Take your holiday to the next level and make it an amazing adventure and experience all in one. Kenya has so much to offer with its astonishing array of wildlife to say the least. The landscapes are phenomenal and your holiday will guaranteed be something you will never, ever forget. There is something that will have everyone in amazed with four hundred species of birds alone; and that’s just at the Rift Valley lakes. Relax and explore the wonders that this stunning part of the world has to offer.

See the rolling savannah of the Masai Mara; a must see with the millions of wildebeest and zebras that migrate yearly and can be seen across a picturesque landscape over miles and miles. Watch nature unfold before your very eyes as the lions and cheetahs take the opportunity to get in a meal or two. See the stunning lakes of the Rift Valley and the sun set over a spectacular horizon of the flamingo population. Take your stay a bit further and visit the paramount tropical paradise that is the island of Lamu; long desert beaches for the little bit of relaxation after all the excitement of a safari.

Whatever you like to do on your holiday, a safari trip to Kenya is a must; a one in a life time experience that will impress everyone. Safari holidays to Kenya will astonish and astound showing the world in a vulnerable and naturalform. The most popular are African safari holidays to Kenya and will exceed and blow out your expectations completely. 

African safari holidays in Kenya guarantee the wildlife that you crave to see; however you want to see them. Choose a walking safari to get up close and personal to the most excellent creatures this part of the world has to show. The amazing adventures include a chance to be a part of the culture and to see more than 80 different species. On safari holidays to Kenyayou can enjoy nights under the stars in tented communities and stay in the heart of it all.

The Lake Nakuru National Park is stunning and ideal for the Rhino lover. Both black and white Rhino live in harmony and share their territory with prides of lions, herds of zebras and leopards. A massive soda lake surrounded by thousands of pretty pink flamingo; Lake Nakuru is a well-known picture of what Kenya is all about and what picturesque scenery there is to see. You could be witness to the spectacular sight of the birds taking flight and see the formation of a fantastic, pink blanket above the lake.

The communities live in keeping with ancient traditions; keeping their culture alive. They take pride in their cattle and can be seen leading them in bright red cloaks for miles in search of water. Visit the ‘place of light’ at Arica’s second highest mountain. Be inspired and watch the sun set in awe. You can remove yourself completely from the everyday world and be a part of this community for an adventurous escape.

Article Summary
An amazing adventure is an understatement when you consider what your safari holiday to Kenya could include. Take a once in a life time trip that will inspire and excite you; escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This Guest Post was written by: Shannen Doherty

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Shannen is a freelance writer based in North Wales. A keen reader, and inspired by the authors of fiction, Shannen is an up and coming author. When not writing professionally about Safari holidays to Kenya and African safari holidays Kenya; you’ll usually find Shannen spending time with her partner and niece, if not reading or writing her book.

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