5 Unique Branding Ideas to Consider In 2019

5 Unique Branding Ideas to Consider In 2019

Branding is never easy as the competition is always tough in the market. Plus, customers tend to be of fickle nature, and they don’t think twice in switching loyalty. That’s why you should be extra caution about branding so that your products and services can build the trust among the target audience. There will already be many brands in the market competing for the same pie as you, so you need to be unique to stand out from the rest and make your presence count. Given the advancements in technology and availability of channels for promotion, resources should no longer hamper your goals for branding.

Here are some unique branding ideas to consider in 2019.

1. Evaluate your social media strategy

Social media is now among the most trusted channels for marketing and promotion with brands big and small alike benefiting from its clout and reach in true sense. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. bring businesses a great opportunities to widen their reach and cater to the potential customers easily. You however need to evaluate your social media strategy from time to time so that your business can keep pace with the changing trends in the market. You need to understand the latest in social networks and stay on with the course of time to reap rich rewards.

2. Create brand videos

Videos should be part of your unique branding strategy as their consumption is skyrocketing at an astounding rate. In fact, well-made and informative brand videos can help boost your customer engagement by a whopping 10x than blogs, articles or social media posts. Brands should seriously think out using targeted videos to inform, educate, enrich and entertain their audience so that brand connect from be established easily. Videos in combination with graphics, illustration make help bolster your brand message in the mind of target audience and pay rich dividends with branding.

3. Start blogging about your business 

Blogging about your business is surely a great branding strategy you should be trying at any cost. When you blog, it helps build authority in the industry as customers get information from authentic source. Blogs that update their content regularly or use relevant text and visuals help boost conversion better than any other marketing channels. The focus should be on using blog as a tool to remove doubts and solve problems of customers. Blogs won’t cost much, and it will also help boost your brand’s visibility in search engine result pages.

4. Promote your brand with email marketing

Emails continue to matter way more than you’d imagine. Top companies still use them to great effect and achieve their branding targets in a cost-effective manner. That’s why it would be a mistake to not include email marketing as one of your branding strategies. It helps you reach out to target audience in a personal manner, convey brand ideas and messages easily and achieve brand building goals. Barring spamming, email marketing always works and it’s something that can yield great branding results if used tactfully. So, trust the power of email and build your brand in the market.

5. Use banner ads   

The use of banner ads is always helpful when it comes to brand building. You can use them in any size and shape, launch it anytime, place it anywhere and reach out to the target audience. You should use colour, images, text, and CTA buttons aptly to get the most out of your banner ads. You can place these ads at strategic locations on the web and gain desired coverage for your event management expertise in the market. This is how branding is done.


The Ultimate Video Production Equipment Checklist

The Ultimate Video Production Equipment Checklist

If through your videos, you show your audience something that is productive as well as engaging, the audience is surely going to come back to you for more. Making a good quality video is not as simple as it seems. However, you do not even need to know much of the technicalities in order to produce the content that will be appealing for your audience.
You need to step out in the production process in order to make money online. Following is the list video production equipment list for the fresher filmmaker. This simple beginner guide will help you with the basic video making tools and equipment. Use these tools to get a professional quality video.

The Video Camera

Choosing a camera depends on the type of movie you want to make as well as the affordability and where you propose to project the movie. A video camera is the most prominent element of any filmmaking equipment box.
A DSLR can unquestionably be used for filmmaking. To get even a more- better image focusing while the zooming lens and steady equilibrium, increased voice pickups you would have to invest in an expensive video camera. You need to have a highly portable camera. You may choose from any of the below-mentioned cameras:
  • Action Camera
  • DSLR
  • Web Cam
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • CamCorder


The Sound Gear - A Microphone

The camera no doubt comes with incorporated microphones. However, it can be difficult to focus on the sounds when you cannot get close enough to the objects being recorded. That’s where a youtube mic comes into play. To get the high quality of audio with no miscellaneous noises, the microphones need to be used. In a professional recording, you cannot take the risk of creating mechanical issues.

The audio quality has to go with and is required to complement the video. Following are the different types of microphones available for you to use, chose them according to the type of video you want to create:
  • The Short-gun Microphones
  • The Lapel Microphones
  • The Condenser Microphones
  • The USB Microphones


The Headphoes

The headphones have a significant role to play. It is always important to wear a good quality earphone while recording the sound. To be alert with what the microphone is recording it is always recommended to wear headphone. The microphones being sensitive tools, they may catch some confusing voices so headphones help them to recognize them quickly.

The Tripod

A tripod is an essential piece of stabilizing equipment. It helps in making your movie more professional and stabilized. A small wobble can be visible on the camera. It improves the quality of your video. The tripods are generally an affordable choice ensuring the safety of your camera equipment. Using a tripod, you get a smooth coverage of your video.

Good Lighting

Lightly is all the way necessary to record a good quality video especially if you are to record in a dull room. The lightning can enhance the spirit and embellish your setup. The below mentioned are the categories of lighting equipment that you can use to amplify the quality of your video:
  • The on-camera light
  • The umbrella light
  • The ring light
  • The softbox


The Gimbal Stabilizer

The gimbal is another type of stabilizer of your camera, no matter how you hold your camera there is always a risk of recording unsteady images.
Gimbals come in a variety of sizes and you just need to purchase the right type according to the size and type of your camera. When you are moving it helps to record your video steadily. A light weighted gimbal will be more expensive and more steady.

Spare Batteries

You should never go to shoot without enough batteries in your equipment bag in unknown locations. It is always advisable to have a backup plan when the battery in your camera runs out. You do not want the camera battery to dwindle in halfway of the shooting process. They are handy and of great importance.

The Camera Bag

With all the equipment in your hand, you need to have something to hold all your tools and gears together at one place- a bag that is resilient and obviously hard wearing just so you could carry it along while going for a shoot.

The Video Editing Software

It's absolutely necessary to have good video editing software. With the basic editing skills, the quality of your video can go beyond your imaginations. You don't even need to be a technological expert for doing that. All you need to do is remove and modify all the sound pauses and add content in place of that. This can make your video of an extremely good standard.


With a good quality camera, it is necessary to have lenses depending on the style of your filmmaking. You can even get good results with manual focus primes with an adaptor. You can choose the lens you want. Following are some types of lenses that are available:
  • Wide angle lens
  • Clear protective lens
  • Polarizers
  • Zoom lens
  • Macros


Hard Drive

A poor storage device can make many problems for a movie maker. You can just offload the video into portable devices like a hard drive as trusting the memory cards installed in the camera can be a risky thing. It is always advisable to store the post-production footage into the hard drives for the safety and back up purpose. The hard drives are handy and can easily be fit into the USB ports.
In the above article, we have listed many of the essential equipment required in the production of a video. We may have even missed out a few ones. You can refer to this in order to choose the equipment for your video production.


When should You Call Experts for Service like Asphalt Car Park Repairs?

When should You Call Experts for Service like Asphalt Car Park Repairs?

If you have a car park or a driveway, it is a commendable asset to possess, both for your home and your business. But, much like the public car park, private one needs timely repairs maintenance. These tend to undergo wear and tear due to heavy traffic , thus demanding repair work. In such times you need to hire service like asphalt car park repairs. These companies have the right equipment and tools that will help in repairing the damage quickly. During those times, you will require a service like an asphalt car park repair provider. 

But how do you know that it is time for your car park to get some patchwork done? Here are certain signs which if you see on the driveways, you must contact the service like asphalt car park repairs professional.

Well, the following are the most common signs that your car park requires some repairs: 

No maintenance since the car park was first laid:

One of the common mistakes that we often commit is lack of maintenance of car parking. If your car park was made years ago and has not been subjected to any form of repairs, it is a good idea to get some repairs done pre-emptively. Maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your car park shiny as new. Alas, this is something you can’t do for yourself, as it requires deep field expertise which only the service like asphalt car park repairs can provide. You can do the general clean up and more, but not go the whole hog. You will need the assistance of professionals.

Appearance of potholes:

If you don’t really want to get into the bumpy ride , its important that you start noticing the even slightest of problems. Potholes are one of them. It is frustrating when your car park gets filled with a lot of potholes. Potholes appear after bad weather. Snow, in particular, is terrible for your car park or the driveway. General wear and tear also play a role due to all the weight of the traffic. But, the best part is that potholes can be repaired to the extent that the car park looks sparkling new—as if it never had potholes in the first place. However, if you ignore them when they first appear, they have the potential to deteriorate to become gaping craters that can also cause severe damage to your vehicle, if ignored for long, the repair work will not be sufficient. You would then need to replace the entire path with a new road.

Difficult to navigate and park:

If it gets difficult to navigate your car park, and properly park your vehicle because of a rough ride, then it is time to go for a full-fledged repair. Investing in quality road repair turn out to be more cost-effective, and less of a hassle than you would imagine. If you notice such sign its time to contact service like asphalt car park repairs.

Wheel Damage:

Potholes and rough navigation can wreck your wheels. The suspension may also suffer damage. If you happen to notice significant damage to your wheels or an increasing number of stone chips on the lower vehicle body, it might be your car park that is the culprit. Excellent repair service can solve your problem.

Repair Method

A professional service like asphalt car park repairs work with the right protocol. They follow a detailed procedure which helps them complete the task on time. Here is the detailed protocol of their work: 

1. Assessment:

The first step is to assess what are the damages and how bad is the condition of the car park based on this they will assess whether the car park needs repair or replacement.  The location that needs repair is marked and demarcated with barriers and traffic cones for safety purposes of any other vehicles that are using your car park. 
2. Colas:

Sealing the tarmac joints with colas is also an important feature which the  service like asphalt car park repairs provide.  Colas is a material that is employed to seal tarmac joints. It doesn’t let water penetrate the tarmac. 

3. The Base:

The base tarmac is made to be 45mm thick at least. Further, this is subjected to leveling, and then rolling. The roller passes over the area many times and does the job of making the material compact. 

4. Settling the Course:

The topping of the tarmac course needs to be a bit settled and worn after it is laid. So, it will be leveled with the help of a roller many times, until it gets lose-packed. 

5. Cooling of the tarmac:

Now the tarmac needs to cool down before vehicle movement, or pedestrian traffic over it can resume. If not allowed to cool and dry properly, there will be tire marks all over the car park. 

6. Cleaning of leftovers:

Once the work is done, there would additional materials lying on the ground, a professional company would make sure that they clean the floors. For the right finishing of work, you would need the help of service like asphalt car park repairs. Before the pavers leave your property, they will clear the additional materials lying around. Any extra service promised can also be completed after the major work has been done before they leave the premised. Signs and markers will be removed. 


Car parking area should be seamless and a good asphalt road ensures streamlined navigation of cars. To maintain the road, you would need the help of professional services like asphalt car park repairs and the above-mentioned tips will help you in the same.


7 Amazing Features Of Modern Home Security Systems

7 Amazing Features Of Modern Home Security Systems

Home security systems have improved a lot in the past few years. If you dive into your childhood memories, you would surely have an image of that old fashioned push button security panel in your mind. The modern-day security system is entirely different. Now it comes with better technology, easy to handle the control panel and complete smart home control. A networked security camera is undoubtedly the most important tool in a modern day security system. However, if you are a little careless about its maintenance, you will be in frequent need of best CCTV repair companies in Long Island NY. Be a bit more cautious and look for these 7 amazing features when buying a modern security system for your home.

1. Motion Sensing

If you are not able to sense what is going around your property, there is no use of such a security system installed in your house. When you buy a residential CCTV, make sure that it has the ability of motion sensing. With this feature, you are able to monitor any suspicious activity for hours. In addition to motion sensing, if it also has a feature of audio sensing, you can be sure of having enhanced security.

2. Energy Efficient

These days, home security systems come with an additional capability of efficient energy management. When you install a modern day alarm system in your home, with the help of it you can also control some other aspect of your home. By connecting it with your smartphone, you can adjust your home thermostat while you are away. Also, it enables you to play with your light settings while you are away.

3. Detect Carbon Monoxide

Though there are other devices also available in the market for carbon monoxide detection you can also buy a security system that comes with carbon monoxide detection feature. Buy a security system with this feature and protect the precious lives of your loved ones.

4. Easy Control

When you buy a commercial CCTV for your office, make sure that it comes with a smartphone app. A smartphone app gives you more control. Now you don’t have to interact with your security system in traditional ways, just open your app, wherever you are and monitor what is going in and around your house.

5. Audio Sensing

If it comes with an additional feature of two-way audio sensing, it indeed is the best security system for your office. This way you can also notify the burglar that law enforcement is on its way and prevent your precious things from being stolen.

6. Broad Field of View

While purchasing a security system for your home or office, you should note how broad its field of view is. Because if the field of view is narrower, you are going to see less and if the field is broad, it will enable you to see even further away.

7. Cloud Storage

There is no use of a security system that doesn’t save hours of recordings that you are unable to monitor directly. A security system that comes with a cloud or local storage is very effective because it enables to monitor things in detail.

Bottom line!

If you are buying a new security system for your home, make sure it has all these amazing features even if it costs you more because there is nothing more important than your family and home.


Dental Implants: Ideal Replacement for Your Missing Teeth

 Dental Implants | Dental Implant Surgery | PintFeed

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium inserts that are placed into the jawbone and act as a synthetic root to replace a missing tooth. Over time, the jawbone grows around the implant, assuring complete stability of the implant which is covered with a permanent crown to make it look and function naturally.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Implants?

Although dental implant surgery has a success rate of 96%, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Inform your dentist of any medications you may be taking or any medical conditions you may have, as medical history can interfere with the integration of the bone and implant. Your dentist will take x-rays of your jawbone before recommending the procedure to examine the jaw for any potential risk. If you have insufficient jawbone, your dentist may recommend a bone graft or sinus augmentation before implant surgery can take place. Patients who smoke regularly are at a higher risk for a slow recovery because years of smoking reduces bone density. Patients who grind their teeth at night are also less likely to do well with implants because of the constant friction on their implant.

How are Implants Placed?

First, implants are placed into the jawbone allowing for osseointegrationto occur. Osseointegration is the process by which the jawbone heals around the implant, holding it in place. Most patients wait until the implant is completely healed, which takes about six months on average, before having the crown fitted. Other patients may opt for Same Day Implants. Your dentist can advise which option is best for your situation. 

Are Dental Implants Safe and How Long Do They Last?

Implants are made from a durable material, titanium, that mimics the root of your tooth and should never need to be replaced. The permanent crown on top must be replaced every 10-15 years, but some may last longer with proper care and regular dental visits.

Do Implants Hurt?

Usually, your dental surgeon utilises both local and general anaesthetics during a dental implant procedure to eliminate the pain. Most patients report minor soreness in the jaw after the procedure. Medications can be prescribed post-surgery to control discomfort.

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

The average cost of a single dental implant is around £2,415, although the cost may vary on a case-by-case basis. Your dentist will determine a price for you during your consultation for an implant in BrightonSome patients with inadequate jaw density may require a bone graft, or sinus augmentation, which will add to the cost and the healing time.

What are the Advantages of Having Implants?

Dental implants improve your self-confidence, speech, bite, and restore your smile.

Is There Any Aftercare?

While bleeding, oozing, and minor discomfort are normal, you should wash out your mouth with a salt water rinse 2 to 3 times a day to reduce these symptoms and fight off infection while you heal. Brush and floss your implant just like your natural teeth and book regular hygiene cleanings and dental check-ups with your dentist. 

Where Do I Get This Treatment?

Dental implants are not offered on the NHS, so they are an investment in your smile. If your dentist does not perform dental implant surgery, they may be able to recommend a dental surgeon. Always do your research on the surgeon’s credentials, results, and patient reviews. Ask questions during your initial consultation to ensure you are comfortable going forward with the procedure.
Dental implants are a wonderful solution for replacing missing teeth and can restore your smile and your confidence!

About the author:
Quality Dental Group is one of the leading Dental Groups with clinics in Ruislip, Fulham, Worthing, Shoreham, Coulsdon and Brighton. As a State-of-the-art dentistry, Quality Dental offers private and NHS treatments that are effective, and long-lasting. Visit www.qualitydentalgroup.co.uk to know more.


Benefits of Having Small Quonset Huts to Protect Your Cars

Small Quonset Huts Benefits | PintFeed

Quonset hut homes need no introduction. This kind of structures are economical and stands out very appealing. The name "Quonset hut" is taken from the place where it was built for the first time, "Quonset Point" a small peninsula in Narragansett Bay. The Quonset buildings are created to offer ample storage space.

Building a Quonset home will save you both time and money. The unique design creates immense strength to withstand even in the heavy wind & bulky snow falls. It enables you to be relaxed and take a deep sleep in terrible weather conditions. We are not saying that It is the most durable building, but it can be one of those best options to protect your valuables in severe weather conditions.

Budget Friendly

The best thing about Quonset hut homes is the economic cost. For traditional building will need about 2, 000 sq. Ft. of land, and it cost roughly $150 per sq. Ft. In total, you'll need to spend at least $300,000 for a single building.Do the math. Per Sq. Ft. With the same level of living space, how much buck can you save? On the other hand, like $5 per sq. Ft. will be the cost for Quonset hut homes.

Strong Building Design

If you live in Florida, Louisiana, or New York, having a Quonset home is very beneficial. These places are among the most likely to be hit by strong winds in the USA, and these types of houses can withstand in any weather condition. Quonset-type of a home has an enduring design to keep up with consistency. Quonset huts are made up of PVC and Stainless Steel, which makes it highly unaffected to wind, snow, storms and even fire.


If you continue cutting forests out to construct storage building, you have no right to say about saving the environment. Because of its environment-friendly approach, Quonset hut homes are a sensible option. You can see that most of the designs are built up of recyclable material.

Durable Car Garage

If car owners are looking for an economical garage, they can go for a Quonset hut garage. You can easily construct the Quonset hut garage to park your vehicle. It is undoubtedly a secure and reliable solution to your car storage problem. You can buy a Quonset hut depending on your needs.

Quonset Huts Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Generally, Quonset huts are short-time period structures. However, you can also avail its benefits all year round. One of those benefits is that even massive predators can't damage huts so that you can have the peace of mind for your stuff stored within the building.

Additionally, if you select that the Quonset hut which is temporary, you have a supplementary "house" in your premises for emergencies.

About the author:
Larson Simmons is a senior content specialist at PowerBilt Steel Buildings. He has more than seven years of experience in writing content about Quonset buildings and construction related industry. He loves to write about different kind of articles with in-depth study.


7 Unique and Beautiful Small House Designs Around the World

Beautiful Small House Designs | PintFeed

Is it that people pick small homes and does live in them look like? What is a tiny home? What's the dwelling move?

The tendency in place to move into a tiny home has turned into a new trend. Even, and individuals are choosing to repaint the area by which they dwell reside in less space. Individuals are adopting the liberty which conveys the house lifestyle and also the house philosophy. The small residence movements are somewhat more than living to the little space (even though a tiny home is a portion of it).

The tendency in place to move into a small home has turned into a new passion now. Even, and individuals are picking to repaint the area by that they dwell reside in small space. Individuals are acquiring the liberty which communicates your house lifestyle and also the house structure. The little house moves are more than living into the short distance (even, however, a tiny home is just a part of it).

1. Hand Built Yoga Teacher's Tiny House

Hand Built Yoga Teacher's Tiny House | PintFeed

Here on tree-hugger, we declare a Contemporary cosmetic. We all admit we do save a part of a hot and organic interior within our hearts like the taste out of its Dwelling, located at the West Coast of Canada around Salt Spring Island, from the woods.

2. Small Clover Home

Small Clover Home | PintFeed

There exists a Great Deal a lot significantly more than one Way to design a Living space. Also, this house has and may transform into a guest bedroom for interaction. Bring on the pillow fights!

A typical gripe regarding tiny house features maybe that the principal chairs in the couch (commonly a custom designed affair) is too small, narrow or uncomfortable looking while it's a fact that occasionally chairs is downsized to occupy space. We have seen even and instances attractions where semi coughs are placed or also it has incorporated with an elevator bed.

3. The Goose - ARoomy Tiny

The Goose - ARoomy Tiny | PintFeed

Who said homes are for one or two unique individuals? This sizable tiny house is assembled adjacent with a gooseneck trailer, additionally comprises approximately three (count three) sleeping regions, in addition to the regular conveniences.

Tiny homes came a very long way since their days. When they will have been, actually, little to deliver a large numbers of bodies, Presently, however, we see a lot quite a bit tinier become just marginally more significant to accommodate households -- extra bedrooms, portable porches, and greenhouses, two small properties as somebody -- however mind, the size of these domiciles has been work well beneath the typical national US.

4. The EcoCapsule

The EcoCapsule | PintFeed

Powered by wind and sun and even aerodynamic, this tiny number might be just a unit which may function like a hotel that was pop up a hotel, guesthouse, a cabin or a charging station for electric cars.

Do Not Forget That Spectacle out of Galaxy Quest, when Regards Captain Nesmith calls Brandon and admits that it's not a TV series and also a location, "It is real!" Very Well, Grabthar's Hammer can help the same regards the ECO capsule, a Pre-fab photovoltaic and wind-powered home which has been tiny.

 5. Matchbox House

Matchbox House | PintFeed

This invention by Tiny Heirlooms isn't small. It will not lack in someone of their home decor fashions.

6. The Nugget

The Nugget | PintFeed

A hundred sq. Feet is not a fantastic deal. But, Modern tiny homes overseas to count every inch within this house which has the home basics: bathroom, bed, and kitchen space. On the mind, of the requirements, the interior and exterior embrace minimalism design working with an of those Coating of paint which brings an airiness.

7. Modern, Tiny House and High-end RV Hybrid

Modern, Tiny House and High-end RV Hybrid | PintFeed

A well-constructed and appointed drake place stops the argument, which is better: an RV or a very Tiny House? Ranked as RV from the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), it could be forgotten without an exceptional license.

Do individuals think about tiny house living could see that they often said: Why not you purchase a classic recreational vehicle (RV)? All these are to say that RVs aren't designed to last for habitation that is year-long, particularly during the winter season. RVs aren't at the precisely the same category as houses: RVs are mass-manufactured with lightweight; however, maybe perhaps not tough stuff but in many cases are not well-insulated. It's likely to put in that in RV carports for safety.

About the author:
Amy is a full-time writer and she had a dream to become an esteemed author since her childhood. She loves to write about modern building architecture and Metal Buildings. Her goal is to explore the construction and real estate industry. By sharing her knowledge with Carport Direct, Amy has helped thousands of people to educate them about different architectural designs and construction qualities.


ICAI CA Foundation Admit Card for June 2019

ICAI CA Foundation Admit Card for June 2019

Download PDF to Print it as Many Times You Want.

ICAI gives you only 3 chances to print out the Admit card. Downloading the PDF and save it on your computer is the best way to secure your chances for as many times you want. CA Foundation Admit card has been released by ICAI on 6th May 2019 for CA foundation students which can be easily downloaded from the website.

Follow the simple and easy process to download  CA Foundation Admit Card

Step 1: Visit on ICAI BOs portal or their official website.

There are 2 websites for ICAI CA course. ICAI.org which should be considered for enrolling for CA levels and any information related to Subject, syllabus, Forms, announcement, study material and many more.

ICAIexam.iCAI.org is a website that has all the information related to exams and result.

Step 2: Login into your account.

You use your login ID and password to login into your account which was created at the time of enrolling for the course. When you log in using this single credentials(username and password ), all your other details are auto-generated thus saving your time in filling the other fields and making the process faster.
Login into your account

Step 3: Click on Admit Card icon.

When you login into your account you will find a link flashing Admit card on the right side of your screen. Click on link which will redirect you to another page.

Click on Admit Card Icon

Step 4: Download the PDF format.

The page will have your admit card and instruction to examine details. You will see both download and print option available on the screen. Before clicking on the print icon it is advisable to download your admit card on your computer and then print it simultaneously.

It’s easy !!

But for some students, it might not be that easy.They may experience some glitches while downloading the Admit card.
Read further to know what kind of discrepancies that can be witnessed and what are the solution to be taken to make the process ongoing without wasting much of your time.
You are not able to get connected to the website!!

The problem must be with your network or heavy traffic  on the website at that particular period of time. You should either try with some other wifi or internet connection or you should wait for a while, once the traffic gets subside, making it faster and easier process.

You forgot your username and password

There are chances you might forget your username which is usually your registration number and password while trying to login into the account. The best way is to write it down in some dairy or safe place for future references. But if you haven't done that Then click on forgot password And try to reset the password by getting OTP through SMS, Email or through giving a similar question and answer submitted during filling the registration form for enrollment.

Your Admit card doesn't have your Photograph and signature

If you have uploaded your photo and signature at the time of submitting the application form, then your CA Foundation admit card usually carries them. But if it is not with your admit card, then paste a photograph, sign the admit card and get it attested from ICAI office. It is important to  remember  taking along  your identity proof and 2 more photographs to the examination centre in such a case.
You admit card has the wrong name, phone number, address, examination name or centre or any discrepancies in the details given.
CA Foundation Admit card details are auto-generated from the details submitted at the time of submitting the Application form or exam form.It is advisable for the students to be cautious while submitting the exam form. Even after a lot of consideration, if you still find some errors make use of correction window which is open for a specific time period to make the necessary changes.
Still, if there are any discrepancies on your admit card call at these helpline number and follow whatever the authoritative person asks you to do.

Help Line Telephone numbers: 0120 3054 851, 852, 853 and 835 0120 4953 751, 752, 753 and 754

You should also email the problem which documented your request for future references.

Email Foundation candidates: foundation_examhelpline@icai.in
You have exhausted your chances to print the admit card and also not saved the pdf Format.
We have been regularly reminding you to download the pdf format but still, if you forget to do so, then either make a call at helpline number or take a copy of Application form receipt along with your identity proof and photographs to crash the examination hall gates.
CA Foundation Admit card is important to enter the examination centre.It is important for every student to be attentive towards release date. Some best CA coaching institute periodically updates their student about such an important date.
CA foundation exams are soon going to start from 4th June and will end by 11th June. The admit card will not be physically despatched by ICAI.
Keep yourself healthy and proactive.


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