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For a long while, the population has become so dependent on the use of machines and specifically computers that all of our research and thought process starts and ends there. Our whole-hearted efforts are geared all towards the evolution of these computers so that they are able to achieve more intricate and taxing tasks by themselves so that we are given first of all better results as well as an efficient method. This is why quantum computers are so important in taking us to the next step in computing and technology.

To understand Quantum computing, we first of all need to understand the very basic term of ‘Quantum’. The literal definition of quantum is that the discretization of values whether it be any physical quantity. Often times it is referred to as the smallest quantity that can be measured. Traditional computers are also known as binary computers as their primary method of storage is the ON and OFF states of the switching logic which is most probably transistor based. The quantum computers are therefore very different from these as they consider quantum bits to be the basic element or component of data storage.

Quantum physics is a very different field as it sometimes proposes and proves concepts that look or seem stupid or outrightly outrageous to conventional beliefs. Two of such concepts that are proposed by the quantum physics realm is the concept of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement.

Quantum superposition is the fact that two particles can exist at two places at one time, with different states and even moving in two completely different techniques. This to human logic, looks completely illogical but some caveats added, it can be made to ponder upon and actually admitted to the fact that it holds true for the fact that no measurements are taken or the particles are quantum particles.

Quantum entanglement is the theory that when particles especially at the quantum levels are so attached or connected to each other that their states are not entirely independent or restrained till themselves but it is a combination of a pair of particles even when there exists a large separation between them. This also gives rise to the phenomenon of ‘spooky action at a distance’ as changes to one particle state leads to an action in the other but there seems to be no physical connection between the two.

Quantum Computing - Quantum Computers - Artificial Intelligence | PintFeed

The benefit that quantum computers carry on their classical counterparts is very immense and diverse. As they involve the usage of qubits that have more possibilities than any regular bit it gives them an extra edge. A quantum computer with 500 qubits gives  superpositional stateswhich could include a very large data set. And one additional benefit is the fact that it can operate on these states simultaneously as earlier proved with the two concepts regarding quantum bits.

All of these concepts are hard to digest and understand but there is some real working and experimentation behind it, so once we accept the concepts of quantum physics we can easily dwell into the governing principles of Quantum Computing.

Now the impact that quantum computers can carry on the future of the world needs to be seen. The power of quantum particles lies in the above-mentioned properties of existing in multiple states at the same time as wellbeing interconnected to each other where no physical connection is present. The actual implementation of quantum rules and mechanics in real life devices means that the transition from a physical world to a digital stream of data is much more reliable, natural and realistic. When both work in unison, it can give us much better results according to different application as most of real world at the subatomic level obeys the laws of quantum physics.

It is especially helpful and useful in the medical science. As the particles often dealing in medicine are very small, nearly subatomic whether it be specimens from pathogens or the internal organelles of the human body. To the quantum computer, you imply a completely different approach. In a classical computer you mostly provide one input to get to a desired result, but in quantum computing you can declare a range of inputs using the principles of quantum superposition we can sequentially a set of values as inputs and then use all the quantum logic to get a result that is both more realistic as well as accurate as it makes use of the most fundamental laws of the physical world and processing of many inputs at once is made possible. The construction of quantum computers differs from the construction of classical computers as well. There exists a vacuum chamber in which precisely focused laser beams are fired which possibly interact with an atom and then using atom traps we determine their state of either being excited or not.

Use of Quantum computers in general is limited and not exploited fully as there is a disagreement between people with different schools of thoughts such that it provides no extra edge when compared to classical computers. But some objectives need to be achieved using complex mathematics which are way too time consuming and resource heavy for the traditional computers.

One area where it is believed that quantum computing will be truly groundbreaking is the realm of Artificial Intelligence. As to train a very smart and contextually aware artificial algorithms require countless sets of data and preferences, when using quantum computer which is designed to handle more than one input at a time will help in teaching the algorithm with practically a larger set of data for more accurate and reliable results.

The fact that the field of quantum computing is a budding field and is constantly growing, gives us immense amount of hope that as time progresses we might be able to exploit the realm of quantum computing to its full potential and open up new and fresh avenues that are not possible at the current moment due to lack of technology and incomplete knowledge of various disciplines.

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