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Business traveling is one of the most sought-after perks by many employees these days. In fact, according to a recent Hilton Hotels & Resorts survey, 75% of today’s new road warriors (ages 23 to35) see business travel as a major work perk, and 65% consider it as a status symbol. And in contrast to the widely-believed notion that many employees avoid it, 56% actually create reasons to travel for business, and another 39% even state that they would not accept a job that did not allow them to travel for business.

However, this hype surrounding business travel seems to wear off drastically during the holiday season. Of course, not anyone would like to be cramped inside the plane or a taxi en route to a foreign destination to deal with corporate engagements of some sort while everyone is enjoying all the festivities, right? Aside from missing all the fun, the idea of lining up in jam-packed security in the airport or hailing a cab in a foreign city in the midst of inclement weather is not attractive either, especially if it’s your first time traveling for business.

Regardless, these headache-inducing situations can all be avoided or at least be mitigated with proper planning and execution. For instance, if you are traveling to the U.S. and you want to avoid long lines at airport security, then you should consider applying for Global Entry. It is a security clearance program initiated and operated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, which grants approved travelers to enter county after an international trip.

Another way to get through the airport faster during the holiday season is to upgrade first class. Unknown to many business travelers, many of the airline companies nowadays are aggressively offering discounted first-class upgrades at check-in. If you are only traveling short flights, an upgrade can cost for less than a hundred dollars, but this includes priority check-in and boarding privileges, which can significantly save you from a lot of hassles.

Once you arrived at the destination, the best,you can have to ensure a smooth ground travel experience is hiring a chauffeur car service. Many novices and even veteran road warriors think that hiring a chauffeur to fetch them from the airport to any point of destination is a very costly expense and painstaking process. However, with the advances in mobile application technology and increased demand for comfortable and safety ground transport, it is now a lot faster, easier, and cheaper even for first-time business travelers to book a chauffeured driven vehicles nowadays.

To give you more insights, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Hyryde, which discusses some helpful and actionable tips that business travelers can use to survive the much-dreaded trips during this holiday season:
  1. Plan ahead of time
  2. Pack your necessities smart
  3. Create a fair budget for your trip 
  4. Ensure a healthy and active travel
  5. Suit up for travel
  6. Discover tourist destinations 
  7. Embrace the holiday spirit
Read more about these tips and tricks by checking out the full infographic below.

 7 Tips on How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays [Infographic]