Those who wish to explore Nantes but is on a tight budget will be happy to learn a few tricks how many backpackers manage to survive a week in its midst without spending too much. Here are some tips you may wish to consider to make your stay fun and enjoyable.

Go to the Beach

Instead of lounging in a fancy restaurant, why not spend a day in the beach. There are many beaches in Nantes to adore and appreciate like La Baule, Pornic, and Les Sables D’olonne. Here you can enjoy sea kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving, skiing, and just playing beach volley with your family and friends. Moreover, you will find these places just an hour away on ride the train, which is easily accessible through Nantes Airport.

Grab a Bike

Nantes is not a very big city, so you really do not need to pay too much on your transportation expense. If you wish to explore the city by foot then you may do so, but it is better to rent a bicycle for a more enjoyable survey of the city. It is not only economical, but it is also an eco-friendly way of touring the city.

See the Park

France is known for its flowers, so it is impossible for Nantes not to have a park with all of these. Proc├ęPark is a popular destination for many tourists because of its rich history. It is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon as it is filled with remarkable trees like the tulip tree Liriondron tulipfera, which is considered the oldest in France. It also managed to salvage a few large plants like magnolias, rhododendrons, and camellias. It surrounds a Manor house, which has been transformed into an art gallery and cafeteria. Admission free, so why not enjoy it its beauty?

Go Camping

This is perfect for group travelers who enjoy nature. You may rent some camping gear and stay in the mountains for a day or two while you enjoy fishing, trekking, hiking, and other adventure activities. Cook your own meal and shop where the locals do for cheaper food items.

Visit during School Break

Why? University residences are often offered at an affordable rate during the school break. Make sure to contact the director of the University for these deals and make early reservations to guarantee a place to stay during your Nantes adventure tour.
Nothing can stop you now from enjoying Nantes Go and enjoy your week long vacation with friends and loved ones.
This Guest Post was written by: Shaiya Ong

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