5 Unique Branding Ideas to Consider In 2019

Branding is never easy as the competition is always tough in the market. Plus, customers tend to be of fickle nature, and they don’t think twice in switching loyalty. That’s why you should be extra caution about branding so that your products and services can build the trust among the target audience. There will already be many brands in the market competing for the same pie as you, so you need to be unique to stand out from the rest and make your presence count. Given the advancements in technology and availability of channels for promotion, resources should no longer hamper your goals for branding.

Here are some unique branding ideas to consider in 2019.

1. Evaluate your social media strategy

Social media is now among the most trusted channels for marketing and promotion with brands big and small alike benefiting from its clout and reach in true sense. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. bring businesses a great opportunities to widen their reach and cater to the potential customers easily. You however need to evaluate your social media strategy from time to time so that your business can keep pace with the changing trends in the market. You need to understand the latest in social networks and stay on with the course of time to reap rich rewards.

2. Create brand videos

Videos should be part of your unique branding strategy as their consumption is skyrocketing at an astounding rate. In fact, well-made and informative brand videos can help boost your customer engagement by a whopping 10x than blogs, articles or social media posts. Brands should seriously think out using targeted videos to inform, educate, enrich and entertain their audience so that brand connect from be established easily. Videos in combination with graphics, illustration make help bolster your brand message in the mind of target audience and pay rich dividends with branding.

3. Start blogging about your business 

Blogging about your business is surely a great branding strategy you should be trying at any cost. When you blog, it helps build authority in the industry as customers get information from authentic source. Blogs that update their content regularly or use relevant text and visuals help boost conversion better than any other marketing channels. The focus should be on using blog as a tool to remove doubts and solve problems of customers. Blogs won’t cost much, and it will also help boost your brand’s visibility in search engine result pages.

4. Promote your brand with email marketing

Emails continue to matter way more than you’d imagine. Top companies still use them to great effect and achieve their branding targets in a cost-effective manner. That’s why it would be a mistake to not include email marketing as one of your branding strategies. It helps you reach out to target audience in a personal manner, convey brand ideas and messages easily and achieve brand building goals. Barring spamming, email marketing always works and it’s something that can yield great branding results if used tactfully. So, trust the power of email and build your brand in the market.

5. Use banner ads   

The use of banner ads is always helpful when it comes to brand building. You can use them in any size and shape, launch it anytime, place it anywhere and reach out to the target audience. You should use colour, images, text, and CTA buttons aptly to get the most out of your banner ads. You can place these ads at strategic locations on the web and gain desired coverage for your event management expertise in the market. This is how branding is done.