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In this post, we have offered tips for a successful mobile app or we have addressed the issue of how to prevent your app from being forgotten in stores, but we were waiting to answer a recurring question in this sector: How much does an app cost? There are many factors that influence the cost of an application, but we can offer orders of magnitude so that you have an idea of ​​the quantities that are handled. First, let's look at the most important parameters that influence the price of an application:

Complexity of the application:

There are simple applications that develop in a few hours and complex games or social networks that require tens of thousands of hours of work and a large multidisciplinary team.

Content types:

Static or that can be updated dynamically.

Content manager (CMS): 

In the case of dynamic content, is there a content manager with which you have to integrate the application or do you have to create a custom manager to modify the contents of the application?

Data access: 

Will the application need to connect to servers to perform searches, update its information in real-time and display the results?


Does it include information depending on the user's location? For example, you could display information from the nearest store.

Augmented reality: 

For example, do we want to display a 3D image of television when we are watching it in a printed catalog?

Payment gateway: 

Does the application have payment options or is it used to sell products? Do you need to integrate payment through App stores or other payment gateways?

User registration: 

Is it necessary to include a user registry? What data should be collected?

Sending push notifications: 

In general, it is interesting to include the possibility of sending personalized messages to users through the application they have downloaded. It is a requirement? What kind of notifications? Is it necessary to create a notification management interface or should it be integrated with an existing system?

Integration with other systems: 

The complexity of development increases considerably in the case of having to integrate the application with existing systems of the company (content manager, databases, user management, sending push notifications, etc.) and there may be a lot of variation depending on the existing system.

Graphic design:

Evidently a simple design with menus and informational pages are not the same as applications that include games.


The number of platforms on which the application should work is decisive to calculate the cost. In general, at least you should have the application available for Android and iOS systems but, depending on the country and/or the type of users to whom the application is directed, it may be interesting to create a version for Windows, Blackberry or even for Firefox OS

Native / hybrid applications:

Applications can be made natively or in a hybrid way that allows the generation of cross-platform applications with a single development. In the case of native applications, higher quality and performance are achieved with a higher cost, while hybrid applications offer lower performance but the cost is significantly lower.

Cost / hour of the mobile Apps programmer : 

The cost of one hour of programming can vary from € 30 from an inexperienced freelance to more than € 120 charged by consultants for experienced programmers. 

Taking into account the parameters above you can obtain the following price ranges for the development of apps :
From € 600 to € 10,000 per platform :

Simple hybrid or native applications with up to 300 hours of development. Examples: simple question / answer games, Apps for trade fair and congress management, Simple loyalty and marketing apps, News reading apps that use content from the original website connecting to that server to load dynamic data, etc. Most applications are usually in this range.
From € 10,000 to € 20,000 per platform :

Native applications with POS integration, online sales, push notifications, integration with server and custom CMS, graphic design, advanced features, etc. Simple custom graphic games. Social network apps

From € 20,000 to € 30,000 per platform :

Development of games with powerful graphics and advanced movements that seek to achieve much success, with playability. Complex social network apps.
In this type of software development, as in any other, there is no upper limit. For example, Apps like the famous Angry Birds have cost more than € 100,000 and other complex graphic game developments can cost millions; These costs should not worry most companies, because the development of management, loyalty and marketing Apps have very reasonable costs that fit the ranges presented in the previous points.
The most important thing to create a professional mobile application of the highest quality is to look for a company with great experience in app programming with which you can jointly design your App, adjusting to your needs. It is always profitable to invest in a company with good programmers experts in mobile marketing. In addition, you can work with quality Apps development companies while getting very tight costs.

About the author:
Ankit Kharola is a Digital Marketing Manager at Cliffex Software Solutions, a leading Fantasy Sports App Development Company with offices in the USA, India & UK. He has expertise in Mobile Game, iOS, Android, AR and VR app technologies. With flawless command over mobile app development, Ankit also has a passion to share his expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. His write-ups are usually based on Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.