The Biggest Wardrobe Essentials For Every Woman

There are many things which come together to make the perfect wardrobe. What are the essential items that every woman should have?

The Bag

The number one accessory for all women is undoubtedly the handbag. The biggest problem is having the right bag for the right occasion, and making sure it is convenient. One of the top brands for providing a bag for all occasions is DKNY.

DKNY handbags are such a convenient and aspirational accessory for many reasons. Not only do they come with the high quality and name recognition associated with the legendary American designer, they are also very affordable and great value, not something that you can always get from the top designers. What are the best DKNY handbags available?

The small clutch bag is a great choice for an evening out, big enough to keep money, keys, mobile telephone and cosmetic essentials, but small enough to carry easily without it taking over the rest of your outfit.

Given the wide range available of DKNY handbags, they are even accessible as a great teenage accessory. The small, ditsy ?Bowling ball? Bag design is best for this use. For the woman who needs everything on her arm, the oversize traditional DKNY handbag is by far the best option to take.

Other brands, such as Ted Baker and Miss Sixty, also design high quality handbags, available in similar ranges and at a similar price to those from DKNY.

The Shoes

Coming home a close second behind handbags is undoubtedly shoes. Shoes can be more troublesome that a handbag, as it is much easier to make a handbag match any occasion. There must be a much more specific attitude towards shoes and ensuring that you have a pair for every outfit. Whether flat, cute court shoes or extreme stilettos, matching the shoe to the occasion is vital.

As a general rule, if you follow that the more formal the occasion, the flatter the shoe, then you cannot go far wrong. Weddings or formal parties would obviously prove the exception, however.

The Sunglasses

  was going to be accessories as a whole; however, the importance of a great pair of designer sunglasses to a woman deserves its own slot. Ideally, you want the biggest pair of sunglasses you can possibly find to give you the best, most definitive look. Trendy and stylish designer sunglasses are available at reasonable prices, and enable you to style hair and build accessories around them to truly define your facial and all round upper body appearance.

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