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The handling and shipping sectors have been using pallets for a long period of time. Making the right choice in accordance to a specific requirement can make a total difference to the efficiency and functions of pallets. Here we talk about ISPM 15 pallets and their many benefits. These pallets are essential when you make use of pallets for your business. Especially if you want to transport your goods to some international locations then you must use these pallets. These pallets are come with the ISPM 15 stamps which ensure their safety and biodegradable features.

ISPM 15 Pallets:

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures # 15 or the ISPM 15 is one part of the International Plant Protection and Convention. This states that any wood packaging needs to be treated, be it soft wood or hard wood. This specific packaging has a stamp certifying this ISPM 15. Crates of wood pallets going through the ISPM 15 are fumigated after being heat treated with methyl bromide. This specific stamp on a pallet or crate ensures the health safety and good can be shipped to any foreign location with these pallets. Most of the custom authorities do not accept normal wooden pallets for international shipment and you need to use their specific measurements for your international shipments. In such cases, you can use these certified pallets for your shipments. 

Reasons for choosing ISPM 15 Pallets:

  • Minimizing Health Risks: Pallets which are heat treated tend to minimize risks related to chemicals exposure not only for the manufacturer but also the personnel handling the shipment or cargo. This heat treating of woods eliminates the requirement of getting the wood treated by any chemicals. So they are safe and secure, and these pallets can easily transport your fragile items in a safer way.
  • Environmental Friendly: As compared to plastic pallets, these heat-treated wood pallets are safer to the environment as they do not add any toxic to the layer of ozone. These pallets, additionally, can be re-used or re-cycled. There are no chemicals used for the manufacture of these heat-treated wood pallets they tend to be friendly to the environment. Apart from that, people can also reuse these pallets and save their cost.
  • Increasing the Shelf life: It is a known fact that these heat-treated wood pallets are better in quality and are long lasting. This type of wood treatment tends to change the composition and the properties of wood. The wood is unable to decompose even when exposed to damp conditions or extreme humidity. This type of wood tends to be resistant to any type of fungi or microorganisms which lead to rotting.
  • Lightens the Load of the Pallet: This heat treatment to wood tends to bring down the capacity of the wood to retain moisture. It leads to resistance against moisture in the future. This means that the wooden pallet with these treatments weighs less which works out beneficial for any shipping business.

Choosing an ISPM 15 Pallet Provider:

We have many companies offering this choice of heat treated wood pallets. You need to ensure the reputation and experience of a specific provider before deciding on one. It is important to choose a company who is certified for manufacturing these ISPM 15 pallets. The heat treatment by a specific company needs to be recognized world-wide. They should eliminate any risks of cross-contamination while the pallets are being shipped.

It is also essential that the company offers you some sort of a guarantee or warranty on their products. An online search is one way to find a reputed ISPM 15 pallet manufacturer and provider. You are free to compare the services besides the prices with this search.

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