PintFeed | Papaya Seeds Detoxify Kidneys and Liver

Papaya is famous delicious fruit and offers for both beauty and health benefits. It’s rich in iron, calcium, thiamine, papain, niacin vitamins, fiber and many more. It helps in the improvement of the immune system. Papaya can be eaten ripe or raw, when ripe you can taste a juicy and sweet fruit while unripe papaya is green in flesh and usually cooked stir fried or as an ingredients in stews.

Papaya hides a secret from us, every time we consume it.
When you eat papaya, you usually remove and throw away the seeds. You don’t realize that there is new study that shows, papaya seeds offer a lot more health benefits. Papaya seeds are obviously crunchy to bite, and you have to expect that this have a strong flavor, a taste like in between of peppercorns and mustard.

In case your having second thoughts with papaya seeds, here are some of the health benefit you can get from it.

It Improves Kidney Health

Consuming papaya seeds regularly can improve you kidneys and even avoids renal failure.

It Improves The Health Of Your Liver

Your liver will be detoxified when you eat papaya seeds. Just grind and mix about 5 to 6 of the seeds in a smoothie, juice or your meal. Make sure to do this for a period of 30 days and you will see great improvements.

Papaya Seeds Have Potent Anti-inflammatory Properties

You can use papaya seeds to combat diseases caused by an inflammation of your joints such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

Papaya Seeds Will Destroy Cancer

These seeds are rich in isothiocyanate that is known to be effective in fighting prostate, lung, breast, colon cancer and leukemia.

It Has Very Effective Antimicrobial Properties

Papaya seeds have very potent anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. They are useful in the treatment of diseases such as Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, Typhoid and even Dengue fever.

It Will Kill Parasites

Papaya seeds are are rich in carpaine which is an alkaloid that is effective in getting rid of parasites and intestinal worms. What papaya seeds do is to boost the metabolism of protein in the body and in so doing making the digestive tract inhabitable for parasites.

Papaya Seeds Boost Digestion and Metabolism

Papaya seeds are rich in papain which is an enzyme that helps in breaking down protein.

Papaya Seeds As Natural Contraceptives

You can reduce your sperm count by eating papaya seeds and the best part is, it will not affect your libido in any way. This seeds have been used on South Asia as a natural contraceptive for centuries.

How to eat Papaya Seeds?

-Raw (it has a bitter taste with a strong hint of pepper)
-Crushed or ground and added in your smoothie, salad dressing, honey or even milk


-It is advisable that pregnant women so not consume papaya seeds.
-Nursing and breastfeeding mothers should avoid eating papaya seeds.
-Seek the opinion of your doctor before giving your children papaya seeds because of its strong anti-parasitic potency.

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