Benefits of Residential Window Tinting [Infographic]

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting | Residential Window Tint | PintFeed

No house will be complete without windows. They are essential in any structure as it provides light, warmth, and ventilation. They also give the occupants of a house the opportunity to enjoy the sights of the neighborhood or the environment. But while it certainly has its merits, having open windows at all times would be detrimental to the residents and the house itself as well.

Most homeowners rely on blinds, drapes,and curtains to protect their windows from things they want to keep outside. However, window tints are also available for residential windows. While getting window tints installed in cars are perhaps a very common concept, residential window tints are not as mainstream, but it does have more advantages compared to blinds and curtains.

For instance, blinds, drapes,and curtains can help reduce visible light and glare, but they do not prevent solar heat from coming inside.

The sun gives off UV rays that can be somewhat harmful. Most people believe that they’re safe from the UV rays from the comforts of their home, but believe it or not, it’s possible to get a sunburn while sitting on the couch if you’re sitting close enough to a window with the sun shining through.

However, sunburn isn’t the only extent of the sun’s damage to a person. UV rays can also accelerate skin aging by several years as well as increase your risk of skin cancer.

The sun can even threaten the quality of your furniture and is ultimately irreversible. Wood, fabric, and leather furniture especially should be kept away from the harmful effects of UV exposure. The colors of furniture made from fabric would fade away and dull out from prolonged exposure of the sun, while leather furniture could start to crack, and wood furniture can lose its shine. 

Drapes and curtains especially wouldn’t be able to reject solar heat or block UV rays. Since they’re made from fabric, they might even fade in color over time. Meanwhile, blinds might deceive you since they reduce visible sunlight in the room. However, they capture and radiate solar heat from the window glass and eject it into the room.

Residential window tinting would be able to protect you and your family throughout the daywithout having to sacrifice the amount of light that would enter the house,so there’s no need to even worry about the sun’s glare.

As the glare from the sun can also impact on your comfort levels and productivity when working on household activities and chores, a window tint can help you continue without any interruption from the sun’s glare.

However, this isn’t an ability unique to window tilting. Other window treatments can also reflect the glare, but compared to them, window tint is easy to apply to the inside of the windows, and it is completely maintenance free.

Some complaints about blinds, curtains, and drapes getting dirty easily as it’s easy for dust to accumulate on them. It gets tedious to clean, but not doing anything would make it look dirty and dingy and could be a health risk to anyone with allergies.

Window tinting has some other more benefits that can be found in this infographic by Global Tint UK.
Residential Window Tinting

Acupuncture for Neck Pain: How Does It Work? [Infographic]

Relieve Neck Pain | Acupuncture for Neck Pain | PintFeed

Chronic neck pain one of the most common body ailment nowadays. Often times, it’s a result of poor postures, such as leaning over a computer on a long period or bending over too much and too often when reaching for something. Another primary cause of neck pain is osteoarthritis, which is much more common among the older ages.

There are many tell-tale signs that you are suffering from neck pain. One is when you feel tightness in your neck muscles which makes it painful for you to move your head. Another symptom is when you’re experiencing sharp shooting pains at the back of your skull, temple, or behind one eye, also known as tension-headaches.

If you are experiencing all or any of these symptoms, it is very important that you consult a doctor first so that you can confirm it’s because of chronic neck pain. After the diagnosis, the doctor may give you several options to relieve the pain, including drug medication. However, they may also suggest you a number of equally effective alternatives, including acupuncture.

While relatively new in Western medicine, acupuncture has long been used as a primary treatment in Eastern medicine. As many people are aware of, acupuncture involves the use of thin needles that are inserted into the body at specific spots called “acupoints”. Many studies and clinical trials have already shown that this kind of treatment can help people suffering from various body ailments and diseases and is now a widely recognized form of treatment for relieving neck pain.

For some, acupuncture may seem like an unlikely form of proper treatment but knowing how it works especially in treating neck pain, is one way to acknowledge this ancient technique in today’s modern world. To learn more about how acupuncture helps relieve neck pain, check out the infographic below from Kundao Wellness.

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Buy Best Inverter for Your Home Online

Inverter | Power Backup System | PintFeed

Grid power is essentially the main source of electrical power that connected to your house. However, in case of grid power failure or power cut, an alternative power backup system should be there in place at your home. This alternative power will supply electricity temporarily to keep on the emergency electrical appliances that are needed in a home. An inverter is an essential device between battery’s DC power and AC power that needed for standard household electrical appliances. Inverter acts as a converter of battery’s DC power to AC power that required for household appliances.

Types of inverters

Inverters, however, available in a wide variety of power capacities but those are classified according to the nature of power wave that those produce. According to the wave pattern of the AC electricity three major waveforms such as square-wave, modified sine-wave, and true sine-wave. Square-wave inverters are almost obsolete today because these are not well suited to all types of modern household appliances to run. The other two modified sine-wave inverters and true sine-wave inverters are however of superior quality and are used widely.

Modified sine-wave inverters

It is a comparatively less expensive inverter. The modified sine-wave looks like a stair-step. The power supply in this inverter goes straight to the peak from zero and straight back to lower peak, resting at each point for a moment. Many household appliances like lights, fans, TV set, computer etc. will run very nicely. Microwave oven, a laser printer may run erratically or not at all with this modified sine-wave inverter. However, when you search to buy inverter online India, you will get different sites who are selling modified sine-wave inverters. They display different models of different capacities of modified sine-wave inverters with price quote against each. You can place your order from there according to your household electrical need and pay online or you can opt for cash-on-delivery. The technician from the company will come to the house and install the modified sine-wave inverter for your use.

True sine-wave inverters

Power supplied from the grid is purely a sine-wave. So, the true sine-wave inverter is the most reliable waveform for household use. The basic difference from a modified sine-wave inverter is the sine-wave passes from the upper peak to the lower peak and thus the voltages flow in a smooth curved way in a true sine-wave inverter instead of stair step wave. As a result, all electrical and electronic appliances in the household run as they desired while the true sine-wave inverter is used.  The true sine-wave inverter converts battery DC power to AC power which is as good as or even sometimes better than the grid power. The modern household appliances that are used now are very sensitive and true sine-wave inverter takes care of those appliances properly. You can search the best inverter online and found numerous renowned sites are there who are efficient to install it at your home. The only thing that you need to do is to place an order online for a true sine-wave inverter according to your power requirement and pay either online or cash-on-delivery.

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Why would you Hire the Blocked Drain Cleaning Services?

Blocked Drain Cleaning Services | Blocked Drain Cleaning Professionals | PintFeed

Drains play an important role at home, though often underrated. Without their proper functioning, it is practically impossible to keep your home neat, tidy and hygienic. You can find some blocked sewers, sink overflowing and clogged drainage system problems in your home. In this case, you can apply some DIY methods to clean the drains like you can pour some hot water with vinegar inside the drains to clean the drainage system, or you can try to plug out the garbage from your clogged drains. 

Firstly you need to identify the exact clogged areas and in that case, you need to hire some blocked drain cleaning services. They will come with their advanced tools and they will install some CCTV inside the drainage system. Then they will identify the clogged portions of your drainage system and clean those potions with their non-toxic chemicals.

How could you Clean the Blocked Drains with some DIY Methods?

Be very choosy of what you pour down your drain. Invest in a plughole filter that will carefully filter out things that are too big to enter the drain hole.
Use products like Domestos sink and pipe unblocker, that are products designed specifically for these types of issues. They yield great results.
Remember to follow the safety instructions when using cleaning services and products. You can also apply some hot water to clean the drains and you need to plug out the deposited garbage from your drainage lines. It is really a complicated task and during this drain cleaning process, some harmful gases and chemicals can evaporate from the drains. So avoid these tricks for severe problems and hire some blocked drain cleaning services to do the same.

How to avoid Clogging?

In the kitchen, throw out bigger particles that cannot go into the drain hole. Dispose them into the trash can.
The next likely place to clog could be your bathroom. Remember to use a plughole filter or strainer that will prevent hair and other such things from entering the drain.
Avoid disposing greasy materials through the drains. You can install some separate bins inside your bathroom and kitchen to store these materials. It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the drainage system for the hygienic purpose, and it is suggested to clean your blocked drains by hiring some trained professionals every month.

How would you Maintain your Drainage System? Hire the Blocked Drains Cleaning Professionals

One of the main side effects of blockage is odour. Admittedly, this is irritating and can discomfort. When bigger items clog the pipe, they rot and the bacteria breeds inside, causing odour and unpleasant smell arising from them. Frequent cleaning and employing the above said method is a sure way to bring some respite. They keep the drain free from unwanted debris.
Good waste disposal practices will also lead to proper sink and drain maintenance. Domestos Sink and pipe unblocker are other chemical ways to help prevent clogging. When you pour them directly into the sink, they work to dissolve the grease, dirt and other things that cause blockage.
These blocked drain cleaning professionals not only clean your drains, but they also suggest you some preventions to avoid these problems in future. They can provide you some limited warranty on their services and if you face the same problems within this timeline then you can claim a free service from the same company.
Remember to follow the instructions when using these items. Different types of blocked drains require different types of solutions. A blocked kitchen sink will need one kind of treatment when compared to a bathing room drain. Both have to be handled differently.


Beetroot: The New Superfood For Your Health?

Beetroot Juice | Superfood Beetroot Health Benefits | PintFeed

Eating fruits and vegetables has long been known to help lower the risks of many lifestyle-related health conditions.  One popular superfood that can greatly enhance our health is the beetroot.  Many studies show that beetroot can boost athletic performance, decrease blood pressure, and raise blood flow.  In short, beetroot can provide many benefits.

What Is Beetroot?

Beetroot is known by many names, such as the red beet, table beet, golden beet, and garden beet.  It is the taproot portion of the beet plant and is commonly found in North America.
Pigments known as betalains are the source of the beets' redness.  Nineteenth-century women used beets to tint their cheeks and lips, a practice that led to the common phrase red as a beet.
But, beetroot wasn't always red and round.  At one time, it was white or black and was fibrous and thin.  People used beetroot more as medicine, but later began eating it as well, especially as it began to take the characteristic red color we know and love today.

How Nutritious Is Beetroot?

Beetroot is full of vitamins and minerals.  It has medicinal properties in its nitrates and pigments.  Aside from that, it is delicious and low in calories, which can make it the perfect addition to your diet.
Vitamins C and B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, folate, protein, and fiber are just some of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in this nourishing plant.  The plant can be beneficial to your brain, heart, and overall physical performance.  Here are some reasons to incorporate beetroot in your daily diet:

Beetroot Helps Lower Blood Pressure and the  Risk of Heart Disease

This plant is rich in nitrates.  The body converts nitrates to nitric oxide to help regulate blood circulation.  Better circulation may contribute to lower blood pressure.
A study has shown that drinking beet juice can lower the systolic blood pressure of healthy men by four to five points in just a few hours.  Lower blood pressure decreases the risks of heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes.  Beetroot contains folate and a compound known as betaine, compounds that can reduce homocysteine blood levels.  Lowering the levels of the amino acid homocystine can also reduce a person's risks of developing heart disease.

Beetroot Juice May Increase Stamina and Athletic Performance

Beetroot juice is a very popular beverage for athletes because it contains dietary nitrate, which may enhance their athletic performance.  Nitrates appear to have an impact on physical performance by refining the effectiveness of mitochondria.  Mitochondria are structures that create energy in the cells of the body.
Cyclists may consume beetroot juice to improve their cycling and athletic performance.  The beverage may also maximize oxygen use up to 20 percent.  One study found that drinking beetroot juice could enhance cycling performance by 2.8 percent over four kilometers and 2.7 percent over 16.1 kilometers.  The best time to consume beets is two to three hours before training or participating in a sport.

Beetroot Juice May Enhance Brain Health

Nitric oxide eases and expands blood vessels, which increases the flow of the blood to the brain.  This easing and expansion leads to better brain function.  Nitric oxide levels, neuron activity, and energy metabolism in the brain decrease as we age.  Consuming beetroot and beet juice can help us support our brains.
A 2010 study found that older adults who had a high-nitrate diet with beet juice improved blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain.  This area of the brain is associated with higher-level thinking such as decision-making, attention to detail, organization, and focus.  It is possible that consuming the right substances may decrease the risk of dementia and other conditions affecting the brain.

Beets Can Be a Delicious Way to Lose Weight

Beets are low in calories and high in fiber.  One cup of beets provides almost four grams of insoluble fiber.  This kind of fiber helps decrease the risk of digestive problems such as constipation and different chronic health conditions.  The betaine found in beets can also improve digestion.  People should know that the color of beets can change the color of their urine or feces to crimson, pink, or other shades of red.
Beets are nutritious and delicious.  They fit well in many diets and are versatile.  You can juice, steam, roast, or pickle them.  This superfood delivers impressive health benefits for people with active lifestyles.

About the author:
Charles Watson currently is head the content writer for Willow Springs Recovery out of Texas. A lifelong health advocate.


Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain | Treating Toothache | PintFeed

Tooth pain can range from mild to severe, depending on whether you have sharp or dull type ache. When the pain is sharp or acute, it can appear quickly and can occur while eating or speaking or will be of short nature. Such pain can indicate one of many things including teeth decay, gum decay, gum infection, a broken tooth, poorly worked filling or crown etc. on the other hand, dull pain reflects a more serious problem and also indicates damaged nerves. Whatever the cause of toothache is, the pain can be managed by using one of many popular home remedies. Even if the pain persists, consult top dentist Greenpoint for a thorough check up and treatment.

Here are some of home remedies to relieve tooth pain - 

Clove Oil

The use of clove for treating toothache is perhaps as old the humanity. it’s not only a tiny spice that adds flavour, smell and aroma to dishes but packs properties to kills germs and infections causing toothache or other dental problems.  The presence of eugenol – a strong antiseptic and anaesthetic substance – helps it numb the nerves and eases the pain. Plus, it prevents the risk of infections as well, so you can use with without any worry.

Salt-Water Rinse

A regular rinsing of mouth with salt water is a great way to ease toothache and keep in check bacteria growth as well. You can mix a bit of salt in water and rinse twice a day to sanitize the mouth and prevent bacteria from growing. The saline mix thus prepared will keep your mouth clean of bacteria to lessen the pain and even reduce infection. It would be great if you develop the habit of rinsing the mouth after each meal.  

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is also used a lot in treating toothache. For that reason, a lot of oral health products use it as a major ingredient. The presence of menthol, which is an active ingredient, gives it all the anti-bacterial properties like clove. You can apply the oil on the affected site and get relief from pain in a natural manner. Plus, it can also give you a refreshing cool breath.


A lot of people use garlic as well as a home remedy to treat their toothache. It contains a natural antibacterial agent responsible for alleviating the pain in your teeth. When you chew on raw slice of garlic, it releases allicin which can kill bacteria and relieve the pain. That apart, people also rinse the mouth with garlic water to minimize the intensity of pain in their teeth. If possible, add some peppermint to the mix for better and quicker results for your toothache.  

Turmeric paste or powder

Turmeric is known for its magical medicinal properties where some of them of key for oral health. The presence of an active ingredient curcumin enriches it with antibacterial, analgesic and antiseptic properties. For that reason, people trust it for relieving tooth pain and preventing infections and abscesses. You can prepare a paste of turmeric powder and water and apply it directly to the affected tooth for relief.  You should consider visiting a dentist Greenpoint if the pain does not go away with any of these methods.

About the author:
Nitesh is a health blogger with keen interest in oral care. His posts mainly focus on home remedies for keeping your teeth and gums healthy strong and free of disease. Benefit from his knowledge and maintain dental health with regular visit to a dentist Greenpoint in your area.


Tempted to Try 3D Wallpapers? Here’s How to Find the Right One

3D Wallpaper For Home Wall | Professional Interior Designer | PintFeed

As Indians, we always had a zing for painting walls. Be it the outer walls of our houses or the inside walls, we always paint them with our favorite colors. We spend so much on the interior and exterior designs and decorations just to keep the color quotient up to date.

Now in the wake of wallpapers in the interior design business, the endless possibilities have made people spoilt for choices. However, if you are new to this world and a homeowner who would like to experiment with the decor, here's how to choose the right one.
Wallpapers are available in a plethora of styles, including 3D. The vitality of 3D wallpapers is that it gives your home a natural depth. When compared to normal wallpapers, 3D wallpapers add patterns, texture, and designs that would instantly intrigue the onlookers. Like the regular wallpapers, 3D wallpapers have unlimited choices to look for. Buy 3d wallpapers from online retailers and get a free consultation, free installation and ideas to spruce up your place right from the experts.
Now, with the following tips, figure out how to buy the right wallpaper for your house-
Staring at a plain blank wall with no element of design can be boring. Colors can give only temporary relief to the eyes. A smart solution would be to put wallpaper for your wall. But what are you expecting your room to look like? Do you want to add depth? Warmth? Texture? Or do you want to soften or shine your walls some more? Once you have found out the answer, you can invest accordingly. If you are still skeptical, discuss your choices and preferences with a professional interior designer. 
Choosing 3d wallpaper for home wall and giving it a new look has become a lot easier with materials like grass cloth, sisal, cork, and Japanese silk, marble-like textured papers, wood, and stone. The options go far beyond traditional prints to choose from.
Confused with the choices? If your goal is to add warmth and coziness, richly textured wallpaper is the solution. Subtle and light color 3D wallpaper has won hearts of many due to its simplicity.
What to avoid
By now as you are well-acquainted with the things to choose from and how to choose the perfect wallpaper, here are a few things to avoid. Explore all the areas you want to cover up with wallpaper. Think and calculate whether it would look good on that wall. Here's a piece of simple advice: if your home has an entryway that does not get natural light, avoid using blue, black, grey color wallpapers there. Go for white and pastels so that light finds its way to reflect.
Professional guide
Although these tips are not enough for first timers to choose wallpapers for their new house, these can surely guide to take the first steps. Anyway, if you are confused, professional guidance is wise to stick to, that way you would figure out factors like color, pattern, measurement for your house, walls to focus and so on. 
Even if you are confident enough about your choices in selecting the right wallpaper, researching a little has never harmed anyone so far. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to consider the above-mentioned tips for your home. Otherwise, you can always go back to wall paints.

About the author:
Krysta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts. Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health,lifestyle , travel and other leading blogging platform & loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.


Types of Kitchen Cabinet Molding [Infographic]

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Molding | Kitchen Cabinet Moldings | PintFeed

In the modern setting, the kitchen space is no longer than just place where we prepare food; it is now family gathering place where new ideas can be forged, and life, as it is, can be celebrated. That is why it’s imperative that you update the looks of your kitchen once in a while, starting from its most significant element which is kitchen cabinets.

Many homeowners try different ways to make their kitchen cabinets less tedious and more pleasing to the eyes, such refacing them or installing open shelving. Another way that many homeowners do to improve their kitchen cabinet’s appearance is by installing moldings. This simple yet effective addition can make any cabinets more elegant, not to mention that it easily improves the overall value of the kitchen space.

The key to using moldings in your kitchen cabinets effectively is knowing their different types and purposes. So, if you’re planning to install moldings into your kitchen cabinets this year, then make sure you review all the options you have first. 

To help you get started, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, which details the different types of molding for kitchen cabinets:

Crown Molding – a decorative trim attached to kitchen cabinet tops for a seamless transition from the ceiling to the cabinetry itself.

Starter/Riser Molding –used as a mounting frame for crown moldings with multiple layers for additional support.

Corner Molding – used to sharp cabinet edges or corner gaps.

Light Rail Molding – used for bottom frames of wall cabinets with under cabinet lighting.

Base Molding – used for kitchen islands and peninsulas.

Toe Kick Molding – used to lower kitchen cabinets and create an extra toe room for its user.
To learn more about these types of kitchen cabinet moldings, check out the full infographic below.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Molding [Infographic]

How to Pick the Right Web Agency for Your Business Needs?

Web Development Agency | Web Design Agency | PintFeed

There are tens and thousands of web design agency out there which is why finding the one that is best suited for your business needs is not an easy task. Because of this, marketers, as well as business owners who are just starting out get overwhelmed easily. They have no idea where to start and relying solely on Google search can lead to more frustration as most of these agencies appear the same at face value. When it comes to choosing the best web agency, having the right approach is extremely important. 

Hence, if you too are stuck with the process of selecting the best web agency for your business, the following guide will help make the decision ensuring the best output result:

1. Be sure of what you need

Before you start looking for a web design company, know your requirements. Do some brainstorming and get some idea about the kind of websites you need for your business. Ask yourself if you need a personal website, business website, e-commerce store, non-profit website or something else before you communicate your needs to the web agency.

It is also important to set your goals and aspiration that you want to achieve in the long run. Setting the goals will help determine the tone of the website and what you want to convey through it. If you are unable to convey your requirements properly or if the other side is unable to grasp it properly you need to simplify it and make sure that your message has been well received.

2. Decide on the budget

Deciding the budget is an important aspect of selecting a web design and development agency. While you may not want to settle for an outdated design in lieu of low cost, meeting all your web design requirement at an exceedingly high cost that is beyond your budget will not be acceptable either.

You must look for a reasonable solution that offers good quality at a competitive price such that the end-product is not affected even if you have a low budget. Also, it is best to choose a project based pricing if you are just starting out rather than opting for an hourly contract. Moreover, you can always opt to update your website later once your business and budget have grown over the years and you are able to invest more money and resources in it.

3. Know what will be included in the package

Once you are past the initial stages of finding a web agency, try to get an insight into the important aspects of web design and web development services. Some of the important things that you need to pay attention to should include:

The amount of time it will take before your website is able to operate, Be clear about your requirements and find out if the company you have hired recommends outsourcing SEO and content etc. If you don’t want extra effort and investment go for an agency that offers these services along with web design. Find out if they are offering both design and development at the same price or are you required to pay extra for it.

Try to get in direct contact with the team or person who will be responsible for the development of your website. Find out if your project will be outsourced to somebody else? Ask your agency if your website will be built on a responsive framework and can it be edited later? You don’t want to be stuck with a website that needs to be rebuilt from the scratch once your business has progressed.

Find out if they will offer some support during the initial period of time to help you get started on things such as setting up an email, add new pages, update content etc.

4. Learning from your competitors

Knowing your competitors and keeping a track of their activities will help you during the process of your website development. Your competitors are there in the market for quite some time. Hence, you can always benefit from their experience as well as trail and errors when designing your website.

Begin by doing an in-depth analysis of their website and find out the features that can be included in your website for improved functionality. For instance, try adding an advanced search feature or a blog section as it will definitely help you with your business. Make sure that the web design agency chosen by you has an impressive knowledge about these things and is flexible and willing to make changes according to your business needs and requirements.

5. Staying up to date with trends

The trend for every industry changes over the years which means that the practices which were popular some time ago are no longer in use. So unless and until you are willing to upgrade your website every once in while you should go for a web agency who has been in business for quite some time and is able to predict current future trends and develops your website keeping that in mind.

6. Check the portfolios

Portfolios can also give you an insight into the web agency’s performance. It will tell you about the design and development process used by them. Hence, before you hire a web agency, ask for their portfolios as well as speak to their previous clients if possible and find out for yourself if they can be trusted with your website development process.

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