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Benefits of Social Media for Business are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Know your customer Behaviour
  • Work according to their Behavior
  • Uses of Hashtags
  • Keep an eye on competitor
  • Generate leads

No matter what business you are running you’re most important question is, how to reach our potential customers? Do you know where you can find your clients or customers? When your customer is active? Which products are liked by your customer the most? What are the likes and dislikes of your customers? We have one answer for all these questions i.e. the social media. Social media is place where maximum people spend their potential time. You must have seen people using Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. while travelling, during their leisure time, while working even while eating.

Brand Awareness:

If you are a new brand or an old one, all you need is that people should be aware of your brand. So you must be thinking what is the best place to advertise your brand? Probably the one where your audience spends his time the most, i.e. social media. Today, people spend a lot of time on social media, their eyes are always on the screen, and all you need to do is to be available on their favourite platform. Be it organically or through advertisement you need to reach your customer’s device. Your customer is online so you should also be there.

Reach your target audience:

Social media is a platform that can provide you all the data about your customer behaviour. You can target your customer very specifically. You can target them as per their behaviour, gender, age group, location, demographics, shopping behaviour, devices used by them and so on. What if you develop an app for IOS, would you like to show its ad to an android user, the answer is definitely no. Similarly, If you are selling some Ladies handbags, would you like to show your ads to men, answer is again no.

Know your Customer Behaviour:

By analysing the reports generated through social media you will able to understand what your customers like and what not. You can observe which posts has maximum engagement, this is signal that this product or service is the mostly liked by the people. Likes, shares, tagging, comments etc. is the feedback of your customers. All you need to do is critically analyse all these reports and engagements to improve your posts and hence the products. This is the only fastest way to get a genuine feedback from your customers. The feedback you can rely on.

Work according to their Behaviour:

Popular Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can generate a proper report on when your customers are mostly active, which days of the week, time of the day they are active. You will be able to know the best time to publish your post. Next as we know that you can publish different kind of media on social media like images, gifs, polls, videos etc. You can understand which media is mostly liked by your customers. Now you know that what to post and what not to post.

Keep an eye on competitor:

There is a famous saying, “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”. Always remember you are not alone in the market, how big a brand you are, you still need to keep a close eye on your rival also, the best way to study their advertising strategy and products is study their social media. Just keep an eye on what they are doing, so that you can do better. Which of their posts getting good engagement and how you can create better content then them.

Uses of Hashtags:

People uses different hashtags with their posts, by doing a proper research on hashtags and making a proper collection, you can use a different combination hashtags with your posts. With the different and non-repeating hashtags you can always reach to massive customers in a short span of time. Non-repeating hashtags not only increase your reach but also prevent you from reaching the same customers again and again.

Generate leads:

In any business leads are very important, this is a way through which you can engage with your targeted audience later also. You can give your customers information about your latest offers, sales, discounts etc. if you know their contact details. By regular offers and all your one time customer will become your regular loyal customer. This constant engagement will develop a sense of trust in the customer. And customer trust and loyalty is very important for any business to succeed.

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This Guest Post is written by: Megha Yadav

About the author:
I am Megha Yadav, I am working as a certified Digital Marketer. I have completed my internship at Digital Technology Institute, I have gained good experience with my learning process.