Why is using portable mag drill a good idea?

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The demand for magnetic drilling services is growing across the globe because they produce desirable results. Magnetic drilling is nothing but the process of creating precise holes on robust metals such as structural steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and cast iron etc. The tools used by magnetic drilling experts are called mag drills (also known as portable base drills and portable drill press) and they come in various different sizes.

Magnetic drilling is used in fabrication industry, manufacturing industry, bridge construction, boiler manufacturing, railway track drilling, tower and pole construction, shipbuilding, maintenance facilities, mining, pipeline, and offshore & oil fields.

Though magnetic drills are available in different sizes, portable mag drills are used largely by magnetic drilling experts because they are extremely convenient to use. Mag drills come with a magnetic base and they utilise quality twist drill bits. In addition to that, they can also be used with rotary cutters such as milling cutters and annular cutters. Core drilling machines are also used for tapping, reaming and countersinking. These tools use the metal core drilling technology to create precise holes in robust metals. These tools are perfect for both onsite jobs and workshops.

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Here are different types of magnetic drilling machines

  • Lightweight Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • Magnetic Drilling Cum Tapping Machine
  • Magnetic Drilling Machine with Swivel Base
  • Compact Horizontal Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine
  • Cordless Magnetic Drilling Machine

All the above-mentioned drilling machines have their own benefits, for example, if you talk about lightweight mag drills they are used while working on large towers and other similar structures, wherein holding a bulky tool can create a lot of inconvenience to drilling experts. On the other hand, when you talk about a magnetic drilling cum tapping machine they are used for creating grooves along with holes to make space for screws and other types of fasteners. They can be used for tapping since they come with a reversible motor.

These tools can also be divided into electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic mag drills.

Now Let’s Talk About The Benefits of Portable Mag Drills

High Performance

One of the biggest reasons for the increasing demand for portable mag drills is that they are extremely high performing tools. They can accomplish a drilling task 2-3 times faster than other traditional methods.


There is nothing more precious than time in this world. You can buy whatever you feel like but you can’t buy time. So, if you want to save time while working on a magnetic drilling project always use portable mag drills to finish your work fast.


Portable mag drills are quite cost-effective because of the high durability of drill bits. In other words, since you do not have to change the drill bits frequently, they eventually help in saving money.


Portable mag drills can be easily transported from one place to another, so they remain the preferred choice of magnetic drilling experts when they have to visit a job site with their tools. Another important benefit is that they are extremely easy to handle so they can be easily used in those places wherein holding a heavy tool is difficult for magnetic drilling experts.

Best Option For Confined Spaces

Many times, experts have to execute magnetic drilling projects in confined spaces wherein they can’t carry heavy machines with them. However, portable mag drills are perfect for such places.

Minimum Noise

The noise produced by tools used on drilling sites create a lot of trouble for the workers as well as the people staying in nearby houses. Therefore, it’s always better to use portable mag drills that produce minimum noise.  

So, if you want to use an effective tool to execute a magnetic drilling project safely and quickly, look no further than portable mag drills.

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