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Commercial and Industrial demolition are different from each other. Usually, people combine both of these things and feel that one contractor maybe able to do both, but that is a misconception. Industrial demolition means breaking down large scale projects like factories or processing plants. In case of commercial demolition, buildings such as schools or offices are broken down. Commercial and industrials houses are not same because school building, shopping malls and even a small office can be treated as commercial premises. But only factory, production unit and warehouse can be treated as industrial houses. So before hiring the demolition service, you need to decide that what type of demolitionyour want, and then you can hire them same as per your needs.

Differences Between Commercial And Industrial Demolition:

Commercial and Industrial demolition differ regarding several aspects. The contractors who work on Industrial Demolition require a special set of skill as they have to dispose of harmful elements like oil, fuel which can cause disasters. This is not a problem in case of commercial demolition. In Commercial demolition, the contractors may have to work within tight quarters with buildings all around. The contractors also have to maintain the safety of the people around the demolition project and properly dismantle the building. Even though fewer amounts of harmful elements are involved in case of Commercial Demolition, the contractors have to take care of materials such as lead, PCBs, and silica.

Things to Keep in Mind During Project Demolition

Commercial and Industrial demolition have their own set of rules. All the contractors need to keep these things in mind while demolishing a project.

  • The contractors need to look after the hazardous materials during the demolition of a building. Not only that, but they have to dispose of the materials carefully. There are several kinds of harmful elements like lead, PCBS, Asbestos which require special kind of attention as well as treatment. The contractors have to dispose of these materials carefully as well. Several demolition firms maintain a good relationship between a contractor and laboratories where hazardous materials are sent to get tested.
  • One should also opt for green demolition. Green demolition refers to demolishing buildings without harming the environment. Several contractors have adopted these techniques for green demolition to avoid any complications. One of the major techniques includes using manual labor and picking things up by hand. This helps us to reuse the bricks, flooring and other things which are in good condition. You always have the liberty to reuse and recycle. Thus, the contractors can also use this ideology and recycle as well as reuse the materials found in the demolition site.
  • These contractors need to give proper training to all the employees to maintain safety at the demolition site. Knowledge is important, and knowledge about the things that are present on the demolition site will help the workers to remain safe. If one is demolishing an oil processing plant, the workers should know that no one should use fire nearby as it can lead to a disaster. There need to be training regarding all the hazardous elements that are present on the demolishing site.
  • If one is involved in demolishing a project that is near an isolated area then building a cordial relationship with the neighboring companies or associations is not required. But in case of a busy area, where there are a lot of institutions like buildings, schools, hospitals are present then you need to be careful. One has to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

So now you can search these demolition companies online and then ask for the quotes on their official website. After comparing their price, you can choose an affordable one for your project.

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