Why do Entrepreneurs need SMM?

Without a clear understanding of why SMM (Social Media Marketing) is necessary for the business any person using it won’t get far. Pointless “presence” on the internet won’t bring any positive results. Social Media should help promoting services/products and override various business obstacles. First of all, make up a plan, so-called to-do-list.

For example, it might look like this:
  • inform potential and existing customers about;
  • collect feedback on the products/services offered;
  • answer all the feedbacks and consider all the critics and requirements;
  • lead CA to the site for further "pinching" and selling; use social networks for hiring employees or creating a personnel reserve;
  • insert your version. Each company has its own tasks, so all the lists are different :) You will have yours.

Which Social Media to choose? Having decided on the tasks, think about Social Media to use for SMM. It should be calculated and well-considered choice since the success of the following procedure will depend on it.

The first step. Monitor, all the possible Social Media to find rivals or whether their interest groups are active. If they didn't update their pages we could easily make the conclusion that this one is not profitable, that's why they decided to try another one. However, they could just move in the wrong direction. Will it be possible to milk this Social Media? Obviously, it will be verified only in the course of working with certain Social Media.

The second step. Do a little research to find any discussions aimed at the products/services offered. If any discussions are absent, it will be quiet useless to apply to this Social Media. To make a long story short, try to find out whether there is a target audience for the products/services offered on not in this very Social Media.

Having done the previous steps, make a little conclusion and a list of Social Medias that might help to promote the products/services offered and get the desired result. Unfortunately, as was mentioned before, SMM approach will be modified in the course of working.

  • How to present information

All the Social Medias have their own features concerning posts and sharing information. Twitter allows writing posts with word count up to 140 words and this number can’t be changed or adjusted. Instagram provides the ability to share only photos without making an inquiry, for example. Common networks like Facebook and others of this kindallows posting relatively long text with pictures and even videos. Pinterest, as well as Instagram, allows posting only photos with a short description using tags. These tags help people to search information more conveniently and quickly. It is also a good addition to a promotion of the products/services offered.

With regard to all above-mentioned features, think about how to benefit from them promoting certain products or services. A video on YouTube might also be a good idea, but as far as everybody knows, it is rather difficult to make something worth watching to attract new customers. So, these three Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more profitable to search for the target audience only in case of meeting all the standards of SMM.

Competitors might also have something to share. Take advantage of their ideas. Monitor their groups and pages to get inspiration for future promotion.

  • Develop a managing model of interest groups

In order to communicate with the target audience appropriately to make it more natural social model "Brand-Customer" should be applied. All the visitors should feel real communication since canned response can put them out of temper.

According to the theory of psychotherapist Eric Berne, every message is addressed from the three roles in society: me - child, me - parent, me - adult. During the development of the community, it is necessary to choose which role the consumer plays and which one is played by those who use SMM. In other words, determine an approach that will be applied to the communication with the target audience. Will it be a user-friendly communication where those who offer services/products ready to answer all the questions, tackle any issues and provide with a right direction? Will you be an experienced who seems to have a high position in the society or as a guy of the same age who just want to help?

  • Why can SMM promotion fail?

Neither careful selection of a Social Media, based on the monitoring and painstaking analysis nor well-thought-out model can come to the desired results. Moreover, whatever the tactics was chosen, it won’t attract new customers to the interest groups until they don’t understand why they need to join them, how will they benefit and is this product/service is much better than the rivals’ one. They will expect a discount on the offered services/products, all the information needed concerning the desired product/service and good support in case of any questions or problems. These questions should be answered in the first place since without knowing answers those who use SMM won’t succeed.

So, first of all, it is necessary to find a target audience. These people want a product/service offered and they need to know everything about it. In general, they are interested. They join groups of interest, discuss it, shares information about it with others. These are active users (if we consider Social Media). The second step that should be taken is to choose an approach. What kind of service or company would it be? What Social Media to choose? How to communicate with visitors to convince them to order services or buy products offered. Unfortunately, won't every approach will be successful, but it will be modified according to the results to make it more efficient.

This Guest Post was written by: Melisa Marzett

About the author:
The marketing strategies are rather complex system but Melisa Marzett, the author of this article, knows a thing or two about attracting new customers and communicate with them. Thanks to her freelance writing experience, she has much knowledge in this field and if she has some free time she likes doing some researchers like this one. By the way, currently, she is working on smartessayrewriter.com as a freelance writer as well.

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