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It is normal for online users to open only the websites that appear early after conducting a search. If your website appears among the first search results, you are likely to have more visitors and higher conversion rate. Unfortunately, it is not easy to optimize your company so well until it appears first especially if you lack technological advancements. Luckily, there are some things you can do to improve your site’s visibility.

Content is the key for unbeatable optimization

Therefore, focus on publishing relevant and quality content. People enjoying reading content that is up to date and beneficial so maximize on offering quality content at all times. Use a specific keyword in each page that drives people to your site. Choose something relevant to your site and what you do. Think about what visitors will want to find out from your site them use the phrases as keywords.  

After identifying the right keyword for each page, use it several times on the page. Be careful not to overuse it as it could make the content appear bad. Visitors do not appreciate poorly written content so be careful about the content. Using the keyword too many times is also not a good search engine optimization strategy and it might cost you. Update the content on your site to ensure it remains relevant and fresh at all times.

Ensure you have the proper metadata for each of the page.

Having the right metadata on each page improves your rankings. Each page contains a space between tags where you should insert information about each age and metadata. Since this is a technical step if you have no training on SEO so make sure you hire a professional to help you carry it out. This is a big deal so it has to be done well.

You need three kinds of metadata for your site.

First, each page needs to have a title metadata. A textual metadata is the second one and it used by the browser when producing a page return after a search. Finally, a keyword metadata is the search phrase used when people want to find your site.

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Improving the metadata takes time and requires knowledge.

Since you may not have the time and knowledge needed to create perfect metadata, you should consider hiring a professional. The expert is knowledgeable on which phrases and keywords to use to fully maximize you site. The cost of paying the experts will be recovered as you are guaranteed high conversion rate due to increased traffic.

Quality links are also another important factor if you want to optimize your site. Terms such as ‘click here’ are not search engine friendly so avoid using them. A firm knowledgeable in creating valuable links can help you optimize your site.

Optimizing a site relies on many technical aspects.

The aspects take time and they may be technical to you if you do not have any training on SEO. You may also end up straining yourself if you are still running a business and at the same time optimizing your site. Unfortunately, such strenuous efforts may be deemed unrewarding when you compare them with what a SEO expert achieves when you hire them. Hiring an expert costs some money but it pays off as the efforts of the SEO expert results to higher conversion rate. 

This Guest Post was written by: Florin Aldea

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Florin Aldea is Marketing communications consultant at Linked agency, an Ireland-based advertising consumer experience consultancy that improves agencies in the Ireland generate excellent client experiences.