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The small business organizations usually allow their employees to bring their own devices in the shape of windows and MAC laptops and cell phones to save money rather than investing on the devices. Applying BYOD policy within the company no doubt is great way to save money. But this method may also cost an employer a lot, incase if the employees clicks on the malware or something that become the reason of breaching or the device may lost by the employee. Then there will be chances the company’s owned data may compromise due to loss of the machine or any other cyber-attack. So, the short-term capital saving may put the whole business in real danger.

BYOD policy is not a safe idea for the small business. Employers should think of long terms goals rather than having short-term goals. Therefore, I would say employers who have their small business and they are relaying on BYOD policy, they should think about the security precautions for any working offsite, whether it is from the home or on the road. If employees have access to company’s computers machines or cell phone gadgets the data stored in it should have strong backup.

If a company owner allows their employees to use their personal device at home and they can even get their hands on the company’s data, the data protection through backup and monitoring of the device or gadgets are necessary.

PintFeed | Protect Business Secrets

How to Protect Your Business Secrets?

Data protection for windows and MAC devices or mobile phone protection owned by the company or employees is very necessary. But there are certain rules for the monitoring of employees owned machines or gadgets. Employees are using personal devices for office work and storing data owned by the company within their devices, and then employers should protect their business secrets. The data protection would be very convenient for the secrets of the company. If employees are using the computer or laptop machines, data protection is possible to use the data backup software. On another hand for gadgets then an employer should use the cell phone tracking app for mobile protection and data in it.

Create your own Backup for PCs & Phones

Those employees who are abiding BOYD policy and the have they direct access to the company’s owned data and the secret documents of the company through company’s online network. The employers should create their own data backup by using the data backup software. It enables employers to make their own data backup that will be helpful having an emergency such as if the device lost by the employee or the data has been hacked from the employees owned device. The employer or employee can easily retrieve all the data from already created backup. The data backup app once installed on the windows or MAC machines then stored automatically sync on the online dashboard of the data back software. Data protection will be done having data backup tool. On another hand when cell phone devices used by the employees and they use these devices for the company as well such as they are using instant messengers for the file transferring on Whatsapp, Skype and others. It means they are storing all the company’s owned data on their cell phone and mobile protection is crucial for employers and for employees as well. Employers can view the activities of employees when they are at home and use the device. They can view either they are accessing company’s private data or just using the device for personal reasons. They can make sure the Mobile phone protection along with the stored data by using the cell phone spy app.

When they do BOYD policy, they just need to install the mobile phone monitoring software on the cell phone device owned by the employer. Once it is been installed on the phone, an employer can get their hands on what they are doing on the device at the time when they are not in the office. They can get screenshots remotely of all the activities and get to know the nature of phone usage. An employer can protect the data within the cell phone remotely. If something went wrong and the data within the device is lost or hacked, they can retrieve the data from the cell phone tracking app online dashboard within no time.


Make sure data protection and mobile phone protection by using the data backup and cell phone tracking software.

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