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Image-to-image translation as known as Pix2pix is a method that lets the user give computer only a few outlines and edges for the image he needs to draw then the computer will give him back as result a fully drawn image that is too colourful that looks like a real photographed image.

The technology that is being used here is called ( G.A.N ) Generative Adversarial Networks but the trending name that people know and use is pix2pix , the technology can be used for many projects to help users , but the most shining and brilliant usage is the image to image translation as it can be a big help for many reasons.

What are Generative Adversarial Networks

G.A.N. is an artificial intelligence algorithm that is being used with deep-learning machines, And it uses some kind of two ways data transfer between 2 machines to produce the desired result at the end, in our case it lets the system produce a reality like images as a result of the process.

Lately, Nvidia the leading company for graphics and games developing added a new feature to the GAN technology that became able to create very true looking images for human faces

Check out this image below and try to recognize anyone of the faces :

PintFeed | AI Drawing Technology

None, yet none of them can be recognized, because simply none of them are true ..this very real looking faces are just a random generated faces using the new GAN technology developed by Nvidia.

Benefits of Generative Adversarial Networks :

  • The Face generating system that creates real looking faces can be a huge leap in creating characters in games.
  • Can be used to create a graphic face that looks exactly like some person then he can use this face as his character's face in online games or VR social media.
And for sure many other benefits that are going to effect graphic designing in the future.

The fears of G.A.N. technology :

Communities admitted that there is some Fear of the new technology as it can generate faces that look likes real photographed and that can be a good chance for scammer and fake IDs user to do a global scale scams over the internet using a fake IDs that can prove that they are real persons.


The new technology can be really useful for game developing and graphic designer, also it can be used for fun and you can try it yourself visiting search PIX2PIX in google you will find many websites that provide the method for a test !

Also, there are some fears of the new technology that creates human-looking faces so anyone can use it in a scam that will never look like a scam.

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