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Writing an essay always comes with the dreadful and difficult feeling among students. Whether you write the essay for class, scholarship, contest the feeling of fear always comes. Also, many students find essay task the most overwhelming. The essay consists of different parts that combine to become an effective essay. according to the guide of writing a basic and successful essay, Kathy Livingston explain the six tips associated with the different parts of the essay to make it effective for readers or to get the high scores in the essay.

1. Pick a topic

Sometimes professors assign the essay topic and sometimes you may have the choice to choose any topic from any subject area. If your professor has given the topic you should think about what type of paper that you want to produce. It is the type of research paper or informative essay or analysis. Narrow down your focus it is very important for effective result and outcomes.

In case if your professor is not assigned any particular essay topic then you as a student need more work to do. Also at the same time, it is the great opportunity for you to choose the topic that is interested in you or in which you feel that you write more. In this step, you also decide that whether your essay is informal, argumentative and persuasive.

When you will pick a topic and identify the purpose then you will be required to do huge research on that topic which you find interesting. Think and choose the more careful topic that interests you if you have the choice.

Finally, assess your observation that whether the purpose of your topic is to educate and provide information to your target audience, or you want to give the reflection on any issue or topic. the most important tip is whatever the topic do not choose the topic to attract reader but chose the topic that you like or command in that subject area.

2. Prepare an outline of your ideas and draw thesis statement

If you want to write an effective essay you should organize your thoughts and ideas. Outline into the paper what’s in your mind. By doing outline you will be able to link the ideas and argument evidence more clearly. The outline is the base of the essay it must be written very effectively. You can be used the diagram like brainstorming to combine your ideas and thought into the single piece of paper.

For creating an outline write your essay topic in the middle of the paper then draw the different line of point or ideas that you discuss in your essay. You can draw further line or branches from each idea as well. If you are not using the diagram or want to write essay through outline then write your topic at the top of the paper then start listing out the main ideas leave some space after each idea. Now after you outline your essay topic it’s time to write your thesis statement. The thesis statement focus on the main point of your essay.

3. Write the introduction

Now when you develop your outline and thesis statement start writing an introduction to an essay. An introduction of an essay is the first chance to grab the reader attention. In the introduction, the student should write the most relevant information related to the essay and show your focus on the specific point of your essay like the thesis statement.

Start the introduction with an attention-grabbing information, sentence, phrase, quote, dialogue, and story. Choose whatever you like to begin the essay but make sure it is tied with the thesis statement.

4. Write the body

The main part of the essay is the body of the essay. In the body of the essay, the writer argues, explain and describe the essay from different points of perspectives. Every point that you write in an essay outline must include in the body of the essay as well as it is separately discussed in the body of an essay.

Each body paragraph has followed the same structure. every paragraph start with writing the main point as an introductory sentence then write the supporting points of your essay. Give examples and counter-argument to support your point. Keep in mind the conclusion of all ideas and point connect with the thesis statement of your essay. 

5. Write the conclusion

The conclusion is the closing part of the essay that sums up the entire ideas or though as well as provide the final or concluded point in your essay. The conclusion also consists of attention grabbing or strong sentences that support your thesis statement. In the conclusion rewrite your main point and underpinning your thesis.

6 Add the finishing touches

Many people or students think that conclusion is the last part of the essay. But it is the very important tip that after finishing the essay give some finishing touch to your essay. At this stage pay attention to every little detail of the essay.

First, check the arrangement of the body paragraph like write the strongest argument first then least one. Also, make sure that every paragraph of your essay make sense and linked.  For writing an effective essay order of the essay is also matter. Sometimes students lose marks due to incomplete follow the essay requirement or instruction.

Finally, proofread and review your essay. Revise and reread your essay. Check all the grammatical and spelling mistakes and check it the whole essay makes sense. Avoid long and Jorgen sentence. This is the very important tip if your whole essay is excellent but do not Grammarly correct it will lose your grade.

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