7 Amazing Features Of Modern Home Security Systems

7 Amazing Features Of Modern Home Security Systems

Home security systems have improved a lot in the past few years. If you dive into your childhood memories, you would surely have an image of that old fashioned push button security panel in your mind. The modern-day security system is entirely different. Now it comes with better technology, easy to handle the control panel and complete smart home control. A networked security camera is undoubtedly the most important tool in a modern day security system. However, if you are a little careless about its maintenance, you will be in frequent need of best CCTV repair companies in Long Island NY. Be a bit more cautious and look for these 7 amazing features when buying a modern security system for your home.

1. Motion Sensing

If you are not able to sense what is going around your property, there is no use of such a security system installed in your house. When you buy a residential CCTV, make sure that it has the ability of motion sensing. With this feature, you are able to monitor any suspicious activity for hours. In addition to motion sensing, if it also has a feature of audio sensing, you can be sure of having enhanced security.

2. Energy Efficient

These days, home security systems come with an additional capability of efficient energy management. When you install a modern day alarm system in your home, with the help of it you can also control some other aspect of your home. By connecting it with your smartphone, you can adjust your home thermostat while you are away. Also, it enables you to play with your light settings while you are away.

3. Detect Carbon Monoxide

Though there are other devices also available in the market for carbon monoxide detection you can also buy a security system that comes with carbon monoxide detection feature. Buy a security system with this feature and protect the precious lives of your loved ones.

4. Easy Control

When you buy a commercial CCTV for your office, make sure that it comes with a smartphone app. A smartphone app gives you more control. Now you don’t have to interact with your security system in traditional ways, just open your app, wherever you are and monitor what is going in and around your house.

5. Audio Sensing

If it comes with an additional feature of two-way audio sensing, it indeed is the best security system for your office. This way you can also notify the burglar that law enforcement is on its way and prevent your precious things from being stolen.

6. Broad Field of View

While purchasing a security system for your home or office, you should note how broad its field of view is. Because if the field of view is narrower, you are going to see less and if the field is broad, it will enable you to see even further away.

7. Cloud Storage

There is no use of a security system that doesn’t save hours of recordings that you are unable to monitor directly. A security system that comes with a cloud or local storage is very effective because it enables to monitor things in detail.

Bottom line!

If you are buying a new security system for your home, make sure it has all these amazing features even if it costs you more because there is nothing more important than your family and home.

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