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Owning a house these days is a great privilege, but it’s also an endless responsibility, where a lot of things can get damaged and fall apart, if you don’t take care of them. Owning a property doesn’t only mean that you have a place to live in, it also means that you possess a great asset, which can provide you with a great profit, if you play your cards right. Construction & Remodeling are not the favourite activity of every homeowner, but they are necessary, if you want to consider your home an investment. The future is unpredictable, and you never know when you might have to move, sell, or exchange for something bigger. Here are some home improvements, which will definitely increase the value of your property:

Which home improvements provide the greatest return of investment? 

The real estate market changes with every year, depending on the local trends and the statistical preferences of the potential buyers, but there are a few particular home improvements which are timeless. The important part when making upgrades to your property, is to make the difference between the important things people actually need and look for, and the ones which are considered a  luxury and basically non-vital. Here’s a short list with the home improvements that bring the biggest benefits when you decide to sell: 

•    Kitchen remodel – around 90% return on investment, depending on the size and quality; 
•    Install central air and heating systems – around 70-90% return on investment, depending on the type of system; 
•    Additional bathrooms – 90% return on investment; 
•    Bathroom remodel – 80% return on investment; 
•    Replacing windows – 70% return on investment; 
•    Outdoor decks – 70% return on investment; 
•    Additional rooms – 50-60% return on investment; 
•    Finished basement or attic – around 40% return on investment, depending on the size of the premises; 
Here’s more information on the most wanted home improvements that potential buyers are looking for:

Kitchen remodels

The kitchen is a major factor when it comes to valuable home improvements. It’s the place where we cook our meals and sometimes even eat them, so it’s logical why it’s one of the biggest assets buyers look at. Often they determine if a property is worth the price by just taking a look at the kitchen. This is because if the kitchen is not upgraded, it could cost them a ton of money to fix it, and this is the last thing most people want to do right after they buy a house. The most important kitchen improvements a house for sale needs to have, are energy efficient and stainless steel appliances, functional countertops in good condition, sufficient storage and cabinets that are not falling apart, updated faucets and sinks, and flooring in good condition.

Bathroom updates

If you have more than one bathroom in your house, then you’re very lucky, because additional bathrooms and rooms in general, tend to increase the value of your home. If you have only one bathroom, maybe you should consider adding another one, if the space allows it. If it doesn’t, then the least you can do is update the one you have and make sure it’s in its best condition. You don’t have to necessarily tear everything apart and start from the beginning, it’s enough to bring it into the 21st century with some repairs and functionality improvements. Some fresh paint, new light fixtures and exhaust fans are a good start. You can also consider re-grouting and sealing the bathroom tiles, this will refresh the outlook of the entire room. You can also take a look at the fixtures, if your toilet or basin are more than 10 years old and worn out, you can consider replacing them with newer models. 

Energy efficiency

Green living and sustainability are very popular topics lately. So, it’s understandable why potential buyers look for energy efficient homes. There are lots of ways to upgrade your household appliances to answer to their needs. Buying a new fridge, air conditioning or another household device with a class A+ or A++ will significantly decrease the energy bills. Home insulation is another property enhancement you could take advantage of and stop the large percentage of heat loss during the colder months. Consider this a reasonable investment which will define not only the property value, but also your future expenses on energy. When insulating your property, however, don’t forget the parts attached to the property like the garage, basement or the conservatory. If you don’t cold proof them, your place will lose more heat than the air conditioning generates and result in huge energy bills.

If you’ve already upgraded your household appliances, but would like to go even further, adding a few renewable energy sources to your home is the next step to take. Solar panels are a classic eco-friendly home enhancement. But with the advancement of technology, nowadays you can also buy solar roof tiles, energy generating window films and all other kinds of solar tech. 

The front door

This may seem like something unimportant, it’s just a door afterwards. But for the potential buyer the front door is the first thing they see, they imagine how they will get back home through that door every day, how they will invite guests, and how it will keep them safe. For them it’s like the face of the house. So, it’s important to keep it updated, with quality door handles and locks. If you notice any paint peeling or structural damage, you should consider repainting it, or replacing it completely. Studies show, that blue, red and yellow front doors are among the most popular choices for home buyers. 

Air conditioning and heating systems

The heating and cooling of the house makes up around 40% of your energy costs each month, which is shocking. Installing a proper and energy efficient HVAC system always impacts the value of the property positively. Installing a highly efficient furnace or boiler, along with a good air conditioner can save you a lot of money and is more sustainable, because there are less carbon emissions. Have in mind, that it’s best to make such improvements with the help of a qualified specialist in that area. 

Roof repairs

The roof is a very important structural part of the house. Many realtors debate over the usefulness of a full roof replacement, some claim that it increases the value of the property, others say it has no impact on the final price. But the facts are, that if your roof is over 20 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. The roof is exposed to all kinds of unpleasant conditions, so it’s structural integrity lowers with years. And if you’re able to provide the new homeowner with a guarantee of a new roof, then the price of the property should improve. In case the roof doesn’t need a full replacement, you can always look for cracked shingles, rust and other small problems, that can be fixed. Cleaning the gutters and making sure there are no leaves in them can also help. The compromised roof and gutters can lead to all kinds of leaks, mould and damage to both the outside facade, and the indoor part of the house. 

The outdoor area

The outdoor part is just as important as the front door or anything inside the house. It’s a part of the first impression people create when they stop in front of the house, so it’s important for everything to be neat and well maintained. Some of the things you can do is to mow the lawn, and pick up any toys or tools and place them in a shed or storage somewhere. If you have trees and shrubs in your garden, they should be well trimmed and looking safe, because poorly maintained trees are dangerous during windy weather. It’s also a good idea to plant some colourful flowers near the front, they will make the place look cosy and inviting. Another thing you can pay attention to are any decks, patios and driveways you may have. If they are stained or full of weeds, you’ll need to clean them, possibly with a pressure cleaning machine. 

The garage, attics and basements

Not every house has those spaces, but if you do, you need to utilise them as well as possible. When buyers look for a house, they usually look for a garage, or at least a parking spot or driveway. So, if you have a garage and you’ve been using it for storage, it’s recommended to clear it out and make it presentable. Attics and basements can be very useful spaces, because you can turn them into additional rooms, be it a bedroom, a home theatre room, or anything else you find interesting. And as we mentioned above, additional rooms are a good way to increase your property’s value. 

About the author:

Melanie Johnson is an Australian blogger and a marketing executive for Fantastic Services Group, which is a certified home improvement company, which provides over 25 services in the fields of cleaning, handyman, gardening and pest control services.