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Having a road trip via motorcycle can be a pretty exciting form of recreational activity indeed. With all of those beautiful sceneries combined with the relaxing breeze of fresh air everywhere, it is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Not to mention it is quite more convenient compared to those conventional forms of transportation such as cars, bus, etc.

However, aside from having some fun time, ensuring your safety must also be one of the top priorities. Since unlike cars, riding a motorcycle basically leaves you unprotected, and this could pose some risks especially in some unexpected cases like accidents.This is why every motorcycle owner must have the most fundamental rule in responsible driving: wearing helmets.

In fact, wearing helmets can draw a fine line between survival and death. In countries like the Philippines, the World Health Organization (Who) reported in 2018 that there were over 11,264 fatalities caused by road accidents and 5,970 (50%) of these cases were passengers of motorcycles and other two or three-wheeled vehicles. 90% of them don’t wear any protective gear for the head. This is based on an article published in

That’s why it’s crucial for everyone to know some of the best tips when it comes in safely navigating a motorcycle on the road. Some of these tips are:

  • Having a thorough assessment of your vehicle – making sure that your vehicle is in 100% tiptop condition is the first step in ensuring your safety while on the road. From the fluids, valves, fuel system, you name it. Also, have your motorcycle checked by your local mechanic every now and then to see if there are any problems you overlooked.

  • Things to bring before the long ride – here are some of the most important things you must have with you before the long drive:
  1. Tire plug kit
  2. Earplug
  3. Extra Gloves
  4. Rain gear
  5. Waterproof luggage and extra waterproof bags
  6. Bungee cords
  7. Personal and vehicle documents
  8. Motorcycle cover
  9. Basic repairing tools
  10. First aid kit (a must have!)

These set of equipment decreases the risks of you inflicting serious injuries in the event of accidents. The infographic below will further discuss each of their purpose and significance.
  • What you should wear– Proper gear and attire are also extremely vital. Be sure to wear helmets, proper footwear, protective eyewear, and travel bags.

  • Availing yourself an insurance– Insurance can be handy at times. It can help you with all of the potential damages you might incur just in case unfortunate things really did happen. There can be a variety of motorcycle insurance coverages available. Here are some of them just to name a few:
  1. Liability coverage
  2. Collision coverage
  3. Comprehensive coverage
  4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.
Another factor to consider is the attitude of the driver. As simple as avoiding over speeding and driving while drunk can already make a big difference that is purely beneficial not only for the rider but also to anyone in the road as well.

If you want to know more about these tips, take a look at this infographic created and designed by

Motorcycle Road Trip Tips | PintFeed