Two Innovative Quotes That Will Make Great Cheer-Up T-Shirts for Your Grandparents

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“Do you want to cheer up your grandparents? Then, here are 2 innovative quotes you can print on a customized t-shirt and give it to them as a token of your love.”
They say God made parents because He could not be everywhere. And you will realize when parents cannot be there, you always had grandparents by your side. Isn’t it? If you also have very loving and protective grandpas and grandmas, who always held your hand lest you are alone especially during the days which were not exactly a bright sunshine. Right from understanding you, giving you solutions which also worked sometimes, to even cheering you up, they did it all to see that slight bend of a curve on your lips slowly unfolding into a dazzling, wide smile. But have you thought that your lovely grandparents might also need some cheering up on some days? Yes, there can be days when the dark clouds hover over their heads too. Loneliness, depression, or any mishap, there are several reasons why your grandmom or granddad could be upset. And being the grandkids, do you think you should sit quietly and see your grandparents suffer like that? Well, it is not always possible to be with your grandparents at all times and do something to cheer them up. But you can do something to cheer them up from a distance. Send them tokens of love.
There are plenty of custom t-shirt printing online platforms where you can order lovely tees with quotes or images that will cheer up your grandparents in no time. Here, we have put together a few ideas for customized tees that will make your grandpa or grandma happy. Take a look.

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Parents Helped Us Write Our Stories but Grandparents Lived Them with Us

To begin with, make your grandparents a little emotional. With age, one of the most common things that they feel is lonely. You will notice that they are often sad because they are lonely. During such times, you have to assure your beloved granny or grandpa that you are always by their side and that they are very important for you. Generally, even if somebody is very dear to you, we don’t always get the opportunity to express ourselves. So, seek this opportunity to express your love your grandparents and tell them that even if you had your parents to help you build the life you have now, but it would not be complete if your grandparents had not taught you how to live it to the fullest. Generally, such sheer display of honest emotions is liked by grandparents.

Some Kids are spoilt because Grandparents Couldn’t be spanked

Do you want to make your grandparents smile but don’t like much melodrama? Then, there is a simple yet smart idea for you. If you want to cheer up your grandparents by making their mood light, you should think of a quirky and funny quote on the t-shirts so that the moment your grandpa or grandma comes across it, their funny bones are tickled. Generally, grandparents are always blamed that they spoil the grandkids. So, you can play on this and turn it into a funny quote, “Some Kids are spoilt because Grandparents Couldn’t be spanked.” The idea is the same that grandparents are responsible for some kids but it has been presented in a smart manner that makes a witty comment. Sometimes, witty humor lightens the mood more than a full-fledged joke. If your grandparents are fond of this kind of a humor, then these funny tees are an amazing option.
So, what are you thinking? Aren’t these amazing ideas to cheer your grandparents? There are a number of companies which provide excellent t-shirt printing in the USA. Find such a company and get these lovely ideas printed on them so that you can always see a smile on your grandparents’ face.

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What Is The Best Music For Studying?

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Do you like music? Do you usually find yourself listening to music while studying? According to a university's research in France, published in Learning and Individual Differences, the study found that students who listened to a one-hour lecture while music was playing in the background scored higher as compared to the control group who listened to the lecture with no music. The study shows music is not only a Western art, but it also plays an important role in our development. However, not all types of music will help you study better. Scientists recommend classical music is the best music for studying.

What is classical music?

Classical music is the musical art style of Western music. It started in the 18th century. According to Kids Music Corner, classical music has a clear tune and simple melodies with a very defined rhythm. It is mostly homophonic compared to other types of music. What is unique about the music is the wide dynamic range. It can be quiet on the first beat and loud on the next one. It is unexpected and interesting for the audience to listen to. There are a lot of classical music songs through out Western history. Some of the famous pieces of classical music are Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven; Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

How classical music affect your attention and your mood?

Listening to classical music can boost the mood, help one stay focused, and increase productivity. Imagine you are in the library with some classical music playing in the background.The light melody will make you feel refreshed to start your work. Music is a wonder that can help students be ready for studying and keep them focused on their homework. If you are doing homework at home or in the library and you are surrounded by a lot of noise such as people talking on the phone, a clock ticking, it would be nice to put on your headphones and listen to some music to make you stay focused on your work. According to Dr. Amit Sood, a physician of integrative medicine with the Mayo Clinic:
In biological terms, melodious sounds help encourage the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain, as would eating a delicacy, looking at something appealing or smelling a pleasant aroma. People's mind tends to wander, "and we know that a wandering mind is unhappy. Most of that time, we are focusing on the imperfections of life. Music can bring us back to the present moment... [And] it takes just 15 minutes to a half-hour of listening time to regain concentration. Music without lyrics usually works best.
As a college student, I find it difficult to stay focused while studying at home because I tend to think about different things such as school, friends, and housework, which really distracts me from doing homework. I am ready to fall asleep if I study with a silent background. I agree with Dr. Sood, I think that music helps me a lot in focusing on my school work and sometimes keeps me awake during my studying so that I can memorize my lesson.

What is Mozart Effect Theory?

One of the most genius composers of classical music is Wolfgang Mozart. Mozart was born in January 27th in Salzburg, Austria. He composed over six hundred different pieces of music. According to the AARP organization, Mozart's music not only inspires the world, but also created the Mozart Effect theory. The theory was discovered by scientists in the 1990s. Listening to Mozart's music might improve reasoning skills and the ability to solve spatial problems.This is observed with students being more creative and focused in solving problems while doing homework.

According to The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, Mozart's music has sixty beats per minute, which increases the learning potential by five times. Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian psychologist, conducted an experiment by asking his students to memorize 1000 foreign vocabulary words while listening to the classical music. The research showed that by using certain Baroque pieces, foreign languages could be mastered with 85 percent to 100 percent effectiveness in thirty days compared with the standard two years. There is a relationship between music and memory. Listening to music can make the learning process easier because it makes the right hemisphere (used for analytical skill) and the left hemisphere (used for art and creativity) of the brain more active. 

Different ways to listen to music to make your study effectively

Listening to classical music the right way will make your studying more effective and reduce your stress. Dr. Masha Godkin, a professor in the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences at Northcentral University, explained, “Music has the potential to take a person from the Beta brainwave state to deeper Alpha, and then Theta brainwave states, depending on the music. " Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, an expert in the field of Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy, said "Most of us live in the state of beta waves – aroused, alerted, and concentrated, and somewhat stressed." Two doctors show that focusing on studying can make the student experience stress and fatigue, which reduces concentration while working homework. Music can reduce stress by taking a person from the beta wave state to deeper Alpha and Theta, states of physical and mental relaxation and stress reduction, which helps the student be motivated and increase energy for an effective studying.

Keep the volume low

When studying and listening to music, it is recommended to keep the music volume low in the background to avoid distraction. Classical music includes songs without lyrics, which helps the students relax during study. According to Cambridge 2008's study, words are forces that shift people from their focus because they want to know what someone is saying. Speeches distract 48 percent of workers, according to the Cambridge research. Just imagine that you are sitting in two different rooms. One of them has a classical music in the background softly plays and the other has rock and roll music with lyrics playing loudly. Studying with classical music will help you have the energy to study while studying with rock and roll music will encourage you to dance and sing along with the song. None of your homework will get done!

Listen to your favorite music in the background

If classical music is not your favorite, it is not the end of the world! Try to listen to any soft music without lyrics will help your study such as music from your favorite movie or singer. According to Dr. Raven Huang, a professor at the University of Illinois, research was conducted on attention span. There were two groups: the control group had no music in the background while working and the experimental group had music playing in the background while working. There were eighty – nine workers in this experiment. After the testing from Audio, the results showed that good music affected the workers' attention span and productivity. If you listen to music that you do not like, it will make you feel annoyed and distracted. However, if you listen to your favorite music while studying, it will make you have a positive mood to start your work.

Keep your music thirty to forty-five minutes in length

It is good to have your music thirty to forty-five minutes in length so that you can take a break after a set period. Taking a break and walking around the room will reduce stress and the feeling of tiredness after sitting for hours. Moreover, when you are in a high concentrative situation, you should stop the music for a couple minutes and pay extra attention on that specific section to think clearly.

Listening to classical music is a good habit while studying. Music makes us smarter. It improves a student's memorization and makes students feel relaxed and happy while studying. The Mozart Effect is a good selection of music. Listening to Mozart will make you know more about classical music and stay focused while doing homework. Music has a positive effect on brain waves, which reduces stress. There are different ways of listening to music. Having soft classical music in the background will create a perfect atmosphere to make you have the energy to do homework. Since I was in college, classical music is my best choice for studying. I feel calm and peaceful while preparing my lessons. Now it is your turn to listen to classical music and let it free you from the stress. That is where the magic of music begins.

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Nicholas Garret is a writer, developer and digital marketer, writes about lifestyle, technology, travel and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry.


Grow Your Brand through a Seed of Video Animation

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The videos can be developed in multiple forms and there are various ways to get in-touch with your business’s audience. In today’s digital world, the most well-known way to attract an audience towards them is to show their story through a video. According to the data analysis, people get more engaged with animated videos instead of just common advertising and company’s content material. Although business firms prefer animated into their advertising because they are cheap and delivers an effective result among the audience.  For the brands and companies, animation offers three well-known benefits:

Customizable for Different Audiences

While making content for the targeted audience, it’s necessary to have an entire dedicated control to point-out your message is quite clear. Through added animation content in a brand’s video, a firm can easily pinpoint the buyer personas and create the creative content designed only for an audience without striving hard of a time-consuming production schedule or various of sorts. Moreover, making adjustments or modifying videos for dissimilar people can be exactly the same thing as changing the color scheme or graphics – there is no need of an entire team of the film crew to back together for filming a scene again.


With video animation services, the companies can get content as decent or complex as they are required for. The animation video can be personalized to meet with the needs of a particular video’s budget range. For taking the better scenarios- business firms can choose animation sequences just by simply focusing on astonishing textures and illustrations. On the other hand, companies which have huge budget can have the total flexibility to develop complex scenarios which deliver a dedicated flow to each of the viewers.

Spreads an Existing Marketing Materials

One of the well-known benefits of implementing an animation video is the ability to design dedicated directly by a brand’s image and use astonish coloring schemes, designs, logo, etc. into a video like the animation video can implement elements of a firm’s website, corporate collateral or any other related material. Certainly, a customized animation delivers a result like the extension of a mobile app, brochure or a website.

Bottom Line

An era of modernization has made the bottom line quite simple and straight – video animation can help to attract an audience towards it. As well as, it can simply deliver the message of a company or its products and services.

About the author:
This article is written by one of the well-known bloggers, Marilyn Delvin. She is writing high-quality contents since last five years. She had achieved several victories on a platform of writing. Nowadays, she is working as a senior writer at the top video animation company US.


How To Learn A Logo Design For Business

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You should have to create a logo design for your brand. Logo develops the attention of the clients, if your logo is prominent and perfect for your brand products and services then there’s a chance that max users can attract towards your brand.

Here we are discussing some interesting information about how to learn a logo and what major factor that you should know about a logo design.

Big Brands Is Our Inspiration:

There are some reasons behind every growing industry to become the biggest brand in the world. And also, there's a reason why different companies never get off the ground in the first place. Things being what they are, the point at which you're choosing your best logo design for your business, why don’t you take a leaf from the book of respectable organizations?

Let’s take an example of the big brand, and Nike is the one. As you already know that the multinational organization has built a brand around a logo and made its logo and tagline is absolutely perfect for its brand and also around the world. Indeed, what makes the Nike swoosh so great? Why is it a stunning logo?

When you’ll get the answer to these questions, it helps you understand what makes a good logo and what doesn't. And, when it's time to come up with your own business brand, you'll know that what you should do and what you should maintain a strategic avoid. Don’t break what isn't settled. Learn and gain from the greatest brands out there.

Choose Right Typeface:

Alright, so here we've talked about the designing tips to give you for the best logo ideas. Now we should talk about the specific designs that may assist you in your expert’s logo design process for your business. The first of these tips is to pick your typeface carefully. The words that spell out your organization name are the most essential piece of your company logo, regardless of whether they don't appear to be so. This is because of the way that it's important to your logo design and signifies the principal identifier of your business: its name.

Let’s take other examples as well, consider Microsoft's typeface versus Facebook's choice to utilize a lower-case "f" in its name. Microsoft's is prevalently dark while Facebook's us generally portrayed as white letters against a blue background. Every one of these small choices additionally includes the company's logos, and in this way, their general image. Well, if you’re thinking about your logo design, keep in mind about your typeface. You have a choice whether you want to create your own custom typeface or to admire a good custom logo design services from well reputation industry.

Avoid Major Clichés:

it's much simpler said than done. However, if you investigate all the company logos today, a great deal of them are explicit clichés, or more regrettable, blatant contradictions. You know, the light to imply the ideas, a lightning bolt for innovation, and so forth.

Well, get creative with the type of design you're trying to create. Particularly, understand what message you're trying to spread. What are your organization values and what sets you from your competitors? At that point, when you understand what you're attempting to stay, consider how you say it an unexpected way. How can you design your logo so your clients get it, and in the meantime, differentiate yourself from the competitive pack?

Consider a Type-Only Logo:

A type-only logo, as its name proposes, is a logo that exclusively uses text. It's the simplest and most elegant type of logo, and it's been used to great achievement. So, when you're talking about your logo design, doesn't rule out the name of your organization in an engaging and interesting textual style.

But, if you choose to go this way, the typography picked needs to convey the interest of the entire logo. In this way, unless you particularly want a simple plan for its distinction, a bold and eye-catching custom typeface is most likely best, or create a unique typeface for your logo.

A creative and the best part about a type-only logo? You can change over it into an icon-sized logo! Consider the Facebook design again. Its type-only logo is white lettering on a blue background. In any case, when they create their mobile application, they could change over their logo by using the lower-case "f" as the whole design. Keep in mind about the blue background. But you can see any reason why a type-only logo can be so successful.

Rely on Negative Space:

Negative space is one of the trickiest and best approaches to design a logo. While the main logo design attracts the eye, it's in truth what's not there that keeps the user's attention. Actually, if negative space is used effectively, it's almost difficult to tell what exactly is so compelling about the picture just that it is.

Let’s take more examples for think about the FedEx logo design. While the purple and orange lettering quickly grabs your eye, there's something that makes it feel so quick and forward moving. This is intentional, seeing as FedEx's offer is quick and effective package delivery.

You can also see it when you look closer. Between the "E" and "X" of the FedEx logo is a white arrow indicating the right. It's made by negative space. In any case, it's the most important part of the FedEx logo since it's the part of the design that conveys the brand's value.

Make An Effective Design:

The worst thing you can do when you design the logo for your business is to make it passive. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to make it active!

So, what is a dynamic or active logo design? Nice question! A dynamic logo is one that feels as if it has some type of movement. Recall the FedEx logo. This is a simple case of a logo that is dynamic or a logo that is active. However, there is more difficult logo design that truly makes the organization to feel like it's going somewhere.


What Is Quantum Computing?

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For a long while, the population has become so dependent on the use of machines and specifically computers that all of our research and thought process starts and ends there. Our whole-hearted efforts are geared all towards the evolution of these computers so that they are able to achieve more intricate and taxing tasks by themselves so that we are given first of all better results as well as an efficient method. This is why quantum computers are so important in taking us to the next step in computing and technology.

To understand Quantum computing, we first of all need to understand the very basic term of ‘Quantum’. The literal definition of quantum is that the discretization of values whether it be any physical quantity. Often times it is referred to as the smallest quantity that can be measured. Traditional computers are also known as binary computers as their primary method of storage is the ON and OFF states of the switching logic which is most probably transistor based. The quantum computers are therefore very different from these as they consider quantum bits to be the basic element or component of data storage.

Quantum physics is a very different field as it sometimes proposes and proves concepts that look or seem stupid or outrightly outrageous to conventional beliefs. Two of such concepts that are proposed by the quantum physics realm is the concept of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement.

Quantum superposition is the fact that two particles can exist at two places at one time, with different states and even moving in two completely different techniques. This to human logic, looks completely illogical but some caveats added, it can be made to ponder upon and actually admitted to the fact that it holds true for the fact that no measurements are taken or the particles are quantum particles.

Quantum entanglement is the theory that when particles especially at the quantum levels are so attached or connected to each other that their states are not entirely independent or restrained till themselves but it is a combination of a pair of particles even when there exists a large separation between them. This also gives rise to the phenomenon of ‘spooky action at a distance’ as changes to one particle state leads to an action in the other but there seems to be no physical connection between the two.

Quantum Computing - Quantum Computers - Artificial Intelligence | PintFeed

The benefit that quantum computers carry on their classical counterparts is very immense and diverse. As they involve the usage of qubits that have more possibilities than any regular bit it gives them an extra edge. A quantum computer with 500 qubits gives  superpositional stateswhich could include a very large data set. And one additional benefit is the fact that it can operate on these states simultaneously as earlier proved with the two concepts regarding quantum bits.

All of these concepts are hard to digest and understand but there is some real working and experimentation behind it, so once we accept the concepts of quantum physics we can easily dwell into the governing principles of Quantum Computing.

Now the impact that quantum computers can carry on the future of the world needs to be seen. The power of quantum particles lies in the above-mentioned properties of existing in multiple states at the same time as wellbeing interconnected to each other where no physical connection is present. The actual implementation of quantum rules and mechanics in real life devices means that the transition from a physical world to a digital stream of data is much more reliable, natural and realistic. When both work in unison, it can give us much better results according to different application as most of real world at the subatomic level obeys the laws of quantum physics.

It is especially helpful and useful in the medical science. As the particles often dealing in medicine are very small, nearly subatomic whether it be specimens from pathogens or the internal organelles of the human body. To the quantum computer, you imply a completely different approach. In a classical computer you mostly provide one input to get to a desired result, but in quantum computing you can declare a range of inputs using the principles of quantum superposition we can sequentially a set of values as inputs and then use all the quantum logic to get a result that is both more realistic as well as accurate as it makes use of the most fundamental laws of the physical world and processing of many inputs at once is made possible. The construction of quantum computers differs from the construction of classical computers as well. There exists a vacuum chamber in which precisely focused laser beams are fired which possibly interact with an atom and then using atom traps we determine their state of either being excited or not.

Use of Quantum computers in general is limited and not exploited fully as there is a disagreement between people with different schools of thoughts such that it provides no extra edge when compared to classical computers. But some objectives need to be achieved using complex mathematics which are way too time consuming and resource heavy for the traditional computers.

One area where it is believed that quantum computing will be truly groundbreaking is the realm of Artificial Intelligence. As to train a very smart and contextually aware artificial algorithms require countless sets of data and preferences, when using quantum computer which is designed to handle more than one input at a time will help in teaching the algorithm with practically a larger set of data for more accurate and reliable results.

The fact that the field of quantum computing is a budding field and is constantly growing, gives us immense amount of hope that as time progresses we might be able to exploit the realm of quantum computing to its full potential and open up new and fresh avenues that are not possible at the current moment due to lack of technology and incomplete knowledge of various disciplines.

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Penelope Johnson lives in Oregon USA. She writes about Technology and recent development in the IT sector since 2015. AMITechLabs has highly skilled development team for Mobile applications development company US and Website Development Company. AMITechLabs is an innovative mobile development company based in Portland, Oregon, USA. They have highly skilled staff in developing Apps for mobile phones which also develop complete solutions using hardware and software technologies. They provide services in iPad application development, mobile app development and android app development.


10 Reasons Why Employee Recognition is Vital

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The recognition of employees must be an action that takes place throughout the year, not only special days or the same world day of recognition of workers (March 4). I would recommend that it be an integral part of the culture of all companies.

At Abu Dhabi preschool we strive every day to become one of the best, and this effort has been rewarded with awards such as "Best Place to Teaching". A fundamental ingredient of the cocktail of work happiness is to make professionals feel recognized and valued every day. You want to know why? Read on to find out why recognition of workers is vital.

10 reasons why to recognize the merit of employees

1) Because recognized employees are happy employees

We are feelings, and we have human beings. We do not leave emotions on the door of the office, but they come to work with us every day . And in the same way, when we go out the office door at the end of the workday, we take the feelings of the day with us.

The recognition of employees makes them feel valued, they see that their efforts count. Those good vibrations are spread throughout the office, creating a more pleasant work environment. And in turn, the workers take them home and continue to perpetuate positive feelings there. We all win!

And we not only win in good vibes: it is estimated that happy employees are on average 12% more productive . That is to say, that not only people, but also companies ... that in the end, end up being a group of people.

2) Because employees who are well help build a better company

We have already seen it in the previous point: happiness is contagious .

Group happiness comes directly from the happiness of individuals . Therefore, the recognition of workers ends up resulting in more harmony, more well-being and better teamwork.

The final result of this "circle of happiness" is a company in which employees enjoy collaborating between colleagues and departments. Team dynamics are not an obligation, but a way to get to know each other better and to update yourself on how everyone is doing. And so, each person can give their best to achieve excellent results.

3) Because the valued employees stay in the company

From a more pragmatic point of view, the recognition of employees translates directly into benefits for the company. And is that a recognized and happy employee is a loyal employee .

One of the biggest problems for many companies is the excessive turnover of the staff: simply, the workers leave as soon as they find something better, since they do not feel a particular loyalty towards their company. This ends up in a waste of time and money. Time, because a new employee takes months to be fully integrated into the company, know the processes and perform at their best. And money, because the training of new employees is an investment for the company.

With employees it happens a bit like with customers: it is much more profitable to keep those who already have to get new ones. And one of the best ways to retain talent is recognition of people . If they feel that their efforts count, they will feel at ease and will have much less desire to leave.

4) Because recognized employees are the best promoters of your brand

When an employee feels valued and happy , he speaks well of his company wherever he goes. This will make it very easy for us to find new talents, since the most savvy workers always look for what the employees of the companies in which they think about working think. And who is better than them to tell them their experience?

Therefore, recognition of employees is a positive "mouth-to-ear" investment for your company. Not only will you attract the most valuable workers, but it will also improve your brand image and your possibilities to collaborate with other ethical and happy companies.

5) Because gratitude leads to gratitude

"Thank you" is a magic word that opens many doors and that no doubt the bosses should say more often. When you say "thank you", the other person is pushed to let down their guard and answer "you're welcome". Like happiness, gratitude is contagious .

Thanking your employees is a simple but very powerful way to recognize their work . With this simple word, the other person understands that you are recognizing what he or she has done and that you value it in its proper measure.

For this reason, the recognition of employees begins by thanking what each member brings to the team, every day, to each of the people around you. As a boss, if you are the first to set an example, the rest will follow you.

6) Because to listen is to love

The recognition of workers begins by listening to them . Mind you, it's not just to hear them: I'm talking about really listening.

Improvements in any work team begin by listening to each other. As Oprah Winfrey said, everyone has one thing in common: we want them to listen to us.

If you do not listen to your employees, you will not know what problems they have and therefore, you will have no idea what you can do to improve them. And I'm not only talking about problems strictly related to work: what is happening in our personal lives also influences, and much, how productive we are in the company.

Moral: if you want your employees to be recognized and valued, not only as workers, but also as people, listen to them.

7) Because recognized employees trust in themselves

Often, achieving your life goals begins with a simple step: to believe that you are capable of doing it. And this also applies to your employees.

The happiest companies are those where workers have good self-esteem . They know what they are worth and they are willing to demonstrate it every day, to keep improving.

On the other hand, a worker who does not trust himself will start thinking that he is going to do it badly, and generally he will be right. It is what is usually called a self-fulfilling prophecy. The image of ourselves greatly influences all aspects of life.

How to improve the self-esteem of your workers? Surely you have already guessed it: recognizing your work. The comments we receive from others influence, and much, in what we think of ourselves. Knowing that our work is valued leads us to do it better.

8) Because recognized employees face challenges better

An employee who feels valued and who trusts in his or her worth as a professional will face the challenges with optimism and eagerness to excel. On the other hand, an employee who believes that his boss does not know he exists will have an apathetic attitude towards changes.

For any employee, sitting in an office for years doing more of the same is deadly. To improve as employees, and as people, we need to face new challenges. A good boss is the one who realizes this reality and recognizes the natural talents and preferences of his employees to pose the next challenge in his career.

9) Because recognition of employees fosters trust

"Trust" is a keyword for any relationship. Elvis Presley has already said: "we can not be together if we suspect each other".

A happy company is one where both the boss and the employees trust each other , fluently and in all directions. This puts the expectations very high: when you trust someone from the first moment and show it to you, that person will strive to be worthy of your trust.

Trust is a magic key: when a worker feels that his needs are taken into account and that he is respected, he works more motivated, with more enthusiasm and being more proactive to achieve his personal and group goals.

10) Because the bosses who recognize their employees are not bosses, they are leaders

The word "boss" has a lot of negative resonances in our culture. But bad bosses are a thing of the past.

A bad boss is the one who forces his workers to follow orders without justification, to work piece by piece on what he is interested in and to meet numerical targets without worrying about people. But luckily this model is lagging behind.

A good boss is a person who guides, motivates, listens, gives confidence, brings out the best in each person and encourages them to take on new challenges . For a good boss, it is essential that his employees feel valued and recognized every day. Because only then can the boss stop being a boss to become what today's companies need: a leader .
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