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No house will be complete without windows. They are essential in any structure as it provides light, warmth, and ventilation. They also give the occupants of a house the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the neighborhood or the environment. But while it certainly has its merits, having open windows at all times would be detrimental to the residents and the house itself as well.

Most homeowners rely on blinds, drapes,and curtains to protect their windows from things they want to keep outside. However, window tints are also available for residential windows. While getting window tints installed in cars are perhaps a very common concept, residential window tints are not as mainstream, but it does have more advantages compared to blinds and curtains.

For instance, blinds, drapes,and curtains can help reduce visible light and glare, but they do not prevent solar heat from coming inside.

The sun gives off UV rays that can be somewhat harmful. Most people believe that they’re safe from the UV rays from the comforts of their home, but believe it or not, it’s possible to get a sunburn while sitting on the couch if you’re sitting close enough to a window with the sun shining through.

However, sunburn isn’t the only extent of the sun’s damage to a person. UV rays can also accelerate skin aging by several years as well as increase your risk of skin cancer.

The sun can even threaten the quality of your furniture and is ultimately irreversible. Wood, fabric, and leather furniture especially should be kept away from the harmful effects of UV exposure. The colors of furniture made from fabric would fade away and dull out from prolonged exposure of the sun, while leather furniture could start to crack, and wood furniture can lose its shine. 

Drapes and curtains especially wouldn’t be able to reject solar heat or block UV rays. Since they’re made from fabric, they might even fade in color over time. Meanwhile, blinds might deceive you since they reduce visible sunlight in the room. However, they capture and radiate solar heat from the window glass and eject it into the room.

Residential window tinting would be able to protect you and your family throughout the daywithout having to sacrifice the amount of light that would enter the house,so there’s no need to even worry about the sun’s glare.

As the glare from the sun can also impact on your comfort levels and productivity when working on household activities and chores, a window tint can help you continue without any interruption from the sun’s glare.

However, this isn’t an ability unique to window tilting. Other window treatments can also reflect the glare, but compared to them, window tint is easy to apply to the inside of the windows, and it is completely maintenance free.

Some complaints about blinds, curtains, and drapes getting dirty easily as it’s easy for dust to accumulate on them. It gets tedious to clean, but not doing anything would make it look dirty and dingy and could be a health risk to anyone with allergies.

Window tinting has some other more benefits that can be found in this infographic by Global Tint UK.
 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting [Infographic]