Fifty years ago organic food was just called food.  Since then the need for the differentiation has resulted from the overwhelming use of chemical pesticides and genetic modifications in food.  The use of these is so rampant it saturates nearly 95% of the food supply, and has resulted in an epidemic loss of nutrition and the rise in obesity for many.

Eating Organic has been believed to be healthier for you, and there are quite a few reasons for this, as well as more than a few studies showing why.  The documentary Food Inc. was an eye opener to the horrible conditions the meat industry employs to bring their food products to market.  Antibiotics, hormones, and eventually ammonia and carbon monoxide are all introduced in the production chain of meat from the feedlot to the final packing routine.  This information is not included on food labels.

The fact that they are fed anti-biotics should sound some alarms for consumers right away, as they are used to fight off disease in humans and other animal species like cows.  The reason cows have a predisposition to E. Coli and other digestive bacteria are due to the filthy conditions of the feedlots, and the fact that they are given corn grain to eat instead of grass which is what they have evolved to be able to digest and gain their complete nourishment from.  They were not meant to eat corn, it makes them extremely ill.
The living space on feed lots is like that of a crowded prison, where they are packed in as tightly as possible.  There is no grass, but instead black dust lots.  This issue goes a bit further than the taste and quality of the food product, but also the quality of life for the animal as well.
Organic beef is only fed grass which cows have evolved to digest with their rumens.  A rumen is a secondary “stomach” used to convert cellulose to protein and fat.  Cows that are raised in open fields with access to lush green grass have a much better existence and are very healthy, which in turn makes for a very healthy product for us to eat.

Pesticides are the issue that plagues vegetables on conventional farms.  The industrial chemicals used are highly toxic to humans, yet they are largely unregulated.  Monsanto is one of the largest agricultural corporations that owns much of the seed supply in America, and also manufactures the best-selling toxic pesticide called “Roundup”.

The vegetables they grow are genetically modified to withstand Roundup, which kills anything in its path.  Yet, they say it is completely safe for human consumption.  The issue is not only with pesticides, it’s also about industrial fertilizers, which are harmful to the environment; they saturate the soil and water table with too much nitrogen and phosphorus.
Farmers markets are the answer to buying cheap, tainted food from the supermarket.  Farmers markets exist in almost every town across the country, and organic foods are becoming more and more popular as health concerns grow over the industrial food supply.  Organic food has no pesticides or chemicals of any kind.  Their custom product labels will no doubt tell you about how beneficial the food is by way of its cultivation.  Don’t just take my word for it, go out and see for yourself.

This Guest Post was written by: Scott Humphrey

About the Author: Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including health and wellness.  When he is not writing he is hiking in the mountains of upstate New York.