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Being a Chartered accountant is a dream that is seen by millions of students but only a few are capable enough to live up their dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant in India. The CA Course  is generally opted as a career option by the students belonging to commerce stream but students from other streams have also been successful CA’s, So this field is not stream specific, there will be definitely some benefits if you belong to the commerce stream, even if not then also you can crack the CA Exam by following some important tricks and tips that we will discuss in this article.

Are CA Exams Really Tough? Well, the answer to this question is not that direct. Whether CA or any other exam the level of difficulty or how comfortable it is to pass the exam vary from people to people. Because of low pass percentage in CA Exams, it is regarded as one of the difficult courses of our country. But with proper planning and hard work, you will be able to qualify this exam with ease.

CA Course consists of 3 important phases

  1. CA Foundation -entry level Exam
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final
Chartered Accountant | CA Coaching Institute | PintFeed

Once you qualify these three level you become a qualified CA.

Every level of this course requires your dedication and hard work. With every level, the difficulty increases. This course is not attempt or age bound. But that does not mean that you have infinite time. With every attempt, you tend to lower the value of your degree of CA.So it is advised that you clear all its level in the specified time period.

CA is a demanding career so there are no shortcuts to pass this exam. This course takes a minimum of at least 4 years that also when you pass all its level in single attempt otherwise there is no maximum time to qualify, it depends on person to person.

Challenges in the Road to become CA

(1) Self-discipline:

Discipline is the prerequisite for success in any field and in CA it becomes even more important. As discussed above this course takes somewhere between 4-5 years without any break so you have to be disciplined in your studies throughout this time period.

(2) Articleship, College, and Studies:

Once you Clear one or both the groups of CA Intermediate you can start with the practical training i.e., articleship. Articleship is basically internship under a practicing CA. Students who opt for CA course also go for graduation, once your articleship starts it becomes too hectic to manage college, articleship and your CA preparation altogether. Articleship is for a period of 3 years and to manage all of this for such a long time can be tiring.

(3) Low pass percentage:

The passing percentage keeps on fluctuating in CA Exams. Sometimes the pass percentages go really low. Which proves to be a demotivating factor for CA aspirants.

(4) Lack of Proper Guidance:

Getting proper guidance is foremost important. Lack of proper guidance can waste your time. If you have someone who can guide you its great, if not you can go for some coaching institute where you are sure of getting systematic advice. while joining coaching institute be very careful, try to join a reputed and time tested coaching institute which has given some decent results in the past.

(5) Extensive Syllabus:

The syllabus for this course is very wide and with each successive level it gets tougher. So to cover such a huge syllabus in the given time can be challenging for some.

If you are able to manage all the above points you can clear this exam effortlessly. CA is for those people laborious, determined and focused.

What All is Required From You

(1) Dedication:

While preparation you have to wholeheartedly devote yourself to studies. You have to study dedicatedly every day and be consistent with it

(2) Time Management:

With vast syllabus to cover, you have to be smart enough to do it all in the available time period. Here your time management skills will work for you.

(3) Self Study:

Whichever CA Coaching Institute you join, still you have to rely completely on the self-study because coaching institutes act as a guiding factor only, it is your self-study which will be responsible for your result.

(4) Avoid Distractions:

Nowadays everyone is busy doing nothing, thanks to our digital advancements. Today everybody has a cell phone and each cell phone contains a number of social media apps which is enough to distract us from our goal. So it advised to maintain distance from social media and avoid its use during your study hour.

(5) Have a Study plan:

With such a vast syllabus, in order to cover everything it is better to have a systematic study plan before starting the preparation. Go through the syllabus and then prepare a time table for each subject and study accordingly.

So there is nothing like tough or easy it is individual approach and hard work which makes things easy for some and difficult for others. From the discussion we made above you must have got an idea what this course is all about. Here’s wishing you all the Best for your bright future.