Anti-age meals: nine ways to stop getting old

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Following these rules will help you look 5 years older!
  1. Do not ever go hungry. Balanced food rich for necessary vitamins and microelements is a ticket to staying young. 
  2. Keep immune system. Harmonize with tea, chocolate, garden berries, grapes, apples, grapefruits. These natural antioxidants, which stop the process of immune system to get old.
  3. Consume eicosanoic acids. They start processes of regeneration and help to lock in moisture in skin cells. Fatty fish, sea products, nuts sesame, flax seeds and sunflower seeds contain those most of all.
  4. Keep your brains active. Make sure your level of iron is kept in the normal condition. Liver, buckwheat groats, apples, red meat, turkey, lentils, cannellini beans, parsley, black bread, dills and spinach contain iron.
  5. Level blood sugar and endocrine profile in the normal condition. Zinc will help you with that. Oysters, pepitas, nuts, grains, beef, cheese, eggs, sea products, beet, raspberry and gooseberry are its main sources.
  6. Avoid oxidative stress. Consume products rich for vitamin C. Where to look for them? Canker berries, black currant, bell pepper, lemons and oranges, greens and garlic.
  7. Do not overdo it. Slow carbohydrates help to keep body toned. Whole-wheat bread, cereal, hard shell noodle, brown rice, beans and bulghur are to be included into your food allowance.
  8. Keep your muscles young. Proteins are building elements and formula for their tonus. Look for them in meat, poultry, fish, sea products, curds, cheese and eggs.
  9. Do not pile on the weight. Always enrich your body with vitamin D. There is a lot of calcium in milk products, cheese, eggs and shrimps. As for the vitamin D, you are to find it in butter, egg yolks, caviar and fish oil.
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