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Most women want their activewear to be colorful, stylish, and fun along with being comfy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a little picky when it comes to buying your fitness apparel. Not only you should be comfortable working out in those clothes, but you should also feel great about yourself.

With so many brands, styles, and fabrics out there, finding the perfect sports gear can be a little tricky. This is where paying attention to the essential features can help you with a successful shopping trip for training clothes.
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Picking the Right Fabric

When it comes to fabric, do not forget you are going to sweat. You don't want to wear something that feels heavy or wet. The material you pick can really make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of your workout routine.

Cotton has been a favoriteas it feels comfortable on the skin. While this fabric can be used for less strenuous workouts - like yoga - it's probablynot the right fabric if you are into hardcore exercises that target your core or lower body.

Cotton tends to absorb sweat and become wet and heavy. Eventually, you feel it's sticking to your skin and becomes too uncomfortable to wear. Also, if you like your activewear to be stylish, cotton shirts and pants can be a little old school.

Fortunately, now you have a variety of options when it comes to workout gear containing polypropylene, which makes gym activewear comfortable, breathable, and even stylish. They are an excellent choice for workout routines where you are likely to sweat a lot.

Instead of absorbing moisture, it helps the sweatto evaporate and ensures that you continue to feelcomfortable. Last but not the least, avoid any clothing made from plastic-based or rubber-based material – it can become suffocating during a workout.

Choose the Right Fit

To actively indulge in an effective workout routine, it's best to look for activewear that perfectly fits your body. However, different exercises may have different requirements too. For instance, you can choose loose clothes to stay comfortable, but it's not recommended to wear loose-fit clothing if you are biking or running. Wide-legged pants can cause injury.

For Pilates or yoga routines, you can pick fitted, stretchy fabrics that promise to wick away sweat quickly. In short, you need to find something that is comfortable as you workout without getting in the way. So take your time and pick the right fit.

Workout Clothes for the Season

It's wise to change your workout clothes when seasons change. This is especially important if youprefer to exercise outdoors.

  • Summer:

During warmer months, pick breathable and comfortable clothes that wick sweat away. Pick lighter colors and choose activewear that enables you to move freely and doesn't suffocate you are you sweat.

  • Winter:

Dress in layers when it becomes chilly outside. However, do not go overboard while covering yourself up. Your body naturally increases its temperature,during physical activity. So always keep a margin for it.

Instead of wearing stuffy, thick clothing, prefer layering up so you can quickly remove the layers if your body temperature increases or if you feel uncomfortable. The inner layers should always be made from sweat-wicking fabric. Don't forget to cover your hands, ears, and head. Pick brighter colors and make the most out of your outdoor workout.

  • Windy or Wet Weather

If you love your outdoor workout, make sure you are prepared for the weather if it's windy or wet. Always wear or carry an outer layer that protects you from rough winds and rain.

PintFeed | Activewear for the Gym

Invest in the Right Sports Bra

This is one fitness apparel that women cannot do without. Here are some tips that will help you pick the right sports bra for your size:

  • If you are a smaller size, a standard compression sports bra will do just fine. These are the regular, pullover styles made from stretchable fabrics. The support they offer a cup size A or B is enough.
  • If you are a larger size, it's best to pick an encapsulation style sports bra. This one has separate cups for each breast. It's an excellent pick to provide enough support and also make working out comfortable.
  • Always consider the type of exercise you prefer. For high impact workout routines, it's best to get a more supportive fit and reliable fabric. For low-impact activities like walking or yoga, a regular sports bra is enough.
  • Always look for moisture-wicking fabrics even for your sports bra.
Who says activewear and style cannot go hand in hand. In fact, if you pick a stylish pair that's suitable for aworkout and also makes you feel great about yourself, it's definitely a win-win situation. So be creative, choose different styles, colors, and fits and see which ones make the workout more comfortable and worthwhile.

Keep these top tips in mind before you head out for activewear shopping the next time!

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