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Gone are the days when kids used to sleep at night in the same bed with their parents. With the advent of affordable apartment buildings, most middle class families in India can afford a flat with multiple bedrooms, and thus, they can maintain a kid’s bedroom. Since kids nowadays have a wide variety of interests and preferences, decorating a kid’s bedroom according to their wishes can be a very difficult task for parents.

Nowadays, most branded furniture companies and showrooms offer specially designed furniture to appeal to children. They are usually brightly coloured and cleverly designed. Sometimes, even some cartoon characters or movie or TV show characters, which are popular among kids, may be painted or carved into the kids’ furniture. The most popular of these are bunk beds with storage.

When parents have more than one child, it is often very difficult to purchase two different beds. Not only is it not cost-effective, but two beds also take-up a lot of space in a bedroom, leaving no room for other important pieces of furniture like tables and wardrobes. So, the most practical and effective choice in this situation is to purchase a bunk bed.

A bunk bed is a bed which has another bed affixed in top of it. It is sort of like the bunks in a train. The entire framework is one piece, two beds are located, one on top of the other, like a double-decker bus or train. Thus, a bunk bed is also often called a double-decker bed. To reach the top of a bunk bed, usually a ladder is permanently attached to the side of the beds, or, in some costlier models, the ladder can be retracted depending on whether it is needed or not.

PintFeed | Kids Bunk Beds with Storage

Although a bunk bed solves the problem of providing the children a nice, comfortable place to sleep, modern day apartments also face the problem of not having enough storage, due to their smaller sizes compared to the houses of the olden days. Thus, nowadays, bunk beds with storage for children have become very popular. And they provide a number of storage options, depending on brand, pricing and design

Usually the largest and the main storage compartment is the one below the lower bed, and there can be a similar storage area between the two beds. These storage spaces are generally used to store clothes or pillows, bed sheets or other everyday items. Other useful storage areas can be found under the mattresses or under the ladder, in most cases.

Thus, a single piece of furniture can provide the solutions for two problems which are usually faced by a modern day family with two kids. Bunk beds are cost effective, easy to use, provide large storage areas without taking any extra space on the floor, and best of all, kids love to sleep in bunk beds and can often compete with each other to decide who gets to sleep on which deck. Thus, a bunk bed also serves as a toy furniture and can provide hours of fun to young kids.

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