You Can Pray for Lower Energy Costs Or You Can Make Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient [Infographic]

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Energy consumption is the singlelargest operating expense for most commercial buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets. By ensuring that their building is using energy more efficiently, commercial building owners can achieve several financial benefits, including increased profits, reduced operating expense, and increased property asset value.

In addition to these financial gains, many experts also believe that energy efficient buildings can actually deliver intangible benefits for occupants. These benefits are monetized by factors such as an increase in employee productivity and increased revenue due to improved “green” image of the business occupants.

Another reason for commercial building owners to initiate energy-saving improvements is the substantial operational benefits that result from upgrading the legacy mechanical systems of the building. With the help of professional engineers, building owners can conduct an energy audit and identify which systems are no longer sustainable to run. In return, they will be able to replace these systems with modern systems that use less energy but provide the same or higher level of performance in the long run.

To learn more about the importance of running an energy efficient commercial building, and the steps you can implement to achieve it, check out the infographic below from Lockatong Engineering.

Energy Efficient Commercial Building

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