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Sarah Jessica Parker is the embodiment of the style, elegance and extraordinary beauty. Thanks to her manner of dressing, behavior, and carefully thought-out image she turned into a beautiful swan out of ugly duckling and now, millions of people from all over the world adore her.

With her perfect style, Sarah Jessica Parker's owes to a famous Hollywood stylist Patricia Field. She advised the actress to get rid of all the shirts and jeans, as well as to straighten unruly curls. Patricia was the one, who imparted to Sarah unearthly love for shoes.

Parker’s locker room is dominated by magenta, yellow, green and blue colors, as they perfectly suit her light skin and eyes. Her favorite brands are Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Isaac Mizrahi and Narciso Rodriguez. In addition, in everyday life, Parker loves Bentley jeans from Mischief by Paige Denim and postmen bags by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sarah Jessica Parker can truly be called an icon of style and not only because she knows how to be beautiful. It is noteworthy that the actress takes care of fashionistas who cannot afford luxury brands. For several years, Parker manufactures her own line of clothing, shoes and accessories Bitten, where each of the items costs no more than $ 21. "I want a woman, having paid $ 200, to come out of my store with a huge package of excellent clothes, without tormenting herself at night, thinking about how much money she spent", - says Sara.

PintFeed | Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion tips from Sarah Jessica Parker:

  1. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd, and make your style unique. Learn how to wear bright, unusual for tailoring clothes - and people will talk about you. The main thing is to have their own style, but in any case not to be a clown.
  2. Choose clothing that hides the flaws and emphasizes the advantages. Forget about fashion things that you do not suit you. Find your perfect style, heel, hairstyle and stylish accessories.
  3. Dress for the occasion. Choose jeans and a sweater, going for a walk with the dog or to the store, but forget about them at social events. At the event where the number of celebrities is more than 2, you just have to be on top. However, in real life it will look out of place.
  4. Classic is the base of the wardrobe. Such things as black dress, double-breasted coat, trench coat, pencil skirt and pumps, will always be relevant. Add a bag and jewelry and you'll be on top.
  5. Visit sales. Sometimes a real treasure can be found there. Do not be afraid to combine expensive clothes with things from mass market or models made by young designers. The main thing is that you must feel comfortable: buying uncomfortable shoes for 500 USD, you will not get the pleasure from your outlook.
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