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The recognition of employees must be an action that takes place throughout the year, not only special days or the same world day of recognition of workers (March 4). I would recommend that it be an integral part of the culture of all companies.

At Abu Dhabi preschool we strive every day to become one of the best, and this effort has been rewarded with awards such as "Best Place to Teaching". A fundamental ingredient of the cocktail of work happiness is to make professionals feel recognized and valued every day. You want to know why? Read on to find out why recognition of workers is vital.

10 reasons why to recognize the merit of employees

1) Because recognized employees are happy employees

We are feelings, and we have human beings. We do not leave emotions on the door of the office, but they come to work with us every day . And in the same way, when we go out the office door at the end of the workday, we take the feelings of the day with us.

The recognition of employees makes them feel valued, they see that their efforts count. Those good vibrations are spread throughout the office, creating a more pleasant work environment. And in turn, the workers take them home and continue to perpetuate positive feelings there. We all win!

And we not only win in good vibes: it is estimated that happy employees are on average 12% more productive . That is to say, that not only people, but also companies ... that in the end, end up being a group of people.

2) Because employees who are well help build a better company

We have already seen it in the previous point: happiness is contagious .

Group happiness comes directly from the happiness of individuals . Therefore, the recognition of workers ends up resulting in more harmony, more well-being and better teamwork.

The final result of this "circle of happiness" is a company in which employees enjoy collaborating between colleagues and departments. Team dynamics are not an obligation, but a way to get to know each other better and to update yourself on how everyone is doing. And so, each person can give their best to achieve excellent results.

3) Because the valued employees stay in the company

From a more pragmatic point of view, the recognition of employees translates directly into benefits for the company. And is that a recognized and happy employee is a loyal employee .

One of the biggest problems for many companies is the excessive turnover of the staff: simply, the workers leave as soon as they find something better, since they do not feel a particular loyalty towards their company. This ends up in a waste of time and money. Time, because a new employee takes months to be fully integrated into the company, know the processes and perform at their best. And money, because the training of new employees is an investment for the company.

With employees it happens a bit like with customers: it is much more profitable to keep those who already have to get new ones. And one of the best ways to retain talent is recognition of people . If they feel that their efforts count, they will feel at ease and will have much less desire to leave.

4) Because recognized employees are the best promoters of your brand

When an employee feels valued and happy , he speaks well of his company wherever he goes. This will make it very easy for us to find new talents, since the most savvy workers always look for what the employees of the companies in which they think about working think. And who is better than them to tell them their experience?

Therefore, recognition of employees is a positive "mouth-to-ear" investment for your company. Not only will you attract the most valuable workers, but it will also improve your brand image and your possibilities to collaborate with other ethical and happy companies.

5) Because gratitude leads to gratitude

"Thank you" is a magic word that opens many doors and that no doubt the bosses should say more often. When you say "thank you", the other person is pushed to let down their guard and answer "you're welcome". Like happiness, gratitude is contagious .

Thanking your employees is a simple but very powerful way to recognize their work . With this simple word, the other person understands that you are recognizing what he or she has done and that you value it in its proper measure.

For this reason, the recognition of employees begins by thanking what each member brings to the team, every day, to each of the people around you. As a boss, if you are the first to set an example, the rest will follow you.

6) Because to listen is to love

The recognition of workers begins by listening to them . Mind you, it's not just to hear them: I'm talking about really listening.

Improvements in any work team begin by listening to each other. As Oprah Winfrey said, everyone has one thing in common: we want them to listen to us.

If you do not listen to your employees, you will not know what problems they have and therefore, you will have no idea what you can do to improve them. And I'm not only talking about problems strictly related to work: what is happening in our personal lives also influences, and much, how productive we are in the company.

Moral: if you want your employees to be recognized and valued, not only as workers, but also as people, listen to them.

7) Because recognized employees trust in themselves

Often, achieving your life goals begins with a simple step: to believe that you are capable of doing it. And this also applies to your employees.

The happiest companies are those where workers have good self-esteem . They know what they are worth and they are willing to demonstrate it every day, to keep improving.

On the other hand, a worker who does not trust himself will start thinking that he is going to do it badly, and generally he will be right. It is what is usually called a self-fulfilling prophecy. The image of ourselves greatly influences all aspects of life.

How to improve the self-esteem of your workers? Surely you have already guessed it: recognizing your work. The comments we receive from others influence, and much, in what we think of ourselves. Knowing that our work is valued leads us to do it better.

8) Because recognized employees face challenges better

An employee who feels valued and who trusts in his or her worth as a professional will face the challenges with optimism and eagerness to excel. On the other hand, an employee who believes that his boss does not know he exists will have an apathetic attitude towards changes.

For any employee, sitting in an office for years doing more of the same is deadly. To improve as employees, and as people, we need to face new challenges. A good boss is the one who realizes this reality and recognizes the natural talents and preferences of his employees to pose the next challenge in his career.

9) Because recognition of employees fosters trust

"Trust" is a keyword for any relationship. Elvis Presley has already said: "we can not be together if we suspect each other".

A happy company is one where both the boss and the employees trust each other , fluently and in all directions. This puts the expectations very high: when you trust someone from the first moment and show it to you, that person will strive to be worthy of your trust.

Trust is a magic key: when a worker feels that his needs are taken into account and that he is respected, he works more motivated, with more enthusiasm and being more proactive to achieve his personal and group goals.

10) Because the bosses who recognize their employees are not bosses, they are leaders

The word "boss" has a lot of negative resonances in our culture. But bad bosses are a thing of the past.

A bad boss is the one who forces his workers to follow orders without justification, to work piece by piece on what he is interested in and to meet numerical targets without worrying about people. But luckily this model is lagging behind.

A good boss is a person who guides, motivates, listens, gives confidence, brings out the best in each person and encourages them to take on new challenges . For a good boss, it is essential that his employees feel valued and recognized every day. Because only then can the boss stop being a boss to become what today's companies need: a leader .
This Guest Post is written by: Kazim Raza

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