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“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” –Jill Whalen

Search engine optimization or SEO for brevity has been a tried and proven avenue for increasing the traffic of a particular website. In this regard, business owners would have better traction on their audience, can leverage their scope of reach and resultantly have higher conversion rates. However, while SEO might have proven itself to be one of the most indispensable marketing strategies and for driving traffic, quite a lot of people are still skeptical about the, alleged results it supposedly brings.

Individuals who specialize in SEO and people involved in digital marketing services in the Philippines or elsewhere are already aware of the benefits of optimizing your website, but what about the skeptics? Well, it is not so much that they do not genuinely believe SEO guarantees results, but more on the fact that they believe erroneous myths about it that can cause them to be a bit more hesitant in using the strategy. Unfortunately, some of the myths they do believe are akin to fantasies with a fraction of them believing SEO to be an urban legend that is not quite so far from a Ponzi scheme. Beliefs such as these have probably been a consequence of years upon years of misinformation, but this article is here to help remedy that.

Debunking SEO Myths | PintFeed

In any case, here are some of the most ludicrous and erroneous beliefs about SEO…finally debunked:

1.  SEO is a scam

As incredible as this might seem, some people actually subscribe that SEO is a scam—no matter how unbelievable and absurd that might seem. If you consistently invested your endeavors in refining your SEO strategies and approach it as a marketing strategy, no successful results would either be unusual or unattainable. Regrettably, quite a lot of business owners have been promised SEO services by unethical marketing vendors only to turn up with nothing. What business owners need to do is be a little discerning when it comes to who they are dealing business with. Remember, if it promises to deliver results at such a low price, then that is not SEO, and it most certainly is a scam.

2.  Google will figure it out

No, Google will not. Quite a lot of website owners or developers have developed the tactic of stuffing their content with as many URLs as possible and throwing it at Google’s crawlers in the hopes that the mysterious algorithm of the latter will deliver these same pages to valuable users. Similarly, even websites with only a handful of pages would expect the search engines to do all the work. Unfortunately, Google is smart but not magic. Remember, search engines strive to emulate behavior when it comes to evaluating content. Much like a human would not wish to sort through a million of near-duplicate pages, search engines would disregard those as well. Moreover, search engines have incorporated human generated signals into their algorithm when it comes to crawling the pages as well as ranking results.

3.  We tried SEO once

Kudos for tying but to really attain results, you need to steer all your efforts towards refining your technique. Unfortunately, most website owners would balk or even give up at the slightest sign of a struggle in organic search traffic. Take note, to get results you need to put the necessary work in. With this in consideration, it is essential to main your SEO efforts because links rot, search engine algorithms evolve, you need to publish new pages and relevant content, and moreover, the competition is most likely moving ahead of you. You might have tried it once, but once is not enough. Keep trying and keep moving ahead. Refine your technique, develop new strategies and soon you will see that SEO would work for you as well. 

This Guest Post is written by: Alice Molina

About the author:
Alice is a Filipino blogger and a digital marketing enthusiast. She has a great passion in writing various content topics especially about web design, digital marketing, SEO and social media. She also loves to travel and explore new things.