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Being parents to a teenager is never easy when it comes to oral care. More challenges will be there as your little one has left the innocence of the childhood to enter adolescence. So, you’re not sure whether to allow the usual freedom to the teen or show the same level of parental care you were so accustomed to during their early years. At the same time, you are worried because you know how teens behave, how their lifestyle tends to be, and how they often neglect oral hygiene. All this however should not come in the way of conveying tips to your teen so that they can have a healthy mouth.

Here are some healthy mouth tips for teenager teeth -

1. Follow good dental habits

Teens are prone to showing casualness towards oral care. They feel they have grown up to the extent of not needing any parental reminder for oral care. On the other hand, you still feel like sending them a gentle reminder about brushing and flossing regularly. Well, you are not wrong but being too nosey might piss of your teen sometimes. You can rather take to dropping some hints about oral care and it can also do the trick for sure. 

2. Limit the intake of sodas and colas

Teens are more likely to follow a lifestyle that can be bad for their dental health. They may consume sodas and colas more often than it should. You should however make them understand how sugary drinks can damage their teeth greatly. You can take step not to stock these items at home and rather look to promote healthy eating. Fizzy drinks and sports drinks too much not be used as they harm teeth a lot. 

3. Stay away from oral piercings

Most teenagers are so fashion conscious that they can go to any extent to look cool and hippy. Even tongue and lip piercings are no bar to them. You however should urge them against piercings as it could lead to chipped teeth and other oral problems. More importantly, such objects can prove harmful by hampering the growth and development of your teen’s mouth. This may also pose issues with teeth alignment.

4. Seek an orthodontic consultation

If your kid has some dental alignment issues, it’s always better to seek an orthodontic consultation without delay. This involves going for braces and aligners to let crooked or badly aligned teeth get adjusted back into their natural position. Teens are more prone to bad alignment between teeth, but you should thank the dental advancements and options available around. They can thus easily maintain a perfect smile as they so richly deserve during teenage years. 

5. Ensure regular checkups

Teens are no different to kids when it comes to the amount of oral or dental care they need. Parents thus should take them to regular check-ups in the same way as they used to during early years. Like kids, they too need regular  best dental clinic to let the dentist spot any issue to their teeth and gums at an early stage and start a right treatment in a timely manner.

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