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The winter season has finally started, and this calls for a proper safety assessment for your roof. Checking the current state of your roof can be both a benefit and risk for people who are tasked to do this.

It is true that the winter season can be one of the most awaited seasons in different areas, but also know that this is one of the risky seasons too for people who are renovating or fixing their houses. In this infographic, we will discuss the different dangers that one should consider when fixing their roof, here are a few:


Workers and homeowners that are busy setting their roofs are one of the easiest targets of frostbite. Since it is cold outside, and most workers are on top of the roof, the body will accumulate colder and will cause the body to blisters on their hands and face area as they stay outside.


This condition happens when the temperature of the body or part of the body can no longer maintain core temperature to keep your internal organs functional. It is essential that workers wear their protective equipment at all times when operation; safety gears like thick gloves and warm clothes that can keep their body temperature regular is necessary and should not be taken for granted when doing this project.

Slip and Fall

Countries who snow a lot during the winter season can be prone to slippery roads. This is also applied when workers fix the roof; fall accidents occur whenever the method of access or the ladder changes direction. That is why clearing the snow around the area that you will be working is one step on preventing you from slipping and falling during your project. Since this project does not only requires one person to start with, it is essential that the group of people around also lends a hand on every people that are assigned to climb a ladder or anything dangerous that could cause accidents.


Most people during the winter season forget to stay hydrated, it is the reasons for being not thirsty. But this mentality should be changed especially for workers that are fixing a roof. Any weather that has a severe effect of the body circulation of an individual should be counter taken care of drinking a right amount of water to make sure that you are on the right track of your health and production of your roofing project.

Keeping a closer look at the different dangers when doing a roofing project during the winter season lets homeowners take extra precaution when directly assessing their roofs for you to eliminate the existence if severe accidents during roofing projects, hire a professional roofing contractor that can help you with this project.

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 Dangers During Winter Roofing [Infographic]