5 Low Maintenance Ways to Upgrade Your Weekend Look

5 Low Maintenance Ways to Upgrade Your Weekend Look

With the chill of winter still in the air and the grand weekend party knocking at your doorstep, there are chances that you have already spent your significant budget on all your clothing, accessory and makeup needs. However, this does not mean that you can’t tweak a few dollars here and there for a glamor upgrade.

To bring out the fashion diva in you and to ensure that you stand out in the crowd no matter whether the evening gown you don has been worn before, you just need to make a few quick maintenance upgrades.

Read on to find out more about how you can up your fashion game without breaking a bank in 5 remarkable ways.

1.   The Bling Game!

Add bling to pretty much anywhere,and you are set for literally any kind of weekend party, even if it is an annoying office affair. You will stand out like a sore thumb and make an impression of a lifetime! The idea is to keep everything simple and add just one dash of bling.

For example, if your dress is one monochrome color, then wear a belt or sash of blingy jewels. If those are not your things, then invest in a fake jewels rhinestone necklace with lots of shiny beads. You can switch the necklace with earrings too if you wish.

Add some strappy rhinestone heels,and you are set to steal the show. Just make sure you keep the colors similar and only the color of the rhinestones in contrast.

2.   Printed Box Clutches

Printed box clutches give out perfect weekend vibes. They are very in and look particularly cute with pretty much every kind of dress, jeans or attire you decide to put on. You can wear a sack,and they can be the saving grace of your look! If you don’t already have one the good news is that they also aren’t costly so you won’t have to spend a fortune to purchase them.

3.   Silk Neck Scarves

They don’t just feel lovely resting against your neck, silk scarves also look beautiful. You can buy one that is a single color like a deep purple or a rich burgundy or a pure deep black. If you want something more colorful or vibrant, then opt for a printed scarf. There are also ones that are knitted but they would not be useful during other seasons, so it’s best that you buy scarves that make fashion statements yet can be used throughout the year!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to tie the scarf around your neck only! You can loosely wear it in your hair as abandana, on your wrist or even on your waist as a belt! The choice is ultimately yours!

4.   Add Some New Makeup!

Not used to doing too much makeup? Well then, this weekend is the time to dazzle everyone with your makeup charm. Dab on the blush and put on that gloss. If you are a beginner, start with some eyeliner, blush, gloss,and mascara. If you are already into a lot of makeup, then get rid of some and go minimalist for a change.

So if you are wearing a black top or dress go for black mascara, gold liner, pink blush and pink gloss. That is it. You are ready to go to the party. You will be surprised by just how many heads you turn!

5.   Get Lowlights/ Highlights

Now should they be temporary or permanent are something only you can be the teller of, but highlights or lowlights are the perfect change you seek for a complete upgrade. If you don’t have the time or the finances to visit the salon, you can do it at home too. All you need are a highlighting kit, some tools,and a YouTube tutorial. The rest is pretty easy. Once you do it on your own, you will find out how interesting it is and will want to try different methods and colors again and again.

Remember, there is nothing more important than attitude to match your look. If you are not confident about the way you look and how you feel, then no matter what others think, you will not feel happy or good about yourself. Everyone else can only boost you up when you are willing to be lead on towards positivity. Therefore, let the positivity always be there. So keep your head high and always remember that you are beautiful. Have fun!

About the Author:

Christine Rudolph is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger. Currently, she is associated with a Florida based women clothing store ‘Sophie and Trey’. Follow @RudolphBlogger to stay updated with latest fashion trends and standards.

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