5 Misconceptions about Furniture Hire Company | PintFeed

Furniture hire is the mantra that the millennials swear by! Purchasing furniture is quite expensive and that is why more and more people are opting for it especially while organising events.

Whether you are planning a conference or participating in an exhibition or arranging for a charity event or a wedding ceremony or just birthday party event, hiring furniture has become the norm today.

However, there are still some myths that are prevalent about the concept of furniture hire that have actually prevented many from grabbing the opportunity to hire furniture and making the most of the furniture hire companies.

To help you distinguish the reality from the misleading misconceptions here an attempt is made to debunk the common myths that are associated with the furniture hire companies so that you can take an informed decision. Just take a look.

Myth 1 - Renting Furniture is Expensive

Fact – The furniture rental is much more than money. Owning the furniture for an event is not as appealing as it once was. Today the lifestyle is fast-paced and purchasing the furniture can be quite tough and cumbersome. Especially, in case of events, purchasing the furniture and then storing them all year round can be hassling. That is why renting furniture is a good option. But many people think that renting furniture is quite expensive as the deposits are non-refundable or exorbitantly high.

The truth is that the companies just ask for nominal deposits and that is only deducted if you have axed down the furniture.

Myth 2 – The Furniture Hired Does Not Come in a Standard Size or in the Size That You Desire

Fact – This is the second ridiculous myth about furniture hire for events. The whole point of furniture hire is to get the right d├ęcor for your event and hence they are dynamic to suit the ambience and take your event up one notch. The good companies of furniture hire offer a variety of sizes of furniture so that you can get exactly what you need for your event be it chairs, lounge or bar or anything else.

Myth 3 – You Don’t Have Many Choices in Case of Furniture Rentals

Fact - This can only be the case if you do not go for a reputed company. The top companies of furniture hire are always well-stocked and they have luxurious high-end pieces of furniture. However, the product catalogue must be looked at, prior to your deciding on a particular furniture hire company. This myth is prevalent because of the past companies that existed. But the times have changed now. Most of the companies take customer satisfaction quite seriously and they provide plethora of choices for their audience.

Myth 4– Rented Furniture Can be Unhygienic

Fact – It is one of the weakest myths that is associated with the furniture rentals. The furniture pieces that are delivered to you for your event always adhere to the regular standards and those are always followed up. You don’t have to worry about the germ infestations as the standard rental companies use the disinfectants all through the year. You can, however, try to go for a site that has an online presence. Such stores are more prone to getting their reputation tarnished online if they do not adhere to the hygienic standards. Vendors online are afraid of backlashes which are quite common these days on the web and therefore they are much more careful in offering standard services.

Myth 5 – The Process of Renting Furniture is Complicated

Fact – Most event organisers choose to rent furniture so that they do not have to go through the hassles of storage and reselling during the other times of the year when the furniture pieces are not required. So the rental companies ensure a seamless experience for you right from the delivery to the pick-up. That is why rest assured if you are thinking of going for furniture hire for your next event and go for it without any second thoughts.

The above are some of the myths about event furniture hire that you should be aware of and steer clear from as they don’t have one ounce of truth in it and are just keeping you from saving money while organising a highly successful event.