Known for its gleaming limestone building and fabulous setting by the sea, La Rochelle is regarded as the White City of the France Atlantic Coast. Expect to see a well-preserved old town filled with medieval streets that will easily transport you back to its glory days. Moreover, it is just across a bridge from La Rachelle Airport for an added convenience to any traveler.

St. Nicholas Tower

There are three famous towers in La Rochelle we you can walk, sit, and watch the water and the floating boats, one of these is St.NicholasTower. These towers do not stand in dominance of the city, but it is very much impressive against the skyline. It features the old clock tower that greets those who enters its abode.

Remnants of Da Vinci

One of the earliest works inspired by da Vinci lies in the midst of La Rochelle. You guessed it right, the double spiral staircase of St.NicholasTower, which is in resemblance to the one featured in Chateau Chambord. Enjoy the scenic view of the old port and the ocean. It is a relaxing view to appreciate you may wish to rest in its midst for a couple of minutes or so.

The Gorgeous White Sand Beaches

After a trip to St. Nicholas Tower, you will be tempted to go visit the white sand beaches and see more old fortifications. It is not surprising if you will be tempted to take hundreds of pictures of La Rochelle in a day because it is filled with many interesting buildings and places. Nevertheless, you are free to rest your tired legs by the beach while you watch the sun go down and rest for the night.

Parc Charruyer

The park has been designed in the late 19th century, but is still admired by many tourists today. It is the legacy of the daughter of Etienne Charruyer, Mademoiselle Adele Charruyer, to the citizens of La Rochelle. It offers two kilometers of pleasant walking space with a zoo and rare plants bordering its alley, streamside, and drainage canals. It is one of the favorite hangouts of families with little children.

Eco-Friendly Tour

There are still some things that are given free in this world, like the 2 hour bicycle ride offered by La Rochelle. This is sufficient time for you to have a healthy exercise while enjoying the wonderful places of the city. If you fall in love with this adventure, then you may go ahead and take the bike for an entire day for a cheap price.
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