Amazon is buying smart doorbell maker Ring

PintFeed | Amazon is buying smart doorbell maker Ring

With Nest’s first smart video doorbell right around the corner, Amazon is busy buying up the competition.

After acquiring Blink just two months ago, Amazon is now acquiring Ring, makers of the self-titled Ring doorbell (plus a bunch of other security gear, like solar security cameras, floodlight cams and an in-home alarm system).

GeekWire broke the rumor this afternoon, and we’ve just received independent confirmation.

Details on the deal are still pretty light; the financial terms of the deal, for example, haven’t trickled out just yet. Update: Reuters is reporting, via tweet, that the sale price was more than $1 billion. The company had raised around $209 million to date, according to Crunchbase.

This acquisition makes plenty of sense. Amazon has already built a few connected cameras of its own — but hardware is, as they say, hard, and that’s not going to change. With nearly a dozen solid products to its name, the Ring team has proven themselves more than capable of building hardware (and I’m sure its array of patents doesn’t hurt, either.) With Amazon, Google, Apple et al. all duking it out for physical space in and around your home, someone was going to make a big offer — and I’d be surprised if Amazon was the only bidder in the mix. Plus, who on earth is responsible for more doorbell presses than Amazon?

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6 Must Haves for A Fashionable Summer 2018

PintFeed | Fashionable Summer 2018

Gone are the days when we had to layer clothes after clothes to keep warm all while trying to maintain a fashionable look. Summer is finally here and it’s time to upgrade our hotness quotient. If there’s one rule for summer dressing, it’s to keep it fuss free.
Here are some must have items to keep your summer airy and breezy.

1. Lace up Sandals

Let your feet breathe this summer by replacing your shoes with some cute lace up sandals. They are a simple but a more modern take on gladiators.

These work well midi dresses and pants which end a few inches above your ankles. You can even pair them with short skirts and shorts for a flirty, fun look.

2. Chiffon Blouses

Invest in some good quality chiffon blouses this summer. They have a natural shine and look and feel sublime which is perfect for the hot summer weather.

However, make sure you wear a camisole underneath to prevent it from being see through. If you are bold enough, wear a pretty bra under your chiffon blouses to make a daring outfit. Pair them with pants, t-shirt, skirts- the possibilities are endless.  

3. Shirts

If you’re tired of the same basic t-shirt outfit you tend to reach out for each summer, shirts are your best possible option. Opt for shirts in light cotton fabrics and steer clear of flannel ones.

Casually front tuck your shirt into your pants or tuck it into your midi skirts to make a cool summer outfit. Or keep a few buttons unbuttoned and wear it over your shoulders to convert your shirt into an off shoulder top, without actually having to purchase one.

4. Sheer Dresses

Give your jeans a toss and let your body breathe in cute summer dresses. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or chambray. You can show off your legs in mini dresses or opt for a maxi dress. Pair with sneakers or flats for a cool, airy summer look.

You can also wear them to work but make sure that it’s office appropriate and the fabric isn’t sheer. Rather than going overboard with accessories, try playing with different patterns and prints.

5. Denim Shorts

Nothing shouts summer more than denim shorts. The most common way of styling it is with a t-shirt and sneakers. But that isn’t the only way to wear it.

For a more girly look, pair your denim shorts with lacy top and killer heels. You can sport a high waisted pair for more formal events with a printed shirt and classic black loafers.

6. Kimono

Kimono is a full length robe which extends upto the ankle and has full, wide sleeves. This can be the third piece that ties your outfit together. You can instantly liven up your jeans and t-shirt combo with a kimono.

If you’re going to be wearing shorts or mini dresses, a kimono can add a bit of modesty or remove some of the chill. You can also wear it as a cover up over your swimsuits to upgrade your beach look.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for frilly patterns and bold prints and colors for your kimono.
This Guest Post was written by: Rebecca Siggers

About the author:
Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for True Corset for some time now. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. 


How to Choose the Best Activewear for the Gym

PintFeed | Best Activewear for the Gym

Most women want their activewear to be colorful, stylish, and fun along with being comfy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a little picky when it comes to buying your fitness apparel. Not only you should be comfortable working out in those clothes, but you should also feel great about yourself.

With so many brands, styles, and fabrics out there, finding the perfect sports gear can be a little tricky. This is where paying attention to the essential features can help you with a successful shopping trip for training clothes.
Read on to learn more.

Picking the Right Fabric

When it comes to fabric, do not forget you are going to sweat. You don't want to wear something that feels heavy or wet. The material you pick can really make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of your workout routine.

Cotton has been a favoriteas it feels comfortable on the skin. While this fabric can be used for less strenuous workouts - like yoga - it's probablynot the right fabric if you are into hardcore exercises that target your core or lower body.

Cotton tends to absorb sweat and become wet and heavy. Eventually, you feel it's sticking to your skin and becomes too uncomfortable to wear. Also, if you like your activewear to be stylish, cotton shirts and pants can be a little old school.

Fortunately, now you have a variety of options when it comes to workout gear containing polypropylene, which makes gym activewear comfortable, breathable, and even stylish. They are an excellent choice for workout routines where you are likely to sweat a lot.

Instead of absorbing moisture, it helps the sweatto evaporate and ensures that you continue to feelcomfortable. Last but not the least, avoid any clothing made from plastic-based or rubber-based material – it can become suffocating during a workout.

Choose the Right Fit

To actively indulge in an effective workout routine, it's best to look for activewear that perfectly fits your body. However, different exercises may have different requirements too. For instance, you can choose loose clothes to stay comfortable, but it's not recommended to wear loose-fit clothing if you are biking or running. Wide-legged pants can cause injury.

For Pilates or yoga routines, you can pick fitted, stretchy fabrics that promise to wick away sweat quickly. In short, you need to find something that is comfortable as you workout without getting in the way. So take your time and pick the right fit.

Workout Clothes for the Season

It's wise to change your workout clothes when seasons change. This is especially important if youprefer to exercise outdoors.

  • Summer:

During warmer months, pick breathable and comfortable clothes that wick sweat away. Pick lighter colors and choose activewear that enables you to move freely and doesn't suffocate you are you sweat.

  • Winter:

Dress in layers when it becomes chilly outside. However, do not go overboard while covering yourself up. Your body naturally increases its temperature,during physical activity. So always keep a margin for it.

Instead of wearing stuffy, thick clothing, prefer layering up so you can quickly remove the layers if your body temperature increases or if you feel uncomfortable. The inner layers should always be made from sweat-wicking fabric. Don't forget to cover your hands, ears, and head. Pick brighter colors and make the most out of your outdoor workout.

  • Windy or Wet Weather

If you love your outdoor workout, make sure you are prepared for the weather if it's windy or wet. Always wear or carry an outer layer that protects you from rough winds and rain.

PintFeed | Activewear for the Gym

Invest in the Right Sports Bra

This is one fitness apparel that women cannot do without. Here are some tips that will help you pick the right sports bra for your size:

  • If you are a smaller size, a standard compression sports bra will do just fine. These are the regular, pullover styles made from stretchable fabrics. The support they offer a cup size A or B is enough.
  • If you are a larger size, it's best to pick an encapsulation style sports bra. This one has separate cups for each breast. It's an excellent pick to provide enough support and also make working out comfortable.
  • Always consider the type of exercise you prefer. For high impact workout routines, it's best to get a more supportive fit and reliable fabric. For low-impact activities like walking or yoga, a regular sports bra is enough.
  • Always look for moisture-wicking fabrics even for your sports bra.
Who says activewear and style cannot go hand in hand. In fact, if you pick a stylish pair that's suitable for aworkout and also makes you feel great about yourself, it's definitely a win-win situation. So be creative, choose different styles, colors, and fits and see which ones make the workout more comfortable and worthwhile.

Keep these top tips in mind before you head out for activewear shopping the next time!

This Guest Post was written by: Zyana Morris

About the author:
Zyana Morris is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry. 


Internet sensation Priya Prakash Varrier's most stylish pictures ever

Internet sensation Priya Prakash Varrier's most stylish pictures ever

It's Valentine's week and if you've still found your Valentine, here's help! South Indian sensation, Priya Prakash Varrier, who's making her big screen debut in an upcoming Malayalam film is breaking the internet with her charming antics and chances are bright that many single men are going to dreaming of her this V-Day. And, if you are wondering what's her claim to fame- well, here goes the story! A small clip from her much anticipated film, Oru Adaar Love that has the pretty lady making some interesting eye gestures has gone viral as people can't have enough of Priya's cuteness and since she's trending all of a sudden, we thought we'll dig some stylish pictures of her, only for her newfound fans.

A girl-next-door in every sense, Priya has a rather appealing style sense - a mix of boho and Indian, her clothes speak of her eccentric personality and frankly speaking, we absolutely love this thing about this newbie.

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Suffering From Food Allergies? - Try These 10 Home Remedies and Get Quick Relief

PintFeed | Suffering From Food Allergies?

A food allergy іѕ аn over reaction оfthеimmune system to certain foods. Thіѕ occurs because thе immune system mistakes a food оr substance іn thе diet fоr a harmful invader аnd triggers thе release оf immunoglobulin E (IgE), a tуре оf antibody, whісh іn turn triggers thе release оf histamine аnd several other chemicals when уоu eat аn allergy-causing food. Histamine аnd several other chemicals аrе responsible fоr thе symptoms thаt occur because оf a food allergy.

Hаvе уоu experienced various symptoms after eating a particular tуре оf meal? Sоmе rashes perhaps оr itchiness? If ѕо, thеn it's sure thаt уоu hаvе a food allergy. Thіѕ  condition wіll occur depending оn what food you're allergic tо. Sоmе people mау experience negative reactions tо regular daily foods like eggs, fish, soy, and peanuts. Typically, people don't know what they're allergic tо until thеу grow up since symptoms like hives аrе almost always related tо other conditions. Further more, mоѕt people аlѕо consider hives оr itchiness аѕthе only symptom оfthіѕ condition, but thе truth іѕ other symptoms саn occur.

Thеѕе numbers оf symptoms vary frоm оnе person tо another, causing a wide range оf discomfort, frоm very slight tо severe, аnd even life-threatening reactions. People whо hаvе a food allergy mау experience a tingling mouth, swollen lips, eczema, hives, itching, swelling, abdominal pain, nasal congestion, wheezing, difficulty breathing, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness аnd fainting. Thе severest cases саn result іn anaphylaxis, a severe reaction thаt requires аn emergency response.

It іѕ said thаt thе only way tо аvоіd thіѕ іѕ tо аvоіd thе foods whісh trigger іt. Despite уоur best effort sometimes уоu can not totally аvоіd eating оr coming into contact wіth foods уоu аrе allergic tо.

Prescribed medications аnd over-the-counter drugs mау hеlр reduce symptoms, but sometimes thеѕе can not treat harsh allergic reactions. Other times уоu wіll bе treated wіthоnе symptom, аnd another comes оut. Sо, tоbе safe, уоumау want tо try thеѕе ten home remedies tо treat уоur allergies.

PintFeed | 10 Home Remedies and Get Quick Relief

10 Home remedies for getting quick relief from Food Allergy :

01. Water

Drink a glass оf lukewarm water wіth half a lime. Yоuсаn add a teaspoon оf honey tо taste. Every morning drink thіѕ mixture tо hеlр flush toxins оut оf уоur body.

02. Vitamin E 

Taking vitamin E regularly prevents almost аll types оf allergies. It helps soothes thе symptoms оf food allergy. It іѕ very effective since іthаѕ anti-allergen properties. And wіthіtѕ correct supplementation, thе allergic reaction wіllbе avoided.

03. Castor oil

Adding a few drops оf castor oil tо a cup оf water іѕ beneficial іn treating food allergies. Yоu ѕhоuld drink thіѕ mixture every morning оnаn empty stomach.

04. Banana

It іѕ known tо bе оnе оf thе mоѕt helpful оf home remedies fоr allergies. It assists іn preventing аnd treating allergy symptoms like skin rashes аnd stomach upsets. It wоuldbе better tо consume bananas оn a daily basis.

05. Ginger

Tаkе a few pieces оf ginger аnd grate them. Add a tea-spoon оf honey tо іt аnd consume іt. Or уоu mау add thе grated ginger tо a cup оf tea tо keep уоur allergies аt bay. It аlѕо helps drinking mixture оf two tea spoons оf apple cider vinegar аndоnе teaspoon оf honey wіth a glass оf water before hitting thе sack.

06. Vegetable juices

Drink carrot juice mix wіth cucumber juice, beet juice оr spinach juice every morning tоаvоіdуоur allergies frоm acting up. Consume 500 ml оfthіѕ mixture once a day. Thіѕ helps іn raising уоur immunity level thereby preventing аnd treating уоur allergy tо foods.

07. Yoga

Yoga hаѕ been proven tоbе very effective іn treating ѕоmе allergy symptoms. Sоmе yoga stances ѕuсhаѕ shoulder stand pose аnd half spinal twist pose аrе beneficial.

08. MethylSulfonyl Methane (MSM)

Thе nutritional supplement MSM (methylsulfonylmethane),  a form оf sulfur, doesn't cure food allergies. It mау relieve thе symptoms, however, perhaps bу preventing оr decreasing inflammatory reactions іnthе body. If уоu tаkе thе supplement regularly, уоumауbе able tо eat food thаt wоuld otherwise cause уоu problems.

09. Betaine Hydrochloride

Hеlр Prevent Allergens frоm Forming. When уоur digestive tract doesn't break down food properly, thе body can't recognize іtаѕ food аndmау treat thе food particles аѕ invaders, rather than nutrition.

10. Multivitamin

Nearly everyone ѕhоuldtаkе multivitamin/mineral supplements because there's ѕо much over processed, nutrient-stripped food іnоur diets. Thоѕе wіth food allergies mау need extensive supplementation. It іѕ recommended looking fоr a supplement thаtіѕ free оf common allergy causing ingredients ѕuсhаѕ milk, corn, wheat, eggs, soy, sugar, аnd yeast.

Using home remedies саnbеаn effective, safe аnd gentle way tо treat allergies. If уоuwоuld like further assistance wіthmоrе drug-free treatments, thеn please consult wіth a naturopath doctor. In аn emergency, please dо not resort tо home remedies аnd look fоrуоur nearest emergency room.

Food Allergy Statistical Report for the US

Accoding to food allergy research report, there are eight foods account for 90% of all food-allergic reaction. these are milk, egg, peanuts, treenut, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish.

Allergic Food

 Population in (% )

Crustacean shellfish (crab, crayfish, lobster, shrimp
All seafood
Milk & Egg

PintFeed | Food Allergy Statistical Report


Have you evertreated to food Allergy, Immediately make an appointment to Ent and Allergy Clinic or consult to best Allergy Clinic Practitioners and follow their instructions.

This Guest Post was written by: Chetan Yadav

About the author:
I am Chetan Yadav, passionate to write on Marketing, Travelling and  Photography. I also like to write content on Food Allergies /Allergies, Health and Healthcare, E-commerce, online store, technology.


Why do Entrepreneurs need SMM?

Without a clear understanding of why SMM (Social Media Marketing) is necessary for the business any person using it won’t get far. Pointless “presence” on the internet won’t bring any positive results. Social Media should help promoting services/products and override various business obstacles. First of all, make up a plan, so-called to-do-list.

For example, it might look like this:
  • inform potential and existing customers about;
  • collect feedback on the products/services offered;
  • answer all the feedbacks and consider all the critics and requirements;
  • lead CA to the site for further "pinching" and selling; use social networks for hiring employees or creating a personnel reserve;
  • insert your version. Each company has its own tasks, so all the lists are different :) You will have yours.

Which Social Media to choose? Having decided on the tasks, think about Social Media to use for SMM. It should be calculated and well-considered choice since the success of the following procedure will depend on it.

The first step. Monitor, all the possible Social Media to find rivals or whether their interest groups are active. If they didn't update their pages we could easily make the conclusion that this one is not profitable, that's why they decided to try another one. However, they could just move in the wrong direction. Will it be possible to milk this Social Media? Obviously, it will be verified only in the course of working with certain Social Media.

The second step. Do a little research to find any discussions aimed at the products/services offered. If any discussions are absent, it will be quiet useless to apply to this Social Media. To make a long story short, try to find out whether there is a target audience for the products/services offered on not in this very Social Media.

Having done the previous steps, make a little conclusion and a list of Social Medias that might help to promote the products/services offered and get the desired result. Unfortunately, as was mentioned before, SMM approach will be modified in the course of working.

  • How to present information

All the Social Medias have their own features concerning posts and sharing information. Twitter allows writing posts with word count up to 140 words and this number can’t be changed or adjusted. Instagram provides the ability to share only photos without making an inquiry, for example. Common networks like Facebook and others of this kindallows posting relatively long text with pictures and even videos. Pinterest, as well as Instagram, allows posting only photos with a short description using tags. These tags help people to search information more conveniently and quickly. It is also a good addition to a promotion of the products/services offered.

With regard to all above-mentioned features, think about how to benefit from them promoting certain products or services. A video on YouTube might also be a good idea, but as far as everybody knows, it is rather difficult to make something worth watching to attract new customers. So, these three Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more profitable to search for the target audience only in case of meeting all the standards of SMM.

Competitors might also have something to share. Take advantage of their ideas. Monitor their groups and pages to get inspiration for future promotion.

  • Develop a managing model of interest groups

In order to communicate with the target audience appropriately to make it more natural social model "Brand-Customer" should be applied. All the visitors should feel real communication since canned response can put them out of temper.

According to the theory of psychotherapist Eric Berne, every message is addressed from the three roles in society: me - child, me - parent, me - adult. During the development of the community, it is necessary to choose which role the consumer plays and which one is played by those who use SMM. In other words, determine an approach that will be applied to the communication with the target audience. Will it be a user-friendly communication where those who offer services/products ready to answer all the questions, tackle any issues and provide with a right direction? Will you be an experienced who seems to have a high position in the society or as a guy of the same age who just want to help?

  • Why can SMM promotion fail?

Neither careful selection of a Social Media, based on the monitoring and painstaking analysis nor well-thought-out model can come to the desired results. Moreover, whatever the tactics was chosen, it won’t attract new customers to the interest groups until they don’t understand why they need to join them, how will they benefit and is this product/service is much better than the rivals’ one. They will expect a discount on the offered services/products, all the information needed concerning the desired product/service and good support in case of any questions or problems. These questions should be answered in the first place since without knowing answers those who use SMM won’t succeed.

So, first of all, it is necessary to find a target audience. These people want a product/service offered and they need to know everything about it. In general, they are interested. They join groups of interest, discuss it, shares information about it with others. These are active users (if we consider Social Media). The second step that should be taken is to choose an approach. What kind of service or company would it be? What Social Media to choose? How to communicate with visitors to convince them to order services or buy products offered. Unfortunately, won't every approach will be successful, but it will be modified according to the results to make it more efficient.

This Guest Post was written by: Melisa Marzett

About the author:
The marketing strategies are rather complex system but Melisa Marzett, the author of this article, knows a thing or two about attracting new customers and communicate with them. Thanks to her freelance writing experience, she has much knowledge in this field and if she has some free time she likes doing some researchers like this one. By the way, currently, she is working on as a freelance writer as well.


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