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While yoga originated in India way back during the 5th century B.C., it gained popularity around the world during the mid-19th century when Swami Vivekananda traveled through Europe and the United States, disseminating the practice of yoga.
The health benefits of yoga have long been recognized around the world. It is recommended for improving heart health, posture, and flexibility and reducing stress and chronic pain. It also helps with getting a better quality of sleep and promoting healthy eating habitsThe best part about yoga is that it is a low-impact activity as compared to more strenuous physical activities like gyming or aerobics which people often shy away from.
The health benefits of yoga are not only limited to your body; they extend to your mind and spirit.
Not only does yoga improve psychological health in patients suffering from conditions like cancer, schizophrenia, and depression but also improves mindfulness and concentration. It also takes care of the body aches caused due to old age and is an effective lower back pain treatment too. However, it's always recommended to visit your pain doctor if any such pain is persistent and hampers your daily activities. So, if you are looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle without worrying about lifting dumbbells, you can definitely consider yoga.
However, the food you eat largely impacts the effect yoga will have on your body. To get the most out of your yoga session, it is important for you to eat the right foods before and after it. To help you with the perfect diet plan, we have made a list of the superfoods you can have right after doing yoga.

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Egg whites have plenty of protein in them while egg yolks are rich in fats, vitamins and minerals – all of which are really good for the body post workout. You can scramble your eggs and have them with some freshly steamed vegetables or with whole grain bread. Whole grain bread is a really healthy source of complex carbohydrates that will provide you with plenty of energy after your yoga session.
Fresh Fruit Juice

Opt for a fresh fruit juice over packaged juice as the latter may have unhealthy sugars and preservatives added to it. You can try out different fruits every time to avoid monotony and keep things interesting. Besides having a number of essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are healthy for the body, the sugar in fruit help the body get back to its energy levels after a workout session. Also, having fruit juice over solid fruits is better because it replenishes fluids lost through sweating during yoga practice.
Green Salad

Dark leafy green vegetables are packed with all kinds of goodness. They have antioxidants that protect your cells and prevent cancer. They have high levels of fibre which improves digestive health. And they have vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium that help in eliminating the cholesterol build up in your arteries. You can have leafy greens in a salad drizzled with olive oil and some seasoning or you can pair it with protein-rich foods like grilled chicken or beans for a heavier snack.
Chicken or Fish

Foods high in protein make the best post-workout snack or meal whether it’s gymming or yoga. Instead of opting for protein shakes, choose some natural protein foods like chicken and fish that are good sources of lean protein. You can have grilled chicken with a salad or in a sandwich. If you prefer fish, go for a tuna sandwich or salmon parcels with sauteed vegetables. Avoid fried foods and fast food like burgers, as these contain a lot of unhealthy fats that will negate your efforts to achieve better health.
Beans or Legumes

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, chicken and fish will obviously be out of the question. But you can have beans, legumes and even tofu for a snack as these are great sources of lean protein. You can have beans and legumes in soups, salads, wraps or even standalone.
Green Tea

Green tea/ Green Iced tea, like fruit juice, offers not only rehydration but also antioxidants which help in preventing breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Besides that, it also increases fat burning especially in the abdominal area and lowers your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.
Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is an amazing source of protein if you’re looking for a cold and handy snack after your yoga session. It does not contain cholesterol or saturated fats thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and is also good for your bones as it contains calcium. You can add in some fruits to make it tastier.
All of these healthy foods are great to have after a yoga session as they provide you with a bunch of healthy nutrients and all of them can be easily fixed into a snack or meal without much hassle. And the best part is knowing that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with such delicious fare and without having to compromise with the foodie in you. So, stack up your fridge with our suggested items and start making that diet chart!

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