in beautiful lakes. In that case that you are seeking a trip brimming with lakes, mountains and icy masses then nothing can beat this lively nation! Also if you are looking for some best destinations to plan small group tours, then this one is certainly for you!

Ideal Duration - 10 Days

3. London to Rome by Train

London to Rome by Train | PintFeed

Everyone has dreamt a Eurotrip in their life – and doing it with a little gathering of explorers in the mood for seeing this dazzling mainland is the best approach to do it! Experiencing childhood in Perth implied our days in secondary school were spent longing for Europe as we tuned in to stories of European life from our schoolmates. We exceptionally prescribe visiting Europe via train – we did it for 2 months during our year abroad and can undoubtedly recommend it as the perfect method to get around. So pursuing a train tour and hitting all the main areas en route makes this tour one of my favorite.  

Beginning in London, you can start your day by visiting Eiffel Tower, and later on the authentic Berlin Wall, then cycling to Amsterdam, returning so as to Krakow's medieval time square, strolling along the banks of the River Danubian Budapest and eating your way through Italy before winding up in Rome!
Ideal Duration - 1 Month

4. An Ultimate Tour to Cambodia

An Ultimate Tour to Cambodia | PintFeed

Around a year ago we had the chance to encounter this tour and it was one of our favorite small group tours we have ever done in South East Asia. Beginning in Bangkok and consummation in Ho Chi Minh City implied that we had the option to experience Thailand and Vietnam, alongside observing such a large amount of Cambodia that we sense we can effectively tick it off the list. During our 10 days, we viewed the celebrated dawn at Angkor Wat, found out about Cambodia's standing up to history, encountered a homestay in a little town and chilled on the shorelines of Sihanoukville.
Ideal Duration - 10-12 Days

5. Essential Tour to Peru

Essential Tour to Peru | PintFeed

South America was always on the prior in our list but due to some reasons, we have step our foot late on this land. Peru was on the number one in our South-America’s list and we always want to visit it first. Hiking on the Inca Trail was always a dream for all of us. This tour really took us to the best parts of Peru where we got our mouth stuffed with the most delicious Lima’s food, an exhilarating walk through the Amazon Jungle, hiking the Inca Trail, a trip to Cuzco to explore its unique history, and an adventurous trip to the famous floating island on the Lake Titicaca. 
Ideal Duration - 15 Days

So this was our list of top 5 small group tours that I enjoyed and loved the most. I would hardly recommend you take one of these small group trips once in your life if you love traveling in groups, you will never regret it. If you already have been on a small group trip ever to anywhere then share your experience with us too in the comment section below.