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According to the recent study, by the IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics  “Entrepreneurial India” , it has been found that 90% of Indian startups fail within the first five years.
“The most common reason of startups failure is lack of awareness of Digital World. From startup to business, every field has to be online. If they’re not present there, they surely can’t associate with their audience and cannot lead to success.“ - Says, “Parmveer Singh Sandhu” (Founder of Quibus Trainings - Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur)
New brands being launched nowadays and they are also trying to keep up with the dynamic consumer behavior. Millions of marketing campaigns are being created day by day and competition is increasing rapidly.
But it's not about beating your competitor; it's about making your product or service a brand.
Today Indian youths are embracing challenging criteria and trying to start something of their own.
Besides Businesses, they are starting with YouTube, Instagram etc. And obviously, Digital media is the first thing they can rely on. They can reach out to their targeted audience through it, brand awareness is easier, way too faster and cost-effective.

Digital Marketing for Startups - Why is it Important ?


1. It Engages Your Potential Leads

Digital marketing has an ability to interact with your potential leads in a more cost-effective manner. In this dog-eat-dog market, this is what a startup exactly needs to grow and sustain.
Digital Marketing draws your target audience and you one step closer keeping all your strategy in its account. You must have heard about Amazon, an e-commerce website, it is getting all its potential leads through its own Social Media Marketing Strategies.
They create lots of and Social Media campaigns and engage audiences through email, their events, sale etc.

2. Creates Brand Identity & Awareness

Marketing is no longer defined as selling products and services. Today, the most important thing is to introduce your business or service as brand. And yes! it can be done through Digital Marketing, where you can create your brand awareness using social media, blogs, and many campaigns and spur your product or service as a brand.
Here, a large number of platforms are used which try to reach everyone all over the world or wherever you want to reach it out. In accordance of Marketing research, 65 % of audience can be converted into potential leads only through a well-planned email campaign.

3. Audience Insight through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing promotes a powerful customer experience. It tracks and analyzes the behavior and preferences of your target audience and gets it back to you. You can use them through different analyzing tools.
It also optimizes how your message is delivered to them, how they are responding to you. Through these data you can give a hype to your startup as you will be doing it in an accurate way considering your true audience.

4. Best way to report ROI

ROI stands for Return on investment which can be understood by what return or profit you have got over your investment. From small to big startup, everyone can learn a number of business ideas through the study of market strategies and keeping a close look at the company's marketing moves.
The most instinctive way to measure ROI is to track metrics through Digital Marketing strategy and tools. They provide you the exact matrices of your revenue and profit. Here, you can understand your competitor’s marketing move, then and change your own accordingly by measuring you correct ROI.

 5. A Cost Effective Deal

Digital Marketing gives you a budget-friendly plan which is a need for startup. A startup doesn't have enough budget to invest in Advertising and marketing. Most of the startup's budget is exhausted and their work remains pending. An offline marketing needs more effort and money while in online marketing you need to create a strategic base online with less than half of the amount of offline marketing.
Therefore, it is clear that your startup requires Digital Marketing if it has to establish and sustain in the market. Only a solid Digital Marketing strategy can make you survive in this aggressive market where hundreds of startups are already struggling to make their place in.
So, if you are planning to begin with a startup, start it with a substantial Digital Marketing Plan and you will make a place and sustain longer.

About the author:
I am Upendra Goswami, A digital marketing enthusiast and professional with a zeal to spread awareness of anything and everything about digital marketing. Follow my writings here and do comment me your thoughts on them!