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In the world of Science when you commence with any experiment in the lab you either get a solution in the first instance or you continue with the iterations until the final one. But you don’t want the kids to be their final visit to the Science lab or stop with their experimentation just due to fatal accidents in the lab. Because experiments help the kid to grow their mental intellectuality and help them to visualize the reactions they may have learned in their textbooks. As Science lab consists full of chemicals filled in the conical flasks, you don’t want the kids to get reacted with the chemicals and results in a hazardous reaction.

Here, below are the seven vital precautions you need to carry out in your science lab to get the kids untouched to the injuries and avoid fatal accidents:

(1) No teacher, no experiments:

It should be the number one rule followed by everyone in the science lab, as the teacher guides the kids to do the experiments and avoid any accidents. Kids should be simply not allowed to even enter the science lab without a teacher.

(2) Follow the Instructions:

Until kids are not instructed to touch the bottle or any chemicals by the teacher, they should not touch any of the equipment in the science lab. As the science bottles in the laboratory can be hot because of the experiment performed by the previous batch.

(3) Read the notice board:

Outside the science lab, all the rules and instructions are written on the blackboard or notice board. In case if they are not following it, they should ask the respective teacher or the lab assistant. All the kids should be made to read and understand the instructions on the very first day of the class.

(4) No mischievous behavior:

Due to their tender age, kids tend to play around in the science laboratory and during running around they can change the face of the lab and hence it should be strictly prohibited. Including the mischievous behavior, kids should not come to the lab as they are in their house i.e. loose clothes, disheveled clothes should be avoided in the laboratory,

(5) Protect your body:

Before entering the Science laboratory, all the kids should wear the safety goggles, they should mandatorily wear shoes and cover the upper body with the coat. And if the kids are up to picking up some hot apparatus they should wear the gloves. Before all the safety wear, they should wash their hands.

(6) During the experiment:

Take an example, if kids are doing the experiment of the sample filtration, you should follow the process as verbatim given in the manual and in case anyone has a doubt they should call their lab assistant. Amidst the experiment, if there is any accidents or injuries, kids should be followed to not panic and immediately inform the teacher or any lab assistant for the help.

(7) Examine the equipment used:

Before starting the experiment, all the kids should have a close look over their glassware like the conical bottle, beakers, test-tubes, solvent funnel or any of the science bottles in the laboratory. If the kids see any cracks in the glassware or the kids observe any residue of the previous experiment performed, kids should inform the lab assistant or the teacher present in the room.

The adults should make the safety of the kids their prime objective. The kids, on the other hand, should be made to understand the importance of following rules and safety procedures while working in a science lab. There is a famous phrase which says that Precaution is better than the cure. Hence, a thorough read of the above guidelines can lead to safe learning.

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