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What is more important for you - fashion and trends or comfortable clothing? Some people may be very much interested in the newest fashion and trendy clothes. Such people often rush to the stores to find out and enjoy the latest in fashion wear. However, at times not all fashionable items do necessarily provide the needed comfort. So what people usually do is that they have to choose between the two.
But this is where athleisure fashion steps in! Athleisure is where fashion-meets-function. It is a casual yet active type of aesthetic where fashion and comfort are both achievable. No more compromise! Athleisure merges activewear comfort with an edgy punch. That is why it is trendy yet practical, durable, and versatile.
Athleisure is the smooth blend of style and function and therefore it looks appropriate for the gym, yoga, grocery store, or even a visit to a friend’s house. This trend works for all demographics, sizes, and styles. All in all, it is a wholesale fashion!
Here we give you a complete stylish guide to athleisure outfits:

1. Go Classic or go Funky with these Leggings

Leggings have been in the market for a while now. But they cannot be termed as boring anymore! Leggings have gone from classic to funky and guess what! Both the styles are very much trendy.
Any well-fitting legging made of performance materials is always the best choice. High-quality leggings make your body firm and sleek, and they give you comfortable stretch with every move you make.

Leggings have evolved over the years and you will find a wide variety of women’s brands now making excellent quality leggings. You can choose any style or pattern that suits you. If you’re more into the classic look, you can choose a black or gray legging or plain colored ones. If you prefer, you could also choose a bold pattern or pretty floral print. Team up your bodybuilding clothes over a pair of leggings and show off your toned body. The options are endless. You can very well opt for both styles and make your wardrobe interesting.

2. FlipBelt Crops

Did you know that leggings have also upgraded one more level? Well, if you are ever worried about not having a handy pocket when you wear leggings, don’t worry! There is a solution for it too! A new kind of leggings-like-pants called as FlipBelt Crops has come into the market. If you need a pair that you could wear from the gym to the grocery store and which can hold your phone, keys or credit card you need to try on a pair of FlipBelt Crops. These Crops are made of a smooth fabric, and holds all of your stuff without bulging out. They just fit well to any body type.

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3. All-Weather Outerwear
If you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable, then try clothes layering. It looks chic and yet provides the necessary protection and comfort from rain, shine, heat, and chill.

A windbreaker or rainproof jacket helps in the cold weather and during rains. These items are lightweight and comfortable, so they don’t inhibit your ability to run or brisk walk. They help to wick away water, should you get caught in the rain. Additionally they are easy to pair with your favorite leggings or pants and sneakers for an easy, active look.

Sweaters and sweatshirts are also very popular and give a perfect athleisure look. A light and loose-fitting sweater over a tank top after a workout provides a refined look while still keeping you cozy.

4. Go Caps

The Baseball Cap is essential for a very activewear look. It gives the perfect versatile addition to your athletic attire. Plus it will aid you in your bad hair days. Match your outfit with a variety of colors each day.

5. White Sneakers

Try on a comfortable and chic look with a white pair of sneakers. Teamed with your leggings or crop pants, they will add a spin on your classic shoes giving you a complete athleisure look.


Athleisure fashion is very much the in thing and this trend will surely make heads turn as you sport an active, trendy yet comfortable and chic look. So why to wait?!

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