Mistakes To Avoid While Renting Out Commercial Space

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Shifting to a new office premises sounds exciting, but numerous pitfalls have to be considered. Most business has found the process to be resource intensive and expensive to rectify. Before opting for pre-leased property to banks in Gurgaon follow the below tips.

Office size

If you are not sure about the size of an office space, then do not rent one on the basis of facilities alone. Once you find that the office space is small you may have to move out in the immediate future.  If the office space is large, then the chances are that you might be paying for unused space. A golden rule to follow is to calculate 7 square metres for each employee. If the business is call center you may need less space. Do not take extra space until you have plans for expansion or if you have availed the space at a discounted rate.

If the business is small try to find your feet before you plan for any expansion. Serviced offices prove to be costly but opt for shorter leasing agreements as you can move out as per your wish.

Cost aspect

Do rent or pre-rented commercial property for sale in Gurgaon that you can afford. Business could fluctuate very often so do not use your current location as an indicator of the future. Factors like VAT are all beyond your control, so only opt for office spaces that you can afford. It is better to choose a large office down the lane, rather than opting for a pre-existing lease where you cannot afford to pay the rent. Do not fall into the trap of glamour offices. Plenty of opportunities to negotiate on the price will occur.


The moment you are shifting to a new office you need to be aware of the location. Ask yourself whether it is the best location for your business, for future growth or for the employees. If you rent an office with proper transport facilities, a crime prone neighbourhood you will find employees working there. The choice of a proper location is a balancing act. Weigh up the costs with what the employees need and what are their expectations. If the office is beyond the main city, you might find it difficult to get staff or existing staff may leave the job. Cities are an impulsive force in terms of talent.

On the negative city, people like to live in a city and the qualified work force is found there.

Limited Park

If you have your office in a high probable zone, the chances are some of your employees will be traveling by car. Parking is a grave issue if you live away from the main city or there are limited transport links to your office. Ask your employees on how they come to work and if possible include parking costs as part of the lease. In case if you intend to multiply your work force, then be aware of the parking issue.

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