Stand Out At Festivals

Festivals can be a lot of fun, but your weekend can easily be ruined if the weather turns bad. If you want to be one of the people that enjoys romping around in the rain, instead of huddling up in your tent wishing the sun would come out, then you'll have to dress for the great British weather.

Practical Style

Finding the perfect balance between fashionable festival wear and practical gear can be difficult. You want to make sure that you look good, but you don't want to wear any expensive unique menswear that will leave you feeling stressed out and more concerned about avoiding mudsplashes than chilling in the beer tent or moshing in front of a stage.  The entire point of a festival is to enjoy yourself, so dress with that in mind!
Instead of wearing your most expensive (and difficult to dry-clean) designer goods, focus on comfort.  You should aim to arrive at the festival looking fashionable and clean, but be willing to accept that, inevitably, you will end up rolling around in mud at some point.  Being uptight about your clothes makes you look bad, wearing stylish jeans, joules wellies, your favourite T-shirt and a hard-wearing barbour jacket makes you look like an experienced festival gear that knows how to have fun.

A Splash of Colour

Festivals are a place where people can let go, show off their eccentricities without being laughed at, and generally have fun.  This means that there will inevitably be people in Penguin costumes, men in tutus, and women dressed like fairies or angels.  If that's the sort of thing you enjoy doing, then by all means, go for it. 
However, if you're looking to win style points, rather than have cosplay fans chasing you, then you should probably stick to simpler fashion statements.  Focus on unique menswear that will keep you warm and comfortable, but that wouldn't look out of place in the city.
If you want to stand out, consider accessorizing with a stripy scarf (you will need something to keep you warm in the evenings, no matter what the weather forecast says), or some bright yellow/pink joules wellies.
Don't forget to take a hat and plenty of sunblock too.  You can guarantee that the one time you pack for festival weather (read: lots of mud), you'll end up having a week of scorching sun.  If you think being wet and muddy can ruin your mood, try crowd surfing with sunburn - it isn't fun!

Have Fun Glamping

If you really hate the thought of getting wet, muddy and cold at a festival, do some research into the phenomenon of Glamping.  It's like camping, but without the "roughing it" bit.  Several of the big festivals have camp sites and caravan parks devoted to Glamping, and if you sign up early enough (or manage to do some DIY luxury camping), you'll most definitely be popular.  When your friends can't start their camp stove, or the rain starts seeping through their tent, there'll be a queue at your door.

The Guest post by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:
Wayne Barker writes for Anna Davies an online shop for all your festival needs! Feel free to visit the site to see the lates unoique menswear and joules wellies!!

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